Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny Friday!

Just because everyone should have it bookmarked, follow it on twitter, or stalk stalk stalk it, this is   (yes. All those are links to the same place: MUGGLENET.COM)

Right now you can bet I'm either rushing to the airport. Waiting on my plane, listening to strangers conversations, and reading/editing(yeay!). Freezing my heat-loving buns off on another too freaking cold airplane. Or bookin' it to my connection flight and crossing my fingers that I actually have a seat as I will be standby.

I love flying. But. I hate flying.

Someone needs to communicate with the people in charge and let them know that fitting all my liquids in ONE ziplock bag is impossible. They are seriously hampering my beauty routine.(I'm fine with the size restrictions on containers but, come on...1quart size bag?) I NEED 2 kinds of lotions of the same brand. I NEED face lotion(different than hand/body lotion) for after the face scrub. I NEED all my girly crap dangit!

Men. Men did this. Because all they need is a bar of soap and a toothbrush and their set.

 And because I had to mash it all in a too small bag, I would bet money this very moment that something is oozing out of its crappy little 98cent 3oz plastic bottle.

Can I get some prayers, good energy, thoughts, or whatever is your particular brand of good vibes my way that I make all my flights and get to my best friends rehearsal and following wedding on time? I thank you.

Already can't come home until a day later than planned as apparently everyone and their mother is trying to come to this area on Sunday, so I won't be able to make my rounds on answering comments or making it to blogs until late Monday night. (Already stressing on how behind I'm going to be on my own life and my ever growing obsession blog life)

ANYWAY. On to funner things. Wait. More fun things. nah...screw it, it's the weekend. Goin' with funner!

HERE are 50 reasons no one wants to publish your first book. Sounds funny right? Well it is. So click click click.

Now a break for something FREAKY. Need conclusive proof ghosts exist? You got it.


Even though its a Walmart commercial, we can still appreciate its simplistic comedy.

In honor of my painful obsessive love for all things Harry Potter: (WARNING! This will get stuck in your head. In the best way possible)

And finally, a daily dose of insane cuteness!

HERE are 6 things you can stick in your ears to improve your writing.

The lovely Kelly Dexter over at Nerdville Rhapsody (who just got an AGENT! ((shout out)))gave me an amazing award!

Few months ago I had 5 followers and, though I didn't mind, had no hope of gaining more than 10. But I have been blown away by you guys! And this is just icing, my friends, on a delicious cupcake of blogging happiness.  Unnecessary Awkward Acceptance Speech Over.

So, Rules say to pass along to 15 folks, but I, like Kelly, am breaking all the rules. Cause that's how I roll. I'd like to pass it along to:
Abby Minard @ Abover WaterKatie Mills @ Creepy Query Girl, Elana Johnson, Jennie Bailey @ Garden Full Of Lily, Samantha Vérant @ Life, Love, and Living in France, Jennifer Daiker @ Unedited

This just looked like a very "lady" award. And these are ladies I stalk frequently, so appropriate much?

Don't Forget to get an entry into my Freedom Contest going on right now and win your own copy of SPEAK HERE! You Have Until Monday!


  1. I'm unfortunately more high maintenance than just a bar of soap and a toothbrush. I'm a Lush junkie and have body soaps, conditioners, shampoos, moisturizers, body wash, lip scrub, lip balm, color supplements, face masks, body scrubs...


  2. OMG my family loves Potter Puppet Pals! We can perform the mysterious ticking noise almost perfectly.

    Lots of other fun stuff here too. Sending some good non-product-oozing vibes your way.

    Today's guest blogger in Christina Lee!

  3. The ghost video is hilarious haha! Good luck on your flight!

  4. Love your funny friday posts! I totally agree on the liquids- but darnit- I am NOT paying 25 dollars to check a bag! I will STUFF those liquids in my quart sized bag, and buy it at my destination if I have to.

    THANK YOU for passing on that award to me!! I feel so special! I will do the same for my next blog post! (Can we give it to the person that sent it to us because we LOVE their blog so much?)

    Fun fun, and sending good flying vibes your way!

  5. Oops, I meant HAVE fun. I've got "fun" on my mind too much. Just having a FUN day at work...ha.

  6. 'K, that clown video is the funniest video I've ever seen!!!

  7. I'll admit, I wasn't going to watch the ghost video (in fear of getting scared) and then I scrolled down and saw Anne's comment :)

  8. I love that you stalk me. I don't pray but I'll light a candle for you, how's that? Of course, by now it's all over, but I can still light candles for the trip home, right?

    Love love love Surprise Kitty. And I don't know which I like better - Mugglenet or that ghost video (which I can't wait to show The Hubster, pretending it's real, of course).


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