My Novels

  • INTO ADELLADARE- YA-Fantasy/Horror
               Status: SHELVED

  • CALLING DEATH - YA/Paranormal 
               Status: QUERYING 

Sixteen-year-old Daughter of Death, Damaris, was born evil. The only way her kind gain access to Heaven is to steal human souls and trade them for eternal life. Or so she's been told. But Damaris doesn't buy that and refuses to kill anyone. She's also determined not to let her little sister end up a heartless, soul-stealing murderer like her parents.

The key to saving them both is Chase, a smokin' hot stranger with a penchant for breaking in through her bedroom window. Bent on retrieving his sister's stolen soul from Damaris's family vault at any cost, he offers a trade. He can show her magic that frees captured souls in exchange for her help.

They only have three weeks until her father's Death Day. Twenty-one days to find Chase's sister. Five-hundred hours to free all the souls before her dad hands them over to Death and they are lost forever. Thirty-thousand minutes to save her own sister and prove to her kind that their ancient beliefs are wrong. The clock's ticking, and Damaris is running out of time.

CALLING DEATH is a 69,000 word YA Paranormal.

  • CLANS (MPOV)- YA/Fantasy
               Status: rough draft