Monday, January 31, 2011

It's A One Of A Kind Michelle McLean Monday!

Today I hand over The Journey to the lovely and talented Michelle McLean!

Colene asked me about my journey…how I got where I am today. 

I started the way a lot of writers do…with a first novel and a mother who was certain it would soon be featured on Oprah. I didn’t have quite the conviction she did, but I’d always wanted to be an author, ever since I was little. I had a bit of a “why not” moment. Sure it was a dream…one that I had a pretty slim chance of achieving. But I definitely wasn’t going to reach it if I didn’t try. So I did. 
Got some requests. Even more rejections. Found writer friends and crit groups. Revised over and over. Submitted again. Got more requests. And even more rejections.
Somewhere along the line I started a blog. I wanted to put good, helpful, informational posts on my blog so I started a series of How To posts on writing poetry. I got such a great response I expanded to essays and papers and different aspects of fiction writing.

In doing some refresher research for the writing posts, it drove me nuts that so many guidebooks and websites out there either listed the rules and left it at that, or filled their instructions with so much overly complicated and technical information that even I had a hard time understanding it.
My writer buddies encouraged me to turn my blog posts into a book. I wasn’t sure about that idea :) But memories of helping my sister and brother with their papers kept coming back to me. They knew what they needed to do. They had all the rules, they knew the basic process. But they had no idea how to get from A to B. They didn’t know how to start, how to implement those rules.

I came up with an outline, wrote several chapters, tackled a non-fiction proposal and query letter and started submitting. After shopping an unsuccessful novel, I was ready for a long, hard road. But things actually happened pretty quickly. The day my agent, Krista Goering, read my proposal she contacted me to set up a phone call. After speaking with her, I knew we’d be a good match, so I withdrew my proposals from the rest of the agents who had them and signed with her.

We started submitting to publishers, waited and waited and waited some more, and after several months, received an offer from Career Press. A year later, here we are :)

Michelle McLean is a writer and the Chief Editorial Consultant for PixelMags, LLC. In addition to her non-fiction work, Michelle writes YA historical novels and other children’s books. If she's not editing, reading or chasing her kids, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. 

Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers is a fun, user-friendly book that guides the reader, step by step, through writing a dozen different types of essays, including the dreaded SAT essay. Using straightforward, plain English, this book shows the reader exactly what they need to do, from start to finish, and includes rough draft, edited, and final draft versions of every type of essay discussed. This book also provides chapters that include tips and instruction on researching, proofreading, and citations.

Here are all the wonderful places you can find Michelle or her wonderful book!

Thanks SO much Michelle!! Congratulations!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

F.F. Where We Never Truly Grow Up

I...okay, I love But I haven't been a big ritualistic checker. Until recently. I have gotten so many snickers from that place. (some of it is stupid but what website doesn't have a bit of stupid?) So today is all about the silly things/awesome things on that make us realize we will never grow up.  And things can still be giggle worthy and magically amazing!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

I like this version better.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

UGH! This makes me feel like a failure at LIFE!
See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor

Two hot guys playing schmexy instruments to an awesome song!

HERE is an interesting article on a new study that says they can alter bad memories while you sleep.

BUT most importantly, I need you all the head on over to my dear friend and one of my crit partners, Abby Minard today and show her some much needed love! For every comment she will donate a dollar to her favorite charity Soles4Souls!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Erica and Christy Mugfest! Come see my pretty mug!

Okay, so what is fuzzy nerds is that I tried to take a picture of this mug with my bright and shiny camera that I got for Christmas. And it died. Which wouldn't be an issue if I had a charger. Because, you see, my mom bought me that camera after hours of scouring the internet. Had it shipped to her that arrived just in the nick of time. The UPS guy was so nice to put it behind the fence because she wasn't home so it wouldn't be seen from the road and get stolen. And then. My aunts dog DESTROYED the box.

I mean, there are teeth marks in the little arm strap the dog got so close to chewing the camera. Luckly, the pup missed the camera and important bits, EXCEPT for the charger. Chewed it to bits... So long story short, you get camera phone mug instead of a good one.


