About Me and Awards!


I am a married (no kids) writer of YA fantasy/paranormal/horror/ umm...okay. That's it at the moment. I'm originally from almost as south Alabama as you can get, but moved to damn near as north west in Arkansas as you can be before sliding into Oklahoma or Missouri.(suppose I like extreme state living?) I have three novels completed under my belt and a ton of ideas ready for some TLC. I love to write. Nothing has ever freed me like writing. Nothing has ever stolen my heart so completely as writing(don't tell the hubs).

Read mostly YA but am open to reading whatever is good.

Draw and paint.

I'm easily entertained and laugh pretty freely. 

I'm jealous of anyone who can wiggle one eyebrow independently.

Obsessed with all things Harry Potter. My Harry Potter tattoo and I go everywhere together.

I'm also terribly passionate about pets, particularly cats. My husband is a wonderful and tolerant man for putting up with our 5 6 rescue kitties. Am knowledgeable about bottle raising kittens (Our youngest, my sweet Franky, has been with me since he was rescued from an ice storm at 2 days old) and an advocate for TNR programs as well as volunteer with local kitty organizations where I can.

More to come as I think of interesting things to share. So...it might take a little while.

Thanks to a bunch of awesome bloggers who, for some reason, like me! Hurray!