Monday, September 20, 2010

Lets have Freedom Contest! **CLOSED**

In honor of SPEAK and the courageous author Laurie Halse Anderson lets have an impromptu contest to show our support for all things FREE in this country! (get it, freedom of speech/free book? oh...the cleverness of me...)

And because I'm feeling extra giving, I'll have it open to anyone anywhere (so if we have an international winner they will have to tell me the best place to have a book purchased for pick up or mailed to know, cause I haven't got a clue.) 

The rules:  Everyone that wants to enter for a chance to win a copy of SPEAK, leave me a comment with one wish for Wesley Scroggins. That's it, all you have to do. Dig deep and one wish for this man in my comments gets you an entry.

This contest will close in 2 weeks, Monday October 4th. So get your entries in and please spread the word.

Lets all #speakloudly for these books and all books being banned. No one has the right to keep me or you from books of any kind. (unless it's your momma. Don't mess with your momma.)


  1. Thanks C.E. for speaking out about this!

    My only wish for Mr. Scroggins is that he can see how wonderful it is when a community can come together because of someone's ignorance. That he'll see how wonderful the written word is, no matter what the content. And, that teenagers are not stupid like he thinks.

  2. I love this C.E. what an amazing idea and I'm very excited to be apart of this!!!

    My wish for Mr. Wesley Scroggins is that he takes a look at the bigger picture, I want him to see all the good that this author is trying to portray within the bad. These words are raw, honest and should not be taken lightly, they are real and it's important he realizes that.

  3. Great idea C.E.!

    My wish for Mr. Scroggins is that no teens or children, (including his own) would suffer due to his ignorance. I hope the school board eventually rejects his challenged in full and that all the kids who read these books have long an healthy lives and relationships

  4. I was so upset to hear about this. Censorship sucks.

    My wish for Dr. Scroggins would be that he actually read the books he so easily condemns and think about what they actually advocate.

  5. Ignorance in any form is one of my biggest pet peeves. Another peeve? When someone trashes books they haven't read. How dare anyone tell my school what MY child can read. It's fine for you to keep your own children ignorant until they confess to you they are pregnant at 16, but far be it from you to push your "morals" on my kids.

    My wish for Mr. Scroggins is that he has a life altering event that opens his eyes, his mind and his heart.

    Great post, C.E.

  6. I wish that Wesley Scroggins comes to understand that the vile acts of rape, incest, etc. perpetrated against women are in no way pornography. I would hope that he comes to see these as acts of violence committed by sick individuals and not a turn-on. That he could open his mind and see how many have been wounded by his senseless comments.
    Wonderful post.
    lisadgibson at live dot com
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  7. I hope Mr Scroggins end up in Heaven, bored to eternity. Then I can go to Hell to enjoy free speach, great literature and black metal concerts ... and I won't even mention all the fun we'll have every night >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  8. Great contest, Colene!

    My one wish for Wesley Scroggins is that his mouth sort of melts to his face, like Neo's in The Matrix when Agent Smith has him alone in the interrogation room.

  9. Great idea for the contest.

    My wish is that one day Mr Scroggins himself write a book like this. That one day he see through the eyes of an author who wants to help people with his books. How would he feel if someone calls his help filthy? How would he feel if he has to say something to the world and nobody is there to listen?

    Anita M.

  10. People do have the right to say if they object to a book, but to try and take it away from others? That's just unacceptable.
    My wish is that someday Mr. Scroggins understands exactly what it was he did that made so many people so very angry.
    It wasn't that he expresses his opinion about the book, it's that he is basically saying that rape, in books or real life, can be compared to PORNOGRAPHY.
    What a sick, twisted many he is...

  11. My wish for Mr. Scroggins is that he realizes that everyone should be free to read whatever book they wish.

    I would love to read Speak. Please enter me in this giveaway!

    familyhistree at yahoo dot com

    Sarah E


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