Monday, June 27, 2011

Odds and Ends. Mostly Odds...

Hey dudes! Happy Monday again!

Have you seen this insanity!? Bagel Head Saline Injections!? Japan. You have officially lost me.

Did you see where the Hyperbole and a Half gal got a book deal!? Awesome! She is too funny.

Did anyone miss this???


It happens. You write a story you enjoyed writing and being a part of. You decide that, hey, it might be good enough. You spend a butt-ton of time editing it (having other people edit it.) And then you put it out there. I'm talking about me, btw. Keep up.

Then...dun dun isn't up to scratch. It isn't the writing(I have been told), it isn't the story(so much) it's a lot of little things. And when you get a bunch of little things that keep you down with that story, you have 2 choices: Revise to change all those little things. Or call it quits.

Me, I have amazing, wonderful writer friends in my corner and am not bummed so much as sorry they "wasted" time on a novel that just isn't going to work out right now.

But we move on. Something about character and not getting knocked down but how long it takes to get up or something.

My other novel that has been shelved for a year or so is being dusted off. Am proud beyond words of this idea and thrilled to make it kick-ass. So, away this writer shall go. The journey goes on. It'll happen. Encouraging words and such.

Query status: closed for now. With the queries still out, if one of those agents loves the story idea enough to pick it up, then awesome. If changes are requested after that, no problem. I am all in. But as is, I don't think it's something an agent will take a chance on.

HEY! This is catchy!

How you find me results for this past week:

vincent valentine
  I get that a lot. Damn my love of him.

ryan reynolds naked
 Again, damn my love for all things sexy

jump fly
 Beg pardon?

real mermaids found alive
 or people who made tails...

"i like weird news"
 me too buddy.

colene murphy journey

colene sexy
 Alright! Find what you were lookin for baby? ;)

real mermaid  Well, they are pretty...

Happy Monday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Counting Down

I got chills, teary eyed, and reminiscy feelings. This is going to be amazing and oh so sad at the same time. *sigh* The end. This Harry Potter girl has been living in the shadow of the last book for a long time so the last movie is...hard!

Last time dressing up for a HP release! Ah well! It's been amazing fun!

Has anyone tried Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates before? Signed up for a class and interested to talk to someone about their experience. 

Still going along with queries and rewrites over here! Nothing news worthy to report yet. How's everyone else doing with their work?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou Delinquent Blogger?

I'm not really here this week. But I am (secretly) @ Laurel's place!

See you all Monday! (when, I swear, I'll be a better blogger friend.)

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Game

Firstly I need to thank you all for being amazingly supportive. I really really needed to read all your wonderfully kind comments. Really. Truly. Thank you.

Also, BIG sorry for not replying to each and every one of you as I usually like to. I know you'll understand and forgive me (you're just that way, I know ;) but I am sorry. Things were just things. You know. *feet shuffle* I loved her so much. And I couldn't do it--get back to you, you know? And I'm sorry.

Moving on. As promised by the oh so tempting post title, I have a new game for you! 

We're writers, right? We spend hours/days/years making characters up and making them special or putting them in special circumstances. Well, it's hard to imagine you all never thought of yourself in those predicaments. Right? Fantasizing it was you? Pft. Don't lie.

Well, today, since my WV game is running a little slow, I decided to start a new one every now and then!

Fictional Fantasy Favorites. Or Triple F.

So, have at it! Make your choices for your new magically awesome life! (I made mine already!) First round goes to personal abilities. Choose wisely.

Happy Monday Everyone!