When I signed up for the Mugfest hosted by the AMAZINGLY wonderful Erica and Christy, I thought I was going to picture my Destin mug that I use to keep my keys, plastic pirate knife that I use for a letter opener, and pens in on my desk at work. But then I remembered this one: 

Not too bad quality, right? Meh.

Anyway, this is my mug. It isn't pretty. It isn't one of a kind in this house. It has many brothers and sisters in the cupboard and boxed in the garage. (we only have 3 or so in the house because neither of us drink coffee and don't want to waste the space) It doesn't function as a normal coffee mug should. And it isn't in danger of anyone else wanting to use it and there for causing me to have to smack a biotch. 

But it is special to me. It gets pulled out from under the sink when I need to get my head out of writing. When I just can't think of one more work to put down that makes sense. It helps. I day dream and paint with my mug. Which actually helps with writing!

Oh, yea. And one of my tattoo tubes lives in it too. I don't actually have a good reason's just easier to leave it in the mug in the kitchen under the sink... There is a long story about the tattoo stuff in my house but I don't want to bore anyone who might not care. 

We may not drink coffee ever or even hot chocolate very much. But mugs still have a purpose!

So hop on over to THIS post at check out all the other awesome mugs!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Touch plus Word Verification Game Round II

Roman Numerals make everything look more bad ass. Wait...much more bad ass?

I am elbow deep in some of my last revisions on this particular novel. (hopefully) And the whole time I'm editing I'm panicking. Terrifying questions keep popping in my head with every word I change or take out.

Thankfully, I'm FINALLY confident in the story.  And pleased with the new scene I added and the change to the beginning I have made. But the nagging questions about everything else keep tormenting me.

How do you know where editing ends and butchering begins? 
What is to stop you from cutting up your baby in the quest to publication perfection so badly that it is unrecognizable? 
And how can you tell if the carving is for the better or you have just destroyed your baby?

And what is even worse, I'm suspicious that the answers will be similar to "you just know" or some vague, unhelpful crap like that. 

The panic may be over nothing. But. What if it isn't?
Ah, well. Here is another round of WV!(not to be confused with VD) I think it will become a regular thing around here, unless you guys don't like it?

So tell me, anyone seen any good word verifications of their own lately?

Author Elizabeth Spann Craig and Mike Fleming teamed up on the creation of the best writer's resources on the web, Writers Knowledge Base. It is a search for all the things writery related that you may need to search in your own journey with writing! Awesome, right!? Yes.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weirdo Monday

I like weird news. It's actually the only news I'm happy to read most of the time. So today I wanted to share with you some weird news going around the internet lately. And you are free to click whatever you find interesting!

HERE is a story about a fox who shot his hunter in the leg. Right on you fuzzy little bastard.

UNDERPANTS that give men more booty.

THERE is a woman who likes to eat foam couch cushions. *snicker*

Awe a CROCODILE ate a cellphone and now is feeling listless and in pain. I hope they can help him!

You can all keep your HICKEYS away from me. I want no stroke like this woman.

THIS Great Dane was rescued from a ravine after 16 days of being stuck! Not weird so much as just amazingly great news for the pretty pup!

A woman finds 280,000$ worth of drugs in a vacuum. 

Going to prison in RUSSIA wont be so bad for your tan pretty soon.

A SWISS village is calling in on a 1904 law that says they can kill your pup if you don't pay.

THIS woman is arrested for "slapping" a horse. Wait, I'm sorry, a POLICE horse.

Some dream of a Disney wedding, on the beach, by the Niagara Falls, in a huge chapel. And, apparently, some would be happy with a MCDONALDS wedding in Hong Kong.

VAMPIRE flying frog discovered. Also a SOLAR powered hornet  has been discovered. We're doomed.

HERE you can see the top 10 discoveries of 2010. Pretty damn cool!

The Austria OBAMA robber hits banks.

Man tries to sell FAKE gold to a police chief. Derrrp.

Fake ER VALET steals a pregnant woman's car. What a jerk.

