Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just for Halloween Funzies

Happy Halloween all! (I would love to give credit to whomever made this picture but I found it on a google search with nothing but the picture on the page so If anyone knows, please help out.)

I dedicated an entire post to my love for this Spooky-Gouly-Creepy-Fun holiday, so I won't subject you to a second. Just wanted to wish you all a great day!

The candy is one of my most favorite parts. I get all Homer thinking about it all. YUM. So, I'll be slipping into a sugary coma and enjoying fun kids constumes, if anyone needs me.

Also getting pretty excited about Tron. So here is a new trailer featuring the amazing musical talent of Daft Punk. Don't judge me. I never claimed to NOT be nerdy

This is my pumpkin. It's a horrible quality picture, my phone is a sorry camera, promise it looks better in real life. But...oh well! You can see our McDonalds cups waiting for the trash too. Classy. See you all Monday!



Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Friday with a TWIST

Here we are, on the last day of my Getting to Know You series. It's been fun, informative, and I just love getting to know you all a little bit more! So, lets keep it rolling on a Funny Friday!

Everyone gets a hankerin for some internet comedy. And when the bug bites we usually all go to our favorite funny hot spots. Be them jokes, videos, or whatever.

So this Friday I'm taking a little break from providing you with the chuckles(No. Not because I have nothing this week. Ya' smart ass...) and I want to know:

Where do you go to get a laugh? What cracks you up every time?

So, my fine furry friends, Show Me Your Favorite Funnies!! 

Cause, I can't possibly leave you with just a blond joke:

And, because I have enjoyed this week very much, I will share with you my favorite go to video. It will always make me smile when I'm having a bummer day.Why? You got me. I guess I'm  just that easily amused.

Your turn! Show me how you get your jollies, friends.  Aaaaaaaaaand GO!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They pick, they burp, they let one fly. They're writers.

FACT: If in a book description lies the phrase: "Could be described as Twilight at Hogwarts", it is 100% guaranteed I will NEVER read that book.

I don't know about you guys, but there is a lot of hate for word verification in comments around the blog world. It annoys me occasionally but mostly it doesn't affect me one way or the other. But Monday I was given an excellent character name for my new WIP! So, my indifference for word verification has turned toward amusement. Until it annoys me again, anyway.

Continuing on our Getting to Know You...fest? I guess we'll call it.

How about you share some of your writing secrets today!
(for those of you who are book reviewers, I can't leave you out! I want to know you all too, and how you do what it is you do. So scroll down to find your sample questions!) 

How do you make you come out even in mundane things you need to write about? I have no idea. Honestly, I have no idea if I even accomplish it. I'm terrible at judging myself. To me, everything I write sounds blah and like just the same as someone else could have done. I'm told I have a decent writing voice though. That's why beta readers are so necessary!

What is the best advice you have heard/read and apply to your own writing? Said it before on here, but it's worth saying again: Back up your files! It's heartbreaking to think everything you have done is just....gone.

Where is your favorite place to write? Also shared before but I like to write at work. Weird, I know. But I get too distracted at home. Things to clean and fix, cats to bug me and get into shenanigans, naps to know. And I know what you're thinking "how is work not distracting?" Honestly...I have no answer for that either. It's so much easier to tune things out there(and I don't mean that to be a bad thing toward my job b/c I love it and who I work for) but it's the truth. The atmosphere there is so calm and pleasant I can't help but write there.

How do you get into the writing mood? (little literature foreplay? little Marvin Gaye?) This is going to sound horribly unhelpful, but I'm always in the mood to write. That doesn't mean I always have something to write about, which can be the problem, but I always like doing creative things. So, if I'm in the mood to write with nothing to get out, I'll sketch or work on my blog, or do something else that can use that creative brain-side.

Do you write with the TV on, in silence, some good music? TV is the hardest distraction to write in but I can tune out anything if I try hard enough (which irritates my Hubs like you wouldn't believe, when I accidentally tune him out) but...I guess it is kind of a talent, being able to tune any noise out.

