Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Like to do IT.

Okay. I was going to post a new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(pt1) every post. But honestly, I just didn't want to have to choose since there are 9. 

So HERE is where you will find all 8 Brand NEW TV spots for HP7(pt1). You're welcome. Ha! So pumped. Are you pumped!? Officially LESS than 1 month to go!! Get PUMPED!

Back on schedule!
On my fav. scary movie list I forgot From Hell in the top 10! Honestly, top 5. SOOO good. Just had to mention it.

I just love a new idea. It's like Christmas, a new book concept.

I love the first blank page in Wordperfect(apparently I may be the only person alive who still uses it because no one I send my MS to can open the dang thing. My lil bro pretty much told me to man up and use Word.) and setting out on the new adventure with my characters.

The way I handle a new idea is as follows(apparently):

1. In the middle of doing something unrelated to writing an idea will strike.

2. Jot down notes and basic idea before I lose the sucker to a distraction (I NEVER remember exactly what the brilliant idea was if I put this step off until later. NEVER.)
Some advice: Quick notes of whatever the idea is usually do, **but don't use shorthand as you will never remember what NAHO for BOA in CCDC means later. or even:"like that one time with the guy in the place with the thing where that chick said the stuff about that chick to her friend but with vampires." or whatever. Days, weeks, a month later when you come back to that note you will go "WTH man!?" and the idea, she is gone.
EX: one character description I jotted down just says "think fat Jesus+gimpy pirate" Bet you know exactly what that guy looks and sounds like don't you? rough but kind. large, facial hairy guy. scarred and tough. but full of love. 

3.Put it aside as usually that one bit of information that is the idea is all that comes to me during that time.

4.Get an awesome idea for a new character that is not originally intended for previous novel idea.

5.Get the character down in new WP doc so I don't lose him/her.

6.Start trying to form a story around new character only to realize that he/she could go into previously mentioned novel idea *facepalm* and will make the story more rich and deeper than it started out being.

7. copy/paste character into bottom of novel notes for later. Delete new document dedicated to just the character as I can't keep saving all these danged little documents that have no purpose! It's getting ridiculous, self.

8. Put on some instrumental music on Pandora Radio(current fav. channel is The Shanghai Restoration Project channel)

9. Write. Write. Write. Write. Get idea for blog post. Write blog post. Get back to novel. Write. Write. Write. Facebook break. Write. Write. Might as well check twitter and e-mail before I get too deep into writing again. 

10. repeat step 9 until I have no where else to go with novel at the current time.

11. Turn T.V. back on and wish I had had more to write out.

12. Think of something to add really quickly.

13. repeat from step 8 as usually the fresh burst of inspiration starts a whole new writing flow.

Now that I have completed "Write blog post" I will move on to finishing step 9. I am really liking this new story.

I don't outline, so as of right now all I have is 5-6 characters, the first chapter, and a semi tragic love story formed. I just love this job/hobby/career/passion. 

So, all this to say: I'm toying with the idea of joining NaNo this year because I really need the push. The new novel I started between working on edits is lagging. I keep finding excuses to do other things even though I really want to get this one out.  

As of now INTO is being worked on by fresh eyes, so I have put it aside. NoNameNovel has been shelved for an undecided amount of time, and this new one just needs to be let loose. I think NaNo will be the push I need to knock it out. What do you think? Any advice for a NaNo virgin? 

How do you like doin' it? 

HERE are 5 ways to make your novel helplessly addictive! 

How cute is THIS HP shirt being produced??


  1. Always love, love reading insight from writers. I learn so much. Totally agreed, when you're not thinking of it (pandora-ing 'n twittering) that's when it comes to you. In my ad-writing job I usually like to go to the bathroom. As I'm walking away from the computer is when the idea comes to me....hopefully.
    Best of luck on your writing projects.

  2. Love all the Harry Potter posters throughout your post ... I had to remind myself that I was supposed to be reading, not just staring at the pictures. Haha, kidding ... well, only a litte (I love the Bellatrix one and the Harry/ Hermione one).

    Anyway, it's really interesting to read about your process. It's so different for everyone.

  3. My process sounds alot like yours, down to the same pantsing habit. I actually blogged on my previous NaNo experiences this morning;-)

  4. Please, please, please join NaNo!! And friend me once you do. We'll get through November together! You can do it!! WE can do it! That is, we can do it if you stop distracting us with Harry Potter! ;-)

  5. I agree with Quinn wholeheartedly. I had to go through three times just to read your post! The pictures were gorgeous.

    I love hearing about others process! So thanks for that. I'd give you advice on NaNo but this is my first year as well so I have no idea!

    Add me! We can be writing buddies: MelissaWideen

  6. Dude, all those HP posters are so FABULOUS! I love love love the one with Hermoine (how do you spell that?) in the red dress.

    Love the process too. I always get ideas in the weirdest places...

  7. I do outline, but I'll think of a new twist and have to write it down right away or I won't remember. I don't remember what I had for dinner last night, so remembering an idea is out of the question!

  8. I'm with you- I'll be at work doing something totally unrelated, and I'll think of a tag-line, or an idea and I'll stop what I'm doing and jot it down on a scrap of paper. My boss finds book notes all over the place at work lol. And then I'll transfer it onto a new book idea word document when I get home. And then try to forget about it while I write my current WIP.

  9. Same with me; I get the best ideas when I'm doing something else, both for my writing and geophysics research >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  10. Umm what did you say??? I'm sorry the AWESOME posters distracted me!!

  11. I love these tips! The shorthand was hilarious! What on earth does CCDC stand for anyway?
    Great post!

  12. Okay, those pics of HP7 have me all crazy now. =] Can't frickin' wait!

    Excellent insight into how a story begins for you. So fun to see into your mind.

  13. NaNo is a great chance to spill all that writing onto the page - but I think it's easy to be inspired by many other ideas during that fevered writing, and it's important to jot them down and move on - no being distracted! :)

    How do I like to do it? Loudly and dramatically, I guess - I came into the house the other day from a long car trip yelling, "Don't talk to me! I have to write!" :)

    Like Emma, I'm a new follower, over from Jen's blog - I blog about books and writing at This Is Not My Day Job. :)

  14. Oh yes, I am pumped for HP7. SUPER PUMPED!!!

    PS. Thanks for coming over and following my blog :-)

  15. From Hell very underrated movie IMO, thought the Hughes bros did a pretty good job, the graphic novel is a masterpiece


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