Friday, April 1, 2011


Since there is an astronomical amount of bloggers going to be busy with the A-Z Challenge this month, I decided to take a break. Well, sort of.

Chances are, you'll find me enjoying many of your posts from time to time but the month long break is about getting some serious work done!

Goals for April:

  • Finish ALL final edits on INTO.
  • Write/edit/polish query
  • Write synopsis
Now, that is a short list at a glance but I don't think I need to tell anyone how much work all those things really are going to be.

So, though I may be neck deep in the final stages of novel writing and balancing on the edge of queridom, I will be thinking fondly of you all and wishing you luck on the A-Z challenge or whatever other projects you have in April! (how effing long was that sentence!?)

But first: Last FF until  May 6th! (calm down. Don't spazz. It'll be alright.)

What is it about old folks dancing to Zeppelin that I love? Umm...I just answered my own question.

Since it is April Fools Day:

Happy Friday! See you in May!!