Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny Friday Dedication!

First: READ THIS!!  Nathan Bransford (literary agent with Curtis Brown ltd ((woot)) ) has an amazing post that I have to bookmark just so I can go back and read it again when I get down in my dumper. I think everyone writer/author/blogger should read it!  It gave me a smile, gave me some knowledge I needed, and made me go "hmm" so, obviously, it's worth the time.

This Friday I'm mixing it up. Not too much, still some terribly funny videos to be seen, but I just want to share with you guys one of my favorite things. Imrov Everywhere!

If we had a "chapter" or something here, I would be all over that shiz. But until it gets big here, like it is in New York and other big cities, I will just enjoy the videos. Hope you do as well. They are GREAT!

High Five Escalator

Star Wars Subway!

Ghostbusters FTW!

Where Is ROB!?

Freezing Grand Central

Hang in there, chances are good that Improv Everywhere will be making more appearances on occasional Friday's. I just love them.

Improv website is HERE.

HERE are 8 Lessons to Learn from Screwing Up Your MS.

HERE are 3 steps for after rejection.

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the excellent links and the funny videos! Friday's more funny for sure!

  2. The Star Wars video is one of my favs.

  3. Ha! Thanks for the afternoon laughs:)

  4. ...lovin "Where's Rob!"
    Thanks Colene, funny stuff:)

  5. I'm liking the Ghostbusters one. Great post!!!

  6. Thanks for the link- I love reading stuff like that. Athough, I have to say I haven't gotten into twitter. I have an account, and thought I'd use it...but it's way to daunting right now. If I get on twitter, then I really won't write my book. It'd be just one more thing on the internet for me to be obsessed about right now. So, for now, twitter's a no.

  7. HAHAHAHA I loved these!!! Did you just google it to find it?? They were so awesome!!!

    :) Happy Friday my bestie!

  8. Great vids! And I love NB. I am a serious fangirl of his posts.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  9. I LOVE the Star Wars and especially the Ghostbusters! Thanks for posting these.


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