Do you have a notebook you keep on you at all times? One by the bed? I keep one in my computer case but that's it. If I don't have my notebook, I just type out a quick note on my cellphone.

Do you use dreams and incorporate them in your writing? Sometimes. Dreams can be a crazy awesome place to get inspiration for certain things/scenes/what-not.

How do you feel about dream sequences in novels? Not a big fan. I usually tend to skim over dream's in books. Not that they aren't well written or interesting, but I just don't care for the time waste. Usually dreams are used as a way for the reader to see things the writer has no other way of showing them. Feelings, foreshadowing, past. Not to say I haven't used them before, but INTO has NONE. And I'm kind of proud of that ha! I'm not trying to knock them, they can be useful and as a writer I totally get them but as a reader I don't care for them.

Do you write everything first then type it all up later? Nope, type first. I tried to write one out once and by the time It came time to type it out I was bored with the story and just quit it. It's in a notebook in the cabinet next to the-novel-that-shall-never-be-seen. Might revisit it one day though. But I will never do that again. Seems like a waste of an idea to just give it up because I don't want to type it out.

How many beta readers do you have? I have many volunteers but 2 serious ones and a few that just give me a hand here and there with certain things. I need to expand and gain a few more that I can trust and will be serious but it's hard to decide between people who you know you can trust to see it through and the ones who will flake out...

Do you schedule time for writing or snatch it wherever you can? I wing it. I decided while I'm unpublished I'm going to enjoy having a relaxed work schedule as far as writing goes and enjoy my journey. One day I will be on a time crunch, which will be amazing too just because that means I'm published, but for now I want to kick back and just enjoy and love every moment of this crazy career choice.

Do your family and friends support you or have you not told them? Yes. Or they just don't mention it. More so they don't mention it than anything else. I prefer it that way. The less attention I get about it in my personal life (because I'm not published) the more comfortable I feel. I don't want my family and friends stressing me out about it, and they don't. 


How do you pick your books to review? (obviously I have no answer for these)

Do you buy all your books, go to the library and stock up, or what?

Do you believe in tactful, honest reviews or are you just too darn sweet  to say much bad?

Do you set aside time to read and then time to write your reviews or wing it?

Do you make notes as you read or hope you'll just remember when it comes time to write the review?

Do you review YA, Romance, Westerns, Horror, Comedy, etc?

Do you have to be on the ball, grabbing up new releases as they come out (or before, if you are so lucky) or do you not mind being a little behind?

Do you think being behind hurts your audience numbers or doesn't matter?

Do you review books you know you wont care for, or aren't something you would ever read?

Do you get requests to review novels on your blog?

There you go!

Pick one, pick some, pick all--I don't mind, I just love to hear from you guys! This is turning out so much fun to learn all these things about you all!

Side note: My most fabulously awesome crit partner, Abby Minard@Above Water honored me with an award!!
For the award I give 7 random facts. My lordy! I'm running out, you guys!

1. I adore my husband and I's "shows". We have certain nights for certain shows(like most people) but it's such a nice, relaxing ritual after a long day at work, to come home to dinner and "our shows".
2. I hate hate hate hate being cold. I would rather be too hot ANY DAY! Snow is pretty and all, but only If I don't have somewhere to be or things to do.
3. I'd go barefoot every day if I could
4. My hubs can craft/ fix anything any handyman can, but is hopeless with electronics(I know its more a fact about him, but I'm seriously just looking around for inspiration.)
5.  I can't have any light at all in the room when I'm trying to sleep. It distracts me too much to close my eyes. Seriously. The curtain open just a crack and all I'll be able to do is stare at it. Won't be able to get to sleep.
6.  Biggest pet-peeve: When people don't put things back where they got them. Sound's totally momish doesn't it? Drives me INSANE.
7. I love a man with an interestingly different, sexy face.Normal hot is good but a guy that is sexy with an interesting face is just.......YUM.

