Thursday, August 26, 2010

That was awesome!

Now what?

As predicted, I did only a few pages of edits (10) this week.

Tuesday was consumed by Mockingjay. I would have finished if I hadn't forced myself to not read after I got home from work and to save some for the next day of work.

But by Wed. it was impossible not to just bust it out. I had to keep going. I had to know. I was consumed! I love it. Finished it. Put it down. Sat for a moment. Couldn't resist posting my opinions on a few spoiler blogs about specifics. Then...I sat some more. Decided I needed to sleep. Laid down. And thought about it some more.

It's impossible to let it go! All tonight i have been trying to hunt up a book that can take its place but nothing is jumping out at me except one book, Across the Universe, that's not due out until 01/11/11!! The first chapter, I fell into. But now must wait on that one!

Any suggestions of a good YA book that could possibly follow Mockingjay would be much appreciated.

Not only was Mockingjay probably the best, most perfect, conclusion to a much loved series but also, it has hindered my ability to focus! Not only because it's one of those books that sticks with you like gum on the bottom of your boot(you know the ones) but also because i look at my own books and crinkly my nose up at them.

All I can think about is how incomparable my material is next the that. How I could only dream of wrenching a readers heart like Suzanne Collins did. How mine looks like middle school creative writing assignment i did the Sunday before it was due compared to THAT.

And because I'm feeling inadequate, I can't write like myself. I find myself trying to evoke the same kind of emotion and mine isn't about that kind of human interaction, strife, etc. It's different. And because it's different, I'm different, and my style is different all I can do is just stop for a while. Because if I try and go on right now I'll just taint my own voice and it will be all wrong. Not me.

I think I just described Mockingjay as "so good you'll think you suck at life"

Kinda bummed, kinda elated. Kinda needing a new book! What comes next? OH:

Paranormalcy looks good. I have been hearing/reading good things about that a lot lately. Probably because it comes out next Tuesday. There. That's life after Mockingjay.

Today I babysat a wonderful 2 year old. He's a doll but I enjoy children I can give back to their parents. Kids=A-OKAY as long as they go home when they start fussing.

Saturday I have a girl coming over to have some art finished up, hopefully.

And Sunday my husbands best friend, who's memory foam mattress we have been loving for about a year now, is coming to reclaim his possessions now that he is able to claim them.

This weekend is devoted to getting back my own head and heart for my writing and to morning the loss of the mattress from heaven. Come Sunday night my back will wish it were dead when we go back to our old bed.

Any suggestions on a good book, mattress type, or any other advice would be lovely.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dancing, Reading, and a bit of Writing

I learned this weekend that it is impossible to sneak up on my husband with 5 cats in the house. They, curious as to why I'm standing in the dark guest bathroom waiting to pounce, blow my cover every time. And as I'm trying to be inconspicuous(and they are cats) cannot explain to them my need for stealth.

Who doesn't like giving your most loved person a good scare? Don't judge me.

As far as writing goes, I have printed out a good portion of my novel for my editing. Edited the first 5 pages of that aaaaand...nothing more.

This weekend has been dominated by rereading The Hunger Games(in prep for Mockingjay on Tuesday), working as a favor to one of my bosses on Saturday, and today grilling and watching Law and Order reruns. Busy? You bet your butt not.

I have thought of working on and off, but this website: QueryTracker.netBlog makes me feel a lot better about being a bum this weekend.

Monday I will get back to work and bust them out.

Got a bit of great news this past week. My very lovely, very funny, (very much missed since I moved to a new state 4 years ago) friend, Whisper, has agreed to help me with my novel content. I have my author, and so good at editing she should make it a career, friend going over all the grammar, punctuation, and structural things for me. What I have been lacking was content editor.

Mrs. Whisper reads YA a bit and will be able to help me decide whats appropriate, whats missing, etc etc. And I couldn't be more thrilled. She has already done chapter 1 for me with amazing results so I hope, pray, and might even do a little Whisper-dance to keep her on my reading staff.

Speaking of dancing, I can't help but want to Snoopy Dance every time I think about Mockingjay coming out on Tuesday! Who's with me? So Excited! Feels like I have been waiting so long for it. Oh wait, cause I have!

I'm going to have to work hard Monday on my own book because, come Tuesday, I'm going to be so absorbed in Katniss Everdeen and her serious woes. I doubt I'll notice if someone tried to cut off my own toe.

If you haven't read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, do yourself a favor and get them. I haven't been caught up in a series like this since Harry Potter came out. And my Harry Potter tattoo should tell you something about that one.

If you haven't been able to tell as of yet, I am a nerd. I thank you. ^_^

I'm making my mom watch True Blood this week. I, reluctantly, let her borrow my first season b/c I, nor her friend, have been able to properly describe the sexiness of Eric Northman. Can you put that in words? I would like to see someone try.

I say reluctantly because it took me a while to get over the whole nudity factor when debating on giving my mom the dvds. I'm an adult, yes, but she is still my mother. My love for the show, Northman, and the story won over mother-modesty.

Fun fact: Eric Northman was Meekus(from zoolander). Love it.

Hoping everyone has a great week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Things you learn on Youtube

It's been a long while since I last posted anything and there is a reason. Been busy. Suck on that nosy.
But no, I have been working hard on my novel and counting down the month until I can start reworking my second, nothing to do with the first, novel.

Got down for a while there about whether or not anyone would want to read the dribble I turned into a book but talking with some graciously wonderful, would have quit ages ago without them, authors. They say this is normal. And rather than offering a pill to kill my inner a*hole voice that is SUCH a downer, they say the only thing you can do is have faith in yourself. Get some feedback, that will most likely (unless you really do suck) reinforce the other voices in your head.

I say "voices" because, and it might just be because I'm a freak but, I have more than one that likes to be heard when I'm writing, editing, or just milling over what to do next. I only have the one nasty little jerk voice who tells me i suck and no one wants to read my crap. Which, could be very true as far as the publishing world is concerned. There is no guarantee you have worked so long and hard over the next New York Times Bestseller. BUT how will you ever know if you give up? That is another voice of mine. I like that one. :)

So I have been busy busy busy with my 5th edit which will be it before I hand it over to another author friend and my DUN DUN DUUUUUUN mother.

Mom is and has always been my toughest critic. I used to not ask her for any input b/c i didn't want to hear where i had gone wrong or what could make it better but that was with my drawings. And, to me, that is a different kind of talent all together. And not one i want to hear criticism on at all. Which is why I am not, never will be, and never want to be a professional artist. I do that for fun, stress relief, etc. Not to be judged.

BUT as far as writing is concerned, how can i ever get my novel passed an agent if my mom can't even get through it? So she is the next in line to hammer it out.

And I am a firm believer in polishing the CRAP out of my first novel before I query ANYONE (as hard as it is to not...)

I won't get another first impression on the industry. This novel will be the first novel of mine an agent, editor, publisher, and then the public will (fingers crossed) ever see with my name on it. I don't want it to be OKAY or worse, HORRIBLE. Who would ever read anything of mine again if my break out novel was either one? I sure don't waste my $$$ on OKAY writers. (haha...yea right) but you know what I mean.
Don't you want your first thing out with your name on it to be the best it possibly can?

dang I hate when I publish this thing while I'm in mid thought. My pinky is ENTER happy today.

So long absence and post to say I love LOVE LOVE LOVE. You can learn ANYTHING on youtube. Today, on my lunch break, I'm going to watch last nights Trueblood (love that too) and attempt to trim my own hair thanks to youtube. Here's hoping i don't eff it up!