I highly suggest looking into weird news if you don't already. Otherwise you miss out on some...gems. *snicker* Heard any strange news lately?

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

F.F. Is Where the F stands for...

I'm sorry you guys, but my hubs rocks. I'm tempted to go so far as to husband rocks harder than yours does. (ladies) better than you guys.(dudes)...yep.

Insight #2:Thanks to the snow and one derp driver who slammed on his breaks in front of me, my car is stranded in a ditch. It's my punishment for attempting to get to work. Pft. Won't try that again...

That's my car. I couldn't get pulled out because I was scared to make the 10 min drive back home. I was half way between work and home and I chickened out. I couldn't bring myself to admit out loud I was too scared to try. So I left my car there. Cyrus spent the night in a cold dark ditch because I'm a baby.

On top of that, I called the hubs to come get me and we got lost on the way home because we couldn't get through that spot. (too many cars had gone off road) So a 10 minute drive turned into an hour.

And then, I get home and had to wash poo out of one cats butt fur. (TMI? Yea. Was for me too.)

But, I guess it could have been worse...

This week I found a mashup of 2 awesome things that I love for some, weird, inexplicable reason.
Fred & iCarly!

In a rut? This guy can help. (profanity.)

Cutest kitteh evah! (I always wanted a scottish fold!)

Lastly, a prank.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Part II Of AbCoJen Sandwich

Can be found HERE with the lovely and talented friend, Donea Lee! Go dudes!!

Secondly: I haven't made it to any blogs today. I am so sorry for that but tomorrow I will be back on my game! Please forgive today, though. It has been crazy!

Thanks for sticking with me even when I have an off day!!

Writery Wed with N.R. Williams!

Thanks to Yahoo being a total a**hat Tuesday I was able to write my knew scene for INTO that I mentioned on Monday! So, umm, thanks Yahoo for not letting me obsessively check, read, and respond to emails! (conflicted-woot!)

But today really isn't about me. (shocker)

Fellows, today I am taking a break and handing The Journey over to the lovely and talented Nancy Williams or N.R. Williams, Fantasy Author. Her novel The Treasures of Carmelidrium is out! Follow the book link to purchase on Kindle!

Nancy is also giving it away to 3 lucky duckies who enter her contest! Woot! Free stuff!!

She has put together an interview with her villain, Renwyk for us!! So I hope you will all enjoy and leave her some love! See you all Friday!

Now enjoy some Nancy!

Interview with the Antagonist, (villain), Renwyk, Lord of the Symberveen.

Thank you Colene for letting me continue my blog book tour for “The Treasures of Carmelidrium,” with you today. As you can see, we have a special line-up today. We have Renwyk with us.

Q. Renwyk, why are you referred to as “the Lord of the Symberveen?”

Renwyk: I have lived among these beasts all my life and know how to communicate with them.

Q. Do you mean like someone who is referred to as a “horse whisperer?”

Renwyk: I have never heard such a term before. “Horse whisperer.” This must be a special talent indeed. Perhaps I will meet this person. They would make for a good stable hand. I have the same psychic abilities as the symberveen; only, I can control my abilities while the symberveen are just beast and cannot control them.

Q. Do you mean you are clairvoyant?

Renwyk: I don’t prescribe to visions of ghost. There is much more to my psychic abilities than running into cold mists. I can speak to the symberveen, give them ideas, interfere with their normal behavior. It is thrilling in many ways.

Q. There are rumors that you intend to start a war. Is that true?

Renwyk: I have made plans for the future, but I will not discuss them with you.

(He frowns. When he did this he got a dangerous, predatory cat like look on his face and began to study me with cold grey eyes. I shivered).

Q. I noticed that everyone here dresses in black. Why is that?

Renwyk: I prefer black. It is simple and doesn’t distract my staff from their duties.

Q. Your staff resembles soldiers.

(He leaned forward in his chair and grabbed my arm. An electric tingle sizzled through my body. I pulled away).

Renwyk: The resemblance to soldiers is simple. There are more men in the north than women.