Passing it along to 5 people: Lydia Kang who's Monday posts are probably one of my favorites! (medical monday facts. LOVE IT!) Quinn at seeing, dreaming ... writing needs this because he is blogging all this week with 3 inchish bird claws for Halloween right now.(How is that NOT versatile!) L.T. Elliot who is just so darn wise over on her blog! She's like a taller, more attractive yoda. Samantha Vérant who is either cracking me up or creepin' me out! and Misha @ My First Book who is always kind and has such a crazy hectic life, but still is able to blog and write!

Almost lastly, this gave me CHILLS! (are you getting tired of this yet? Because,  I lurv you guys and all...but me and HP met first...and that means I can't really care too much...sorry...)

And lastly:

HERE is why opening pages FAIL

Happy Writering Wed!(yes. it's gonna be a thing now)

Hang in there for Friday! My traditional Funny Friday post will need your help to succeed this week! Don't fail me now, blogger buddies! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did you see it?

(HOW COOL IS THAT PICTURE!? I'm just full of 'em.)

Couldn't resist. Tonight was the Rocky Horror Glee Show, which is epic. I LOVE RHPS and Glee so...yea. Awesome! I missed it, as I was being a nice wife and NOT subjecting my husband to things that make him uncomfortable (singing/musical, dramatic, teen-oriented shows. You thought I was gonna say transvestites didn't you?)

Will catch it tomorrow morning before work though, so don't effing ruin it or I will come through this computer SO FAST.

Hope you all enjoyed it, if Glee is your cup of TV-Tea!

Don't forget about tomorrow's Writering Wednesday Getting to Know You post!

Monday, October 25, 2010

You want to know about my WHAT?

So. Today is the kick off for my Getting to Know You Series.(Oh God, please let them get this reference)

This week is all about interacting with you guys. I read your blogs (those of you with blogs anyway) and you all (since you are reading this now) read my dribble. BUT we (most of you guys anyways. Some of us are good email buddies) don't really interact together. You know, commenting and what not with each other and the responding e-mails = all great! But this week is all about knowing one another. What fun is it to read someone's blog when you have no idea who they are!?(correct answer would be "little to none fun" I don't like to give pop quizzes without a little hint... or big hint.)

 Today will be all about random facts about one another, Wed. is going to be about writing facts, and Friday will be (as usual) all about the funny.

Lets kick off the Getting to Know You with a bunch of generic questions! (what could be better?)

  • Where you named after anyone? (nope. My aunt picked my name and my dad spelled it "funny" because he doesn't like double letters side-by-side...but I like it!)    
  • Do you like to write or type better? (write. Typing, I tend to ramble as its quick and easy. Writing I make everything count cause I don't want to waste the time on rambles.)
  • Do you have kids? Husband? Wife?  (Nope. Yup. Nope.)

  •  In school? Live at home(with the folks)? What grade? (Nope. Nope. Did some college for my business degree but didn't finish)
  • Do you work (besides writing-to all my writer buds)?(yep. receptionist)
  • If you were someone else would you be friends with you? (I doubt it. We would clash with each other)
  • Have you ever bungee jumped? Sky dived? (want to! Someone go with me!)
  • What is your favorite cereal? (depends on my mood but Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes are always up there)
  • What is your favorite thing to do? (I could easily take the raunchy route but I'll show a little class and say: spending time with my 4 best buds is always my fav. but only happens a couple times a year. Or drawing. Always a good time too.)
  • Do you like to talk on the phone or text? (text. I HATE talking on the phone)
  • Do you schedule time to keep up with blogs/ write your own blogs or just wing it? (wing it, mostly.)

  • What is the first thing you notice about people? (Hair then posture then cloths)

  • Favorite sports to watch? To play?(HOCKEY!! But I'm too damn clumsy to play any sport)

  • Favorite author? (J.K.Rowling. Can't you tell by now?)

  • What book are you reading? (Currently Match Me If You Can thanks to a kick ass blogger buddy!!)
  • Favorite thing about your best friend? (Her heart. The most loving, kind, and beautiful person I have ever met)
  • Do you like piercings/tattoos? (YES!)

