Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beth Revise is giving away Across The Universe ARC!

I know right?
I don't want to tell you about it because that's even more chances it wont be me! But, them's the rules of her contest I'm just that nice.

I can't think of an adventure worth posting about that doesn't end with me either crying in an airport handicap stall(this past weekend was fun but hard), being smashed in a man-made cave with a bunch of loud, farting then laughing about it hillbillies(my husband called that our "he-raped-the-land-for-20bucks-a-head-tour"), or almost getting mugged at some point(I haven't had particularly good luck with vacations lately) SO just head on over to her website for adventurous stories!

She also had a blog renovation and it looks amazingly cute!
If you haven't read the first chapter of her upcoming release in January (1-11-11! How cool is that release date!?) DO IT!

And wish me luck for this contest because I can't tell you how hard I would slap my momma to win a copy of Across The Universe early. (and then run for my dear life cause she would KILL me. You don't mess with that woman. But I would surely try for this book)

Beth Revis Blog/Contest HERE


  1. Oh no- I'm sorry your vacations haven't gone so well!

    Good luck on the contest- you've already had some contests on your blog, so you deserve to win one!

  2. I hope you win! I won't compete with you for the chance because you seem much more excited.

  3. Her book sounds amazing. I hope you win too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh dear, poor you! People used to say I had bad luck with cars. Touch wood that has changed for me, so I send best wishes that your luck with hols changes for the better for you. :O)

  5. Thanks all! Thanks Madeleine. I'm glad things looked up for you!


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