(I knew this to be a lie. He was clearly hiding something).

Q. Have you heard of America?

Renwyk: America? What is that?

Q. It is a country in an alternate world.

Renwyk: How did you come to learn about this alternate world? You clearly have some powers that I don’t. Perhaps you would like to join my army. (He grabbed my arm, twisted it as he stood, came to me and touched my head…ahhh).

I’m sorry, the interview was abruptly cut off while our interviewer lost and Renwyk seized her mind. He has great powers.

I hope you enjoyed this encounter. I’ll be by all day to answer your questions so please leave a comment and don’t forget about my e-book giveaway.

N. R. Williams (Nancy)

Thanks Nancy!

You can also check out a review of Nancy's book from Summer Ross @ My Inner Fairy today!

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Get mad. Then fix it. And be jealous

Rachna @ Rachna's Scriptorium honored me with the Fair Dinkum award! This one has taken off since L'Aussie made it! Thank you so much Rachna! If you don't know her, you need to. She writes some awesome posts!

Liz Pezzuto @ 8-Bit Words gifted me with the Versatile Blogger award! Oh...I do love this one. And Liz is such an awesome blog buddy to know! Know her!! Thanks Liz!!

This is unusual for me. But I thought it would be educational for all of you to see what $70.00 worth of books looks like.
You're welcome.

It was a great weekend for using gift cards. 

And being interviewed! It always blows my mind when people want to know more about me. I always want to ask if they're high...But, you all truly flatter me. Thank you!

Abby, my fantabulous crit parter (whom I really want to send roses now. And money. And chocolates), just saved my MS from the flames this weekend. There I am, plugging in all the edits from the last round of critiques(from Abby herself) and it hits me like a 2x4.

I HATE THE BEGINNING OF MY NOVEL!! It's a year old. I'm coming up to the finish line. I'm almost done and ready to query and now...I hate it.

So I sent her a panicked email. And waited.

Just my luck, she worked all day and wasn't able to check emails till I had already stewed in my hate and desire to set it on fire for a good day.

And then she responds with...heaven.

All my tension...POOFT...

Because until she replied I had no idea what I hated. I just hated it all. The first 3-4 chapters, I just wanted them to die a horrible, painful death.

But she made me realize where I had gone wrong.Why it didn't work. (Lack of motivation for my MC to do what she needed to do. Yea I gave her a reason to think about it but not a reason to push her off the cliff, so to speak. A year ago it seemed like what I did give her was enough. Now, I know better. And I could tell it wasn't enough. Made me hate it.) AND, if that wasn't enough of a relief, she gave me a way to fix it!!( Hooray for awesome crit partners!!!(THANK YOU ABBY!)

But, it all made me realize something else: A year ago, two years ago I had no one but my best friend who I could email panicked. And, while I love her to pieces, she isn't a writer and would have only been able to reassure me that it wasn't garbage and...that's it. I would have felt better about it, after that, but I would have been no closer to solving the problem.

This blogger world of writers, where everyone I have ever met on here is awesome, saved my MS!

I don't like to brag, but this Monday I couldn't resist. I had to brag on my lovely book pile, and my incredible crit partner friend, and all the amazing interviews I was asked to do.

I just had to brag on how much you all lit up my life. And how much I sincerely care and appreciate all of you guys. I haven't met a one of ya I didn't like yet!

Thank you. Again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today you'll find me smooshed between two of the most awesome chicks I know on the internet!! (Abby Minard and Jen Daiker!! Duh...)

And the interviewer is another fantastically amazing blogger chick friend!!

Donea Lee, THE QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION, has us up on part I of her interview!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Forgetful Fail!

I completely had a blonde moment!

I'm interviewed on Michelle Merrill's blog today!! Woop!

Go check her out, she is such an awesome writer blogger! Go know her!

Oh, and the hubs found my blog all on his own!! *waves*

***Facepalm* NOW there is a link. Thanks Lisa! 

F.F. where you can't spell Opossum without the Oh.

