Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Friday Strikes Again

HI!! To all my new followers! Welcome and feel appreciated, because I really do appreciate you! (umm...rhyme much?)  If you haven't been here, you don't know that Friday is the day for random videos that crack me up/amuse me in some fashion. So be warned...or entertained. I'll let you decide cause that's how this gal rolls.

Original Star Wars in 2min via paper

One way to get people to take the stairs:

Why are people falling so funny? What is that? I told my husband the other day when we got out bikes(whoot!) that if he actually fell on his little bmx bike(they are small if you don't know) and busted his head I wouldn't be able to do anything but laugh. We kid cause we love. We laugh at each other falling cause...who wouldn't? So here are some people falling I stole from Ellen.

Can't NOT post something HP7 related. What kind of fan would that make me? So: NURMANGARD!!!

Are there any Disney lovers who can tell me what this is a HORRIBLE rip off of? Anyone?

LAST MINUTE HILARITY: Had to steal this from Brad Jaeger's blog from yesterday! Too good not to steal.

Asking my husband to get something out of my purse is the same as asking him to go on a safari and shoot me a platypus so that I can eat him and absorb the spirit of the platypus to become its god. Yes. THAT is the look I get. He roots around for a minute then throws up his hands like it has no bottom. I aint Mary Freakin-Poppins, okay?

Awe, what they hell. One more video? Preview of Dan Radcliffe and Hugh Laurie on The Simpsons!

Next week I'm having a Getting to Know You Week (kind of self-explanatory) so please come back and be ready to join in!


  1. I like funny Fridays! Have a good w/end!

  2. Funny Fridays are funny! Haha! I think that's the point. Loved that you snuck Harry Potter right there in the middle.

    That Thai Beautry in the Beast is ... unbelievable ... a complete rip-off. I saw it earlier this week and couldn't believe it.

  3. Oh man that Beauty and the Beast video is such a rip off! Hahah

  4. So many to choose from, I still think Star Wars does it for me the best. :)

  5. Hahahaha, I love people falling down! I laugh at my own child when she falls down. It's awful, but I can't help it! I have to run into the other room and let Hubsies take care of it. I mean c'mon, she fell in the toilet butt first when she was potty training. HI-LAR-IOUS. Not to her though. She hated me for that.

  6. Too many fun things to look at! I loved the piano stairs and the Star Wars. So cute!

  7. Love them! Esp the stairs :D Making it fun makes all the difference :)

  8. Yes, people falling or getting hurt is funny. Even when it's me. My husband once got out of the car and walked head first into a ladder on a truck. There were people around so he just kept walking like nothing happened. Thinking about it makes me pee a little.

  9. That was terrific. I showed my hubby too thanks for sharing :O)

  10. I love Friday funnies! Thank you!

  11. These are hilarious! (And I'm so with you on the handbags--I've stopped asking my husband to retrieve things, because I can't face the running monologue on all the things he's finding in there while he hunts.)

  12. Who doesn't adore fabulous fun fridays?! I look forward to next weeks posts! Sounds so fun!


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