Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They pick, they burp, they let one fly. They're writers.

FACT: If in a book description lies the phrase: "Could be described as Twilight at Hogwarts", it is 100% guaranteed I will NEVER read that book.

I don't know about you guys, but there is a lot of hate for word verification in comments around the blog world. It annoys me occasionally but mostly it doesn't affect me one way or the other. But Monday I was given an excellent character name for my new WIP! So, my indifference for word verification has turned toward amusement. Until it annoys me again, anyway.

Continuing on our Getting to Know You...fest? I guess we'll call it.

How about you share some of your writing secrets today!
(for those of you who are book reviewers, I can't leave you out! I want to know you all too, and how you do what it is you do. So scroll down to find your sample questions!) 

How do you make you come out even in mundane things you need to write about? I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea if I even accomplish it. I'm terrible at judging myself. To me, everything I write sounds blah and like just the same as someone else could have done. I'm told I have a decent writing voice though. That's why beta readers are so necessary!

What is the best advice you have heard/read and apply to your own writing? Said it before on here, but it's worth saying again: Back up your files! It's heartbreaking to think everything you have done is just....gone.

Where is your favorite place to write? Also shared before but I like to write at work. Weird, I know. But I get too distracted at home. Things to clean and fix, cats to bug me and get into shenanigans, naps to know. And I know what you're thinking "how is work not distracting?" Honestly...I have no answer for that either. It's so much easier to tune things out there(and I don't mean that to be a bad thing toward my job b/c I love it and who I work for) but it's the truth. The atmosphere there is so calm and pleasant I can't help but write there.

How do you get into the writing mood? (little literature foreplay? little Marvin Gaye?) This is going to sound horribly unhelpful, but I'm always in the mood to write. That doesn't mean I always have something to write about, which can be the problem, but I always like doing creative things. So, if I'm in the mood to write with nothing to get out, I'll sketch or work on my blog, or do something else that can use that creative brain-side.

Do you write with the TV on, in silence, some good music? TV is the hardest distraction to write in but I can tune out anything if I try hard enough (which irritates my Hubs like you wouldn't believe, when I accidentally tune him out) but...I guess it is kind of a talent, being able to tune any noise out.

Do you have a notebook you keep on you at all times? One by the bed? I keep one in my computer case but that's it. If I don't have my notebook, I just type out a quick note on my cellphone.

Do you use dreams and incorporate them in your writing? Sometimes. Dreams can be a crazy awesome place to get inspiration for certain things/scenes/what-not.

How do you feel about dream sequences in novels? Not a big fan. I usually tend to skim over dream's in books. Not that they aren't well written or interesting, but I just don't care for the time waste. Usually dreams are used as a way for the reader to see things the writer has no other way of showing them. Feelings, foreshadowing, past. Not to say I haven't used them before, but INTO has NONE. And I'm kind of proud of that ha! I'm not trying to knock them, they can be useful and as a writer I totally get them but as a reader I don't care for them.

Do you write everything first then type it all up later? Nope, type first. I tried to write one out once and by the time It came time to type it out I was bored with the story and just quit it. It's in a notebook in the cabinet next to the-novel-that-shall-never-be-seen. Might revisit it one day though. But I will never do that again. Seems like a waste of an idea to just give it up because I don't want to type it out.

How many beta readers do you have? I have many volunteers but 2 serious ones and a few that just give me a hand here and there with certain things. I need to expand and gain a few more that I can trust and will be serious but it's hard to decide between people who you know you can trust to see it through and the ones who will flake out...

Do you schedule time for writing or snatch it wherever you can? I wing it. I decided while I'm unpublished I'm going to enjoy having a relaxed work schedule as far as writing goes and enjoy my journey. One day I will be on a time crunch, which will be amazing too just because that means I'm published, but for now I want to kick back and just enjoy and love every moment of this crazy career choice.

Do your family and friends support you or have you not told them? Yes. Or they just don't mention it. More so they don't mention it than anything else. I prefer it that way. The less attention I get about it in my personal life (because I'm not published) the more comfortable I feel. I don't want my family and friends stressing me out about it, and they don't. 


How do you pick your books to review? (obviously I have no answer for these)

Do you buy all your books, go to the library and stock up, or what?

Do you believe in tactful, honest reviews or are you just too darn sweet  to say much bad?

Do you set aside time to read and then time to write your reviews or wing it?

Do you make notes as you read or hope you'll just remember when it comes time to write the review?

Do you review YA, Romance, Westerns, Horror, Comedy, etc?

Do you have to be on the ball, grabbing up new releases as they come out (or before, if you are so lucky) or do you not mind being a little behind?