  • Do you have any?(expand) (11 tattoos, 26 piercings)

  • Do you have a special talent? (sarcasm? making fun of things? forgetting things? I'm good at putting on makeup actually. Wanted to be a makeup effect artist for a long while. Never worked out)

  • Cats or dogs? (cats. Have 5)

  • Something random, first thing that pops in your head!(1. I don't paint my nails one solid color, I just can't. 2. My hair is naturally blond(suck on that!) but I dye the underside layer black as I have the same disorder about my hair that affects my nail polish-can't be all one color. umm...I could win the eye-rollympics if challenged. 4.I don't like idle chit-chat. 5. my middle finger on my right hand is crooked from the second knuckle to the tip. No idea why.)  
  • Do you have a bad habit/annoying habit? I pick my nail polish off almost as quickly as I can put it on. I just stopped biting my nails about a year ago for the first time, and picking it off helps not to bite. It drives the Hubs crazy. Hates hearing me pick my nails.
  •  How do you get mad? (I tend to get really country when I get mad. And studder. Then curse cause both make me even more mad. Though I am a born and raised southern girl, I don't sound too country most of the time because I grew up with my mom mostly and she is from the north so I got this...NO accent thing going on here in the south. But get me mad I get hillbilly faster an' a pole cat skitters upa dead stump...or something.)

  • Do you have a style for yourself? (clothing) I just buy whatever I think is cute. I can't follow fashion well. I'm not a shoe loving, cloths hoarding, kind of girl. If I like a certain shoe I will wear it until they stop making them. This is not always a good policy as I tend to get stuck in a very unstylish item for long after it should be shot and killed. But...I'm happy :)

  • How do you see yourself? (nerd, prep, jock, punk, goth, emo, someone younger than me can add more subgenres b/c I really can't think of more. Don't feel confined to these options) If we go as how I'm seen I have been told I'm intimidating, scary, confident, goth, funny, and nerdy at some point in my life. So, we'll just go with that as I can't answer this one.) 

  •  What are you going to be for Halloween? Going trick-or-treating, handing out candy, or partying?(I have no costume this year. I haven't had time, unfortunately, to put one together. But I will help my mom with her's and were just handing out candy and watching scary movies this year. Skipping the parties.)
You are all so welcome to tell me all about yourselves, anything you want to share. You can answer my questions if you like too!

If you have any questions for me as well please don't hesitate to ask! 

HERE are 5 ways to make you novel inescapable.

 HERE you can make your own Undesirable No. 1 POSTER!!!
It was fun.  (see how I waited till the post was over to give you something fun to distract yourself with? I learned!)

Check back Wed for some writery-type getting to know you questions!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Friday Strikes Again

HI!! To all my new followers! Welcome and feel appreciated, because I really do appreciate you! (umm...rhyme much?)  If you haven't been here, you don't know that Friday is the day for random videos that crack me up/amuse me in some fashion. So be warned...or entertained. I'll let you decide cause that's how this gal rolls.

Original Star Wars in 2min via paper

One way to get people to take the stairs:

Why are people falling so funny? What is that? I told my husband the other day when we got out bikes(whoot!) that if he actually fell on his little bmx bike(they are small if you don't know) and busted his head I wouldn't be able to do anything but laugh. We kid cause we love. We laugh at each other falling cause...who wouldn't? So here are some people falling I stole from Ellen.

Can't NOT post something HP7 related. What kind of fan would that make me? So: NURMANGARD!!!

Are there any Disney lovers who can tell me what this is a HORRIBLE rip off of? Anyone?

LAST MINUTE HILARITY: Had to steal this from Brad Jaeger's blog from yesterday! Too good not to steal.

Asking my husband to get something out of my purse is the same as asking him to go on a safari and shoot me a platypus so that I can eat him and absorb the spirit of the platypus to become its god. Yes. THAT is the look I get. He roots around for a minute then throws up his hands like it has no bottom. I aint Mary Freakin-Poppins, okay?

Awe, what they hell. One more video? Preview of Dan Radcliffe and Hugh Laurie on The Simpsons!

