Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Things Done

I got back my full MS from both crit partners and now I can start the tedious task of going through them both and editing. Yeay! . . .

Editing is not my favorite thing to do. Some people really enjoy it and others don't. I used to be in the severely HATE it column of people as far as editing goes, but actually I really like this book. I'm not trying to say it's good, or bragging because -- it could be complete rubbish for all I know and my friends/crit girls are just being nice. Either way, I really enjoy this story and the characters. And I really enjoy making it shine. Though there are bunches of notes, suggestions, and errors (I'm sorry!) I need to fix, as well as elaborations to make, I'm going to make the best of it!

And, besides, this is the home stretch. My query is done, my synopsis is . . .on paper(ugh), and the edits will make it that much closer. So I have no room to bitch. No one made me want to be a writer. Tis part of what we do, and I'm damn determined to enjoy ever single phase of it, which really isn't that hard. I love this gig.

But, I am going to stop picking months as my query deadline, because it's just not helping me get things done like it should. It's just making me frustrated when I realize I can't do all that in the space of time I'm allowing myself. So as of right now, I have NO query month set to start and don't intend to. Just going to work on bettering the book and be happy with that.

Where are you guys with your writing?

Also, Kim Harrisons most recent book is coming out Tuesday! Hoping my preordered copy will get here then...hope hope hope...I'm in love with the Hollows series. 

Finally, butt-ton's of seasons of Supernatural are on Netflix. Whoot!

Happy Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

See what happens when I'm all "OH this winter has been nice and warm blah blah blah!" We get a freaking snow day. Not complaining. Oh no. Going back to bed? Oh yes... See you cats Friday. Pardon my absence last Friday. Went on a spontaneous trip to see a friend.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot As . . . Well, You Know

It is a very warm winter around these parts. And I am not complaining a bit! I'm originally from SOUTH Alabama. We don't see snow there like I've seen since moving here. And this winter feels very S. Alabama. Makes me feel at home, and I love that. Groundhog (like that fuzzy bastard has connections or something) says 6 more weeks of winter? Sure! I'll take it at 60-70 degrees!

I think everyone is experiencing a weird season this year, right?

Just finished Wicked Lovely. Took me only 2 nights. I could NOT put that bitch down! I'll admit this. . . I . . . have never been a big fan of faery novels. *cringe* I'm sorry! It's just never been my favorite kind of YA. (everyone has one kind of book they aren't very thrilled about, right?) But I decided to give this one a chance (I know, I'm way behind on this series!) and am so glad I did! Totally changed my mind about this particular faery series. I doubt I'll end up the biggest cheerleader for fey novels, but I totally intend to read the rest of this series. And am pretty stoked about it. The ending? I expected a little more ass-kickery, but I won't complain. It was still dang good. And Melissa Marr is a lovely writer. I enjoyed her world very very much. Seth? Total drool factory. Loved him.

You guys read anything good lately?

My writing goals have shifted. I hoped to be querying by March, but I have a little bit more editing to do than I anticipated (wishful thinking? delusion? whatever.) So April is my new Query month, but only because this one is going to be perfect before I jump the gun.

How about you guys? Anything good going on in your writing worlds?

Short and sweet today. Busy busy! Happy Monday lovelies!