Do you think being behind hurts your audience numbers or doesn't matter?

Do you review books you know you wont care for, or aren't something you would ever read?

Do you get requests to review novels on your blog?

There you go!

Pick one, pick some, pick all--I don't mind, I just love to hear from you guys! This is turning out so much fun to learn all these things about you all!

Side note: My most fabulously awesome crit partner, Abby Minard@Above Water honored me with an award!!
For the award I give 7 random facts. My lordy! I'm running out, you guys!

1. I adore my husband and I's "shows". We have certain nights for certain shows(like most people) but it's such a nice, relaxing ritual after a long day at work, to come home to dinner and "our shows".
2. I hate hate hate hate being cold. I would rather be too hot ANY DAY! Snow is pretty and all, but only If I don't have somewhere to be or things to do.
3. I'd go barefoot every day if I could
4. My hubs can craft/ fix anything any handyman can, but is hopeless with electronics(I know its more a fact about him, but I'm seriously just looking around for inspiration.)
5.  I can't have any light at all in the room when I'm trying to sleep. It distracts me too much to close my eyes. Seriously. The curtain open just a crack and all I'll be able to do is stare at it. Won't be able to get to sleep.
6.  Biggest pet-peeve: When people don't put things back where they got them. Sound's totally momish doesn't it? Drives me INSANE.
7. I love a man with an interestingly different, sexy face.Normal hot is good but a guy that is sexy with an interesting face is just.......YUM.

Passing it along to 5 people: Lydia Kang who's Monday posts are probably one of my favorites! (medical monday facts. LOVE IT!) Quinn at seeing, dreaming ... writing needs this because he is blogging all this week with 3 inchish bird claws for Halloween right now.(How is that NOT versatile!) L.T. Elliot who is just so darn wise over on her blog! She's like a taller, more attractive yoda. Samantha Vérant who is either cracking me up or creepin' me out! and Misha @ My First Book who is always kind and has such a crazy hectic life, but still is able to blog and write!

Almost lastly, this gave me CHILLS! (are you getting tired of this yet? Because,  I lurv you guys and all...but me and HP met first...and that means I can't really care too much...sorry...)

And lastly:

HERE is why opening pages FAIL

Happy Writering Wed!(yes. it's gonna be a thing now)

Hang in there for Friday! My traditional Funny Friday post will need your help to succeed this week! Don't fail me now, blogger buddies! 


  1. I love these posts you do. Chock full good writing insight.

  2. Love your questions and facts about yourself! Some of my answers: I have to write in complete silence; I have several leagal pads I use, but if I'm somewhere else I usually just use a scrap of paper for notes; I have 2 crit partners, 3 beta readers, and soon I'll have more actual teen beta readers (the teen librarian at work is setting some up for me when I'm done); and my friends and family know about my writing and talk about it ALL THE TIME. They always ask if I'm done, and say they can't wait for me to finish so they can read...its very touching and encouraging but scary at the same time. I don't want to let them down!

    And...Hubsies and I have "our shows" too! I hate being cold too, I can't have any light when sleeping and I always go barefoot (wait..are we twins?)

  3. So cool to learn more about you! I love that you take down notes on your phone if you have to. ;) That's dedication!

    Thank you so much for the award! I'm very honored. I mean, Yoda? He's the shiz, you know?

    I am SO tempted to watch that vid about Harry Potter...but I can't! I can't because I fear the spoilers. EEP!

  4. Congrats on the award! And thanks for awarding me!

    I gave you an award on my blog too.

  5. We'll have to get to know each other next week or so after I've been to the vet and had my talons clipped :)

  6. very impresive thanks for sharing :)

  7. Congratulations on the award.
    Favorite place to write is my office, although with NaNo coming up, it'll probably be anywhere I can secure five minutes. And best advice - write your book with the same flow as a movie. (A good movie, of course!)

  8. I LOVE getting to know more about you!!! I also can't wait to answer on these questions and then shoot back to the beginning of the week (I've been distant, but that's because I've been in my cave writing feverishly... now having finished my WiP I can focus my attention to my blog buddies... and HARRY POTTER!)