Next week I'm having a Getting to Know You Week (kind of self-explanatory) so please come back and be ready to join in!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Like to do IT.

Okay. I was going to post a new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(pt1) every post. But honestly, I just didn't want to have to choose since there are 9. 

So HERE is where you will find all 8 Brand NEW TV spots for HP7(pt1). You're welcome. Ha! So pumped. Are you pumped!? Officially LESS than 1 month to go!! Get PUMPED!

Back on schedule!
On my fav. scary movie list I forgot From Hell in the top 10! Honestly, top 5. SOOO good. Just had to mention it.

I just love a new idea. It's like Christmas, a new book concept.

I love the first blank page in Wordperfect(apparently I may be the only person alive who still uses it because no one I send my MS to can open the dang thing. My lil bro pretty much told me to man up and use Word.) and setting out on the new adventure with my characters.

The way I handle a new idea is as follows(apparently):

1. In the middle of doing something unrelated to writing an idea will strike.

2. Jot down notes and basic idea before I lose the sucker to a distraction (I NEVER remember exactly what the brilliant idea was if I put this step off until later. NEVER.)
Some advice: Quick notes of whatever the idea is usually do, **but don't use shorthand as you will never remember what NAHO for BOA in CCDC means later. or even:"like that one time with the guy in the place with the thing where that chick said the stuff about that chick to her friend but with vampires." or whatever. Days, weeks, a month later when you come back to that note you will go "WTH man!?" and the idea, she is gone.
EX: one character description I jotted down just says "think fat Jesus+gimpy pirate" Bet you know exactly what that guy looks and sounds like don't you? rough but kind. large, facial hairy guy. scarred and tough. but full of love. 

3.Put it aside as usually that one bit of information that is the idea is all that comes to me during that time.

4.Get an awesome idea for a new character that is not originally intended for previous novel idea.

5.Get the character down in new WP doc so I don't lose him/her.

6.Start trying to form a story around new character only to realize that he/she could go into previously mentioned novel idea *facepalm* and will make the story more rich and deeper than it started out being.

7. copy/paste character into bottom of novel notes for later. Delete new document dedicated to just the character as I can't keep saving all these danged little documents that have no purpose! It's getting ridiculous, self.

8. Put on some instrumental music on Pandora Radio(current fav. channel is The Shanghai Restoration Project channel)

9. Write. Write. Write. Write. Get idea for blog post. Write blog post. Get back to novel. Write. Write. Write. Facebook break. Write. Write. Might as well check twitter and e-mail before I get too deep into writing again. 

10. repeat step 9 until I have no where else to go with novel at the current time.

11. Turn T.V. back on and wish I had had more to write out.

12. Think of something to add really quickly.

13. repeat from step 8 as usually the fresh burst of inspiration starts a whole new writing flow.

Now that I have completed "Write blog post" I will move on to finishing step 9. I am really liking this new story.

I don't outline, so as of right now all I have is 5-6 characters, the first chapter, and a semi tragic love story formed. I just love this job/hobby/career/passion. 

So, all this to say: I'm toying with the idea of joining NaNo this year because I really need the push. The new novel I started between working on edits is lagging. I keep finding excuses to do other things even though I really want to get this one out.  

As of now INTO is being worked on by fresh eyes, so I have put it aside. NoNameNovel has been shelved for an undecided amount of time, and this new one just needs to be let loose. I think NaNo will be the push I need to knock it out. What do you think? Any advice for a NaNo virgin? 

How do you like doin' it? 

HERE are 5 ways to make your novel helplessly addictive! 

How cute is THIS HP shirt being produced??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OCTOBER 19th With AlexCavanaugh!

Today we're going to celebrate the release of Alex Cavanaugh's debut novel Cassastar! 

  There has been a significant increase in Sci fi  in YA world, and while this isn't YA it still looks badass. I haven't been much for Sci Fi but its really because I haven't tried it. But lately, I can't help but get sucked in. Especially with great stories and characters like Alex has.
So enough about me me me, here is a bit on Alex and his debut!