I was both shocked and unsurprised with the word verification game on Wed! Shocked, because some definitions won that I didn't expect. Shocked because of how many people claimed to have enjoyed it and asked I do a repeat! (which I will be!)

Unsurprised because of the ones I knew would win.

And then shocked again because I don't think the program can do math...that or I'm a little confused. Sometimes the percentages, well more often than just one or two, they didn't add up to 100%. The ones that were off were always off by 1%. Is that normal? Confused face. 

Unimportant!! Important: YOU. Thank you for enjoying it and playing along with me!!

On to funny things!

When is someone getting intentionally tasered and having a completely random response NOT funny?

That's right. Never not funny.

Did you know there was a cross eyed opossum on facebook? Well...there is. Do with that what you will. Apparently Heidi is an "internet sensation" and a zoo celebrity in Germany or some junk.

I'm just stunned. I mean, I could have conked one of those furry lil suckers on the head as they hissed at me and ate my stray cat's food so hard I crossed their eyes and made them a celebrity? Nuts...

heeeeere kitty kitty kitty...

HERE is a SHOCKINGLY hilarious bit of awesome photo that Beth Revis is responsible for highlighting. I laughed. Twice. Like, read it and laughed. Then read it again right after and laughed again.

Quinn at Seeing, Dreaming...Writing awarded me the Fair Dinkum award! I love this one. It's so fun. Thank you so much Quinn!

Madeleine at Scribble and Edit gave me the Stylish Blogger Award!! Thank you Madeleine. You rock!!

Getting any award always makes me feel so special. Validation always does, doesn't it?!

This show never fails to make me laugh. It's just so silly. 5 minutes to spare, I hope you'll check it out!

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Parenting FAIL

Okay, well. We're going to watch Despicable Me! So, you all have an awesome weekend and I will catch you back here Monday!

**Despicable Me was awesome!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Define that word

I have so much fun with word verification, as I have surely mentioned a jillion times. And, because I want to share my love with you, and hopefully SHOW you why I have fun with the annoying little buggers, I made a game.

Game is, simple enough: Define That Absurd Word!

Yea, it sucks having to decipher some of them. Yea it's a b**** when you don't see the word verification in time and close the window, thinking you have just commented, just as it pops up to taunt you.

But when they cooperate, it's just a little bit of fun to think of what the crap that word would ever mean. It's stupid, it's pointless, but isn't it nice to be easily amused?


A thanks to Abby Minard, my amazing crit partner, for the Bee elle oh gee award! It made my day to know I could make someone smile! And then to get the proof to show off like it was diamonds was pretty killer too! Thanks Abby!

Passing it on to:
Katrina L. Lantz
Erica and Christy
Jennie Bailey
Shannon Whitney Messenger

Okay, another award!! WHOOTTTT!! This one comes from Katrina L. Lantz!!!!  Who is just a big bucket of awesome ALL THE TIME. Thank you Katrina!!

With this one I give you 7 things you didn't know about me(I hope): 1. my hubs got his hair cut Tuesday AND shaved down his beard from mountain man to distinguished business man without me knowing he was going to. I get home and seriously, no shittin', had a weird moment where I felt like I was cheating on my husband by kissing this sexy sexy man in my bedroom. Had to wonder if I had gotten in a serious accident on my way home and kissing a sexy stranger was going to be comma dream.

2. I HATE dark chocolate. HATE HATE HATE. Until I found Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate. NOM! (but still hate DC)

3. Can't live without a throw on my couch. My mom told me recently that it is just expected of me to have a blanket wrapped around me. At the time I was on the couch. Wrapped in a Jack Sparrow-faced throw. It's just as good as it sounds, to be wrapped in a blanket with Johnny Depps face.

4. Just found out I had have 3 coats in the back seat of my car. That have been there since last year. I was going to bring them in but...who am I kidding, they will just end up back there in no time. I'm really just saving myself some work, bringing them back out.

5. "There's nothing sexier than a bread winner"(King of the Hill shout out!) is something ever man should know. And, whats more, UNDERSTAND.

6. I miss raising litters of kittens much more than I hated waking up ever 2 hours to bottle feed them. (cat sanctuary in my future where I can educate people on cat matters, home strays and unwanted, and save lil kitty lives!)

7. I have NEVER eaten Ben and Jerry's *sigh* It's just never come up.

Tada! Things about me!

This one goes to:
Jules Ausborn
W.B. @ Voltaire
Abby Minard
B.E. Sanderson

HERE is a repost by Rachelle Gardner that I liked about how to not get an agent.

HERE is a post by Shannon Whitney Messenger that seriously made me want to climb through the computer, surf the web, pop out on her side, and give her a hug. I thought I understood querying. And I did get the formula and the layout. But what I have been struggling with is my own hook and HOW to do it right.

Welp, my friends, she answered it for me!! Couldn't have been more thrilled to have that "AHA!" moment! Definitely good timing. I know so many of you are querying too this year, like me, and could use it. (you see why she needs an award!?)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Here! And All Across the Blogaverse

 Banner made by Jeremy @ Novel Thoughts

She's on Facebook, Twitter, her blog, her website, and the official Across the Universe website!!

As well as Penguin blowing her up on Penguin Teen Facebook, Penguin Twitter, and the Penguin Website!!!

On her website you can explore the amazing, imaginative space ship Godspeed yourself!! Believe you me, it is a fun exploration!

My favorite part of the ship was going to be the greenhouse until I tried to click on Eldest quarters and it cracked me up. All you get is Access Denied! I love it!

It has got to be the coolest book site I have seen in a looooong time!

Today she has exploded into the world. Forever ATU will remain a sensation because it is truly an AWESOME novel!

And here is an interview with the lovely lady!

HERE you should be able to find a 111pg excerpt from the novel if you're in the reading mood. It will only be alive from 11:11 am- 11:11pm eastern on 1.11.11!!

you can buy your own!

You wont be sorry for picking this one up. It is wonderful!! Though I have read it already, I do plan on owning my very own copy asap!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's my birfday

And my first present, though he didn't know it was, Kindros posted THIS on his blog in honor of Wash, my love of all Firefly loves.

It's Sunday night, and I was sure I had a post all ready to go. Until I checked, just to make sure. Womp Womp. I didn't.

But that's okay because it IS my birthday.

 (Lord_Voldemort7 declared Sunday Snapes birthday. So, I thought this was fitting to borrow.) 

AND my mom took me to a movie that fits into writing. Unfortunately.

My desire to review movies is equal to my desire to review books.(very low) Those of you that are here that review either or, I tip my stylish, always appropriate hat to you. It's difficult.

And I'm not doing it now either. But we did see a movie that opened my eyes to how becoming a better writer can taint things. It sounds like a good thing but it really boils down to having your eyes opened to something that was never a problem. In other words: poorly written movies.

I always loved most all movies. Even bad ones. I credit that to not knowing why it's bad. I used to not be able to pinpoint what made a bad movie. If you don't know WHY something isn't very good it's always easier to forgive.

But, after that movie, I realized I understood where they went wrong(flat characters, lacking real motivation, things just happened because they needed the story to go there not because it was the natural direction, dialogue fizzzzzzzle, etc.) That has me both sad and proud.

They had a great story. REALLY interesting IMO. I was so excited to see what they did with it. But then...they took a great idea and ran it into the ground! FAST.

Big names, awesome story premise. And then it was like watching a dude fall who's parachute didn't open. (which I have seen. He was, miraculously, okay btw.) You just had to cringe. Groan. Sigh. Then laugh because there was just nothing else you could do. (we didn't laugh at the skydiver who crashed down in front of us)

I have no point here except to warn all aspiring authors to be prepared for a change in vision when it comes to books and movies as your skill grows.

Oh well. I still can't say I hated it. My soft spot for bad movies has not hardened at least, no matter what crime they committed against a good plot.

I didn't make it to anyone this weekend! Which really bummed me out! My internet was so screwed up at the house the whole time. Again.

I'm ready to switch providers over it. It happens too often...But no matter, it started back up fine on
Sunday so I'm less moody. And excited to read up on you all!

Hope you all have a great day back! It snowed like a mother last night! I love to look at it but I hate driving in it. It is SO SCARY! But I know everywhere else has had much worse snow lately than what we got here so I have no room to complain I suppose.

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Friday with a little somethin' somethin'

Ah, Friday again and, as usual I have collected a few funnies for you!

But first, is it just me or does Nicolas Cage just look like Nicolas Cage in a costume rather than looking like he belongs in the particular story to which he is playing a character in movies lately? (practicing my unnecessarily long sentences for Elena Solodow's 100 words for $100 contest)

And I want to present my entry! Words to Elena. (zing)
There wasn't a whole lot I could do because, before I realized what was going on, Jo Jo the rhesus monkey had already stolen that guy’s watch and was running up the street, across pedestrians heads, toward the horizon where I swear I saw an eight foot guy holding up a banana which, surely, was what the monkey was after, so I can only wonder what was so special about the watch that the circus freak had to have a monkey rob a stranger, but either way, you can see why there was nothing I could do in the end. 

Epic has been banned? Why was there no vote on this? I should have been contacted! Harumph.

Cutest Bebeh evah!

HERE are 11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing.

The world is full of blogfests! But this one is simple, it's fun, and there are prizes! Erica and Christy are asking for your mugs!

Did you guys see this homeless man with the amazing voice!? The videos of him speaking for money on the side of the road got him job offers with HUGE names and house offers! How cool!? He seems like a pretty awesome dude too. Very honest about going down the wrong road and making the mistakes that landed him homeless. Just thought it was a cool story. Good for him!  (the video of his voice is at the bottom of the article)

 Phyllis Sweetwater over at The Epitome gave me one of my favorite awards! The Versitile Blogger one. I love that one. So green and pretty. Ah...THANK you Phyllis! I love it! As my duties to the award have already been done, I just wanted to give her a shout out and a thank you in public!

Quinn over at Seeing, Dreaming...Writing gave me the Life is Good award!! I love the pinky sunshinyness of this one. It's so bubbly and sweet. Again, I have done my duties to it and just wanted to shout it out to him for being a lovely bit of awesome sauce!!

Lastly, you know what can make any bad day better? Looking at the search words that got you blog traffic.  And here is why: 

Search Keywords

"will work for prom dress" <--HA! What!? Awesome. Earn that shiz ladies!

colene writer  <--Whooo! I'm gonna just pretend you were looking for me, the writer and not the actual published Colene...

how to crack spontanious joke  <--also gonna pretend I am so awesome at this that you can find only me that way.

my lof is creepy <--can someone tell me what a "lof" is and why it wouldn't be creepy?

ladies that are sexy and i can see there bubs and weeners <-- yea. I am so calling you out for this one, dooder....WHAT!?!

Happy Friday!! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Since Monday was all about book love, blogger love, etc today will be my catch up with you all post. Then next week we will return to regular schedule. Aren't you thrilled!? (act thrilled)

Novels finished editing: 2

Movie watched thanks to new Netflix: Cop Out, Julie & Julia(the part where agents, editors, and publishing houses were calling Julie made me want to puke with jealousy), Ponyo, Fame, Christmas Vacation, Ugly Truth,Vanity Fair, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Meet Me in St. Louis, When in Rome, Serenity, Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Movies watched thanks to friends visit: Toy Story 3, The Host, Dead Girl(STAY AWAY! BAD! JUST TERRIBLE), Shrek 4, Reincarnation(we have a thing for Asian horror movies. LURV) Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Easy A are the ones I remember.

Shows watched due to Netflix: River Monsters, Pushing Daisies Season 1/part of Season 2, Hoarders, Dexter Season 1, Obsessed, Taboo, finished Firefly (IT WAS ONLY ONE SEASON!?), The Dick van Dyke show (also caught up on V but just on the regular tv)

Querys tweeked: 1

Gifts recieved: 2 digital cameras (one went back and was replaced by a Wii), box of random/awesome treasures from one aunt, socks (at my request), gloves (amr), new pj's(amr), the bamboo(which you already knew about) Netflix 6 mo.(which you knew), and a gift card to one of my favorite movie/book/music haunts. Ah.

Book read for previously posted review: 1

Besides all that, it was an amazing time with my husband and mother. Very small Christmas this year but nonetheless special. 
Now, it's back to work, back to regular blogging schedule, and back to regular routine of life. Ho. Hum.

HERE is the funniest blog I have ever seen in my whole life. Never a dull story or how to or advice on there. AND complete with cartoons to heighten the reading adventure! That link will actually take you to one post, The Awkward Situation Survival Guide. But you can check out all the other posts easily. (with over 40,000 followers, you know it's a goody)

Did anyone else miss THIS awesome query on Query Shark???? AWESOME!  

What did you all do/watch/see/make progress on while I was away?  Did you have a good holiday?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where I practice my evil laugh

Ehem: Baaahahahahahaha! no no.

Aaaheeheehee. Nah. To witchy...

Maybe stick with a classic MWAHAHAHA. Yes. I like that.

Hello, welcome back! I missed you cats. But I did get a lot of work done. What I want to focus on today, though, is a few great people that all connect.

What do author Beth Revis, crazy awesome blogger Cinnamon , another awesome blogger Abby Minard, and myself have in common? Across the Universe maybe???


You see, I have been wanting, needing, ACHING to get my hands on an ARC of ATU for months. Cinnamon, the sweet and wonderful woman that she is, emailed me offering her copy up to me for nothing! Just cause!

So, in my desperation to squeal my delight to SOMEONE over this incredibly generous act, I email my bud Abby. And that all led to an idea that Abby gave a name. We call it our Tour de ARC: Across the Universe.

And the head, engine, heart of the train all started with (Beth Revis) But also....

CINNAMON~On Writing, Books, and Being Toast!

Don't know her? You should! Check her out!! She's a lovely new blogger/writer that always has something awesome to say about books and writing. So head over and check her out!

Now about Across the Universe...what could I possibly have to say about THAT...?


I don't review books. Nope. But this one, I have been so anxious to read and believe me, it wasn't a let down. I pride myself, I mean PRIDE myself, on being able to guess endings, plot twists, and who done its and whys. But, of all the MILLION of questions Beth Revis throws at you in ATU I got, MAYBE 2 right. That is crazy! I was surprised! Left on the edge of my seat! Dying to keep reading! It is a hit, my friends.

Go get your copy 1/11/11!

On top of that, I was one of the tons of winners of Beth Revis epic contest! So this holiday season was highlighted by this bunch of awesome:
Oh yea, that is a bunch of autographed swag.
How you like the new camera? MWAHAHA. Ehem. Sorry. I get carried away.
Thanks Cinnamon!!

So the details of Tour de ARC: Across the Universe are this: The book will go on tour. It started in the talented hands of Beth, obviously, placed into the mits of Cinnamon, passed along to me, Abby should have it by now, and she will pass it along once she has read it.

Now, as of this moment, I have no idea where this book will travel next. And even when I do know, I really can't tell you. You will have to keep your eyes peeled on Abby's blog to see who the lucky recipient will be and also check on her thoughts of the book.

We're hoping to see how far the ARC can go--to what bloggers it will see before 1/11/11.

Is my vacation really over? It was so short seeming... I mean, I missed you all, I like my actual work-job and all, but...waking up after 10 became a special part of my life. We bonded, me and sleeping til after 10AM.  A love affair like no other, I'd even say. Ah well.

HERE are 5 scientific reasons a Zombie Apocalypse could actually happen. (or so this guy says. But...he kinda makes a good argument.)

HERE are 10 writing resolutions you CAN fulfill.

Lastly, irrelevant to anything at all ever:  my favorite word verification from this past week: hellyas. Coincidentally, it was on a post that totally needed a hellyas.

Come back Wednesday for some catch-up. Hope to see you there!