    1. Tough. I suppose I would say I just do it. I allow the fun stuff to sweep me off my feet and pray the stuff doesn't take too long.
    2. Write for yourself first, write for those you want to read next.
    3. I don't have a favorite space yet... but I do love writing in my long socks (knee length), without them I feel helpless.
    4. Bahaha Marvin Gay... not quite. I just wait for inspiration, and weather plays a huge part on what I go for (also seasons).
    5. I've written in all types... watching television being my favorite.
    6. I have a small notebook for my purse, others sit at home, scattered around the house. One is a journal for my thoughts, another one is plot bunnies and then I have a whiteboard for ideas.
    7. Dreams are my stories... also what if ideas, that's where they all start.
    8. I don't know if I'd like it, not sure if I've run across one. If you have a suggestion on when it works please do pass it on and I'd gladly read it.
    9. I'm a typer, the tendinitis in my hands allows me to type a lot faster than hand write it. Zoom.zoom.
    10. Zero... well at least zero that read it write now... however I have 2 lined up (wanna be a 3rd? Lol)
    11. Wherever and whenever I can.
    12. Support is an interesting choice of wording. They know I do it, and they don't really care or understand it. Except for my husband, he loves it.

    Is it okay that I answered them? I mean... I thought that's what I was supposed to do, but looking at the comments I'm not unsure!

  9. Ooh, thank you so much for the award!
    Right now I don't review books on my blog. I dunno, I'm weird like that!
    And btw, I will NEVER get tired of seeing any Harry Potter anything on your blog. Nevah.

  10. Thank you for that video!! Super psyched and had forgotten to buy my tickets so I just went over and purchased them!!! I love that you can write at work. What a cool environment to be working in! I keep thinking I'm going to form a critique group of cool blogger people with the same genre and we can skype every two weeks for our crits, but not sure how many people would be dedicated enough to do it. I have one CP that I rely on (okay, lean my full bodyweight on) who just rocks it. I don't know what I'd do without her. And she has the BEST W.I.P. going right now as well so that has been fun!

  11. congrats on the award! and it was so cool to learn a little more about you.

    i'm so stoked about the Harry Potter movie. i think that video made me pee a little.

  12. Yay for Harry Potter! Seriously cannot wait. But I don't want it to be over! As for writing, I've started only doing writing in coffee shops. I used to get all weirded out by writing in public, but now I think, "I just paid $2 for a cup of coffee, and I better make it worth it." So I get a lot of writing done :)

  13. I write with music, always. Music inspires me and moves me in a way nothing else can, so I need it to achieve the appropriate state of being.

    BACKING UP YOUR FILES IS ESSENTIAL. I lost my entire book a year and a half ago because I didn't back it up... I've been doing it over since!

  14. Yes those word verifications do come up with some corkers don't they? LOL! Some good stuff int his post. Thanks :O)

  15. Thanks so much for the award and for the lovely complement. :-)

    I'm really honoured.

    I'll pass on the award as soon as I'm officially back.

  16. Inspiration from word verification...hmm...I, personally, HATE it. Especially if I get it wrong.

  17. ...insightful post, C:)

    Myself...I can only pen the righteous in silence, but am not choosy as to my long as it's quiet.
    Dreams tend to thwart the current flow of whatever WIP I'm attending, therefore I normally toss them onto the Dreamscape Slushpile. I currently have 2 beta readers, both currently hard at it. "Scheduling" a time to write never works. Causes me to feel rushed, the words to stumble over each other as I spit them out. I'm at my best when spontaneity runs the show:)
    Great post, my dear!
    That was fun, EL

  18. Great post! Here's my answer to one of the questions: I write in complete silence. But I pause every few hundred words or so and play a couple of songs while my brain decompresses. Then I shut the music off and write again. And on and on it goes all afternoon until I (hopefully) make my goal.

  19. That trailer gave me chills too, and nooo, I'm not getting tired of them, don't stop! I can't believe it's been 10 years - look how far we've come!

    As for writing, I usually need complete silence, but I love writing when it's raining too :)

  20. Love the video. *sigh* can't believe it's ending soon.

    And your blog is beau-tiful.

    I'm posting my answers to your questions on my blog (probably on Saturday or Monday). I'll give you some linkage back to here.

  21. Ugh! Blogger just ate my comment!

    Anyways, I love the HP clip. I'm so sad that the series is ending soon:(

    I write best when it's quiet - no kids, no music, no tv. I can write with those things, but I usually don't get a lot done. I try to write every night after the kids are in bed and I usually end up staying awake late, which is why I'm so sleepy during the day.

  22. Okay, first of all, I will never be tired of HP, so post away! (That video gave me chills, too... so good!).

    I'm answering one of the questions... do I use my dreams in my writing? Yeah, I have one idea that I wrote down after a really freaky dream that might work, but it needs a lot of work (my dreams have huge plot holes). I like the idea of dreaming about writing though because it's like I'm getting work done while I sleep :)

  23. I HATE word verification! Hate!

    It's great to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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