CassaStar by Alex J. Cavanaugh
October 19, 2010 Science fiction/adventure/space opera
ISBN 9780981621067 Dancing Lemur Press LLC

To pilot the fleet’s finest ship…

Labeled a problem youth with a poor attitude, few options exist for Byron. His only chance for success resides in an opportunity to train as a Cosbolt fighter pilot. Enlisting in the fleet, he sets off for the moon base of Guaard to begin a new life and prove his worth.

To his chagrin, Byron catches the eye of Bassa, the toughest instructor in the fleet. Troubled by the memory of a fallen pilot, Bassa at first sees only a talented but insolent young man in need of an attitude adjustment. When a secret talent is revealed during training, Bassa feels compelled to help Byron achieve his full potential.

However, time is running short. War brews on the edge of space and Byron will require a talented navigator to survive. The shadows of the past loom large and Bassa must make a decision that could well decide the fate of both men. Does he feel strongly enough to follow the young man on a mission that may stretch their abilities to the limit?

You can find CassaStar at:

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design and graphics. He’s experienced in technical editing and worked with an adult literacy program for several years. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Currently he lives in the Carolinas with his wife.

So please, all, congratulate Alex on his debut! This is huge. Something authors know well and writers dream about, the release date making their dreams real and tangible things. I couldn't be more please for Alex and couldn't have happened to a cooler dude. Ch-ch-check him out!!

Congratulations! I'm having birthday cake icecream in your honor tonight!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Nothing but AWESOME

A baby intentionally scratched me in the face this weekend.(new form of birth control=violent 2 year olds) If it was a little deeper and a little longer I would look like a total bad ass. But, because baby nails are sharp but not razors it just looks stupid.

That kid was totally kicking my butt too until I accidentally kneed him in the forehead. (him or me people. I do's what I's have to. . .Okay, no it really was an accident.)  After that we were cool and got to play baby games. Somehow I got the kids respect by damn near concussing him. Kids are complicated. *mental note for future child: Knee in forehead to gain respect*
I have nothing for this Monday as I have moved my regular post to tomorrow for Epic reasons. You will see. But I couldn't NOT share this new t.v. spot for HP7. What kind of fan or friend would I be? Bad. That's what.

So here, because I care for you all:

HERE are 10 steps to better your story.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First 250 and a Few Cringes

I decided to join up with Elle Strauss First Page Blogfest last minute because...I don't really know. I like what I have been seeing around the blogfest this morning and hope for the same, good advice/input. So here is the first 250(okay..263 because it was a better stopping point than the middle of a sentence) of INTO:

      A figure, cast in shadow, skulked around the vine-covered stone wall that bordered Shady Way Orphanage. It stooped low, rooted around the ground, and raised just to do it all over again.
      Faith couldn’t be sure of its motive for the behavior from where she perched. The window seat of the crumbling mansion wasn’t an ideal spot to be night watching. Behind the filmy, funk-clogged windows of her dorm room, she was surprised she could see the silhouette at all.
      Her hand went absentmindedly to her stomach where the slight bulge was apparent to no one but herself. Rubbing her hand up and down the front of her dad’s old Pink Floyd T-shirt, she watched the human shaped form stand abruptly. Its head whipped back and forth as if searching for the source of a sound.
      The bun and sharp, long nose was recognizable even from the distance. Too familiar was Mrs. Simp’s profile, the widowed director of Shady Way. What she was doing out on the long, sloping, lawn was anyone’s guess.
      All nightlife was quiet and still, aside from Mrs. Simp. Birds were roosted, waiting for the dawn. Even the cook’s stray cat, Sully, had called it a night.
     The moon became obscured by thick clouds, plunging the lawn into total darkness, and pulling Faith’s attention away from the window.
     Having lost interest in the questionable behavior of Mrs. Simp, Faith meandered as quietly across the warped, creaking, wooden floor as possible. The other residences of her dorm had long been asleep, something that Faith was desperately missing out on lately. Her dreams had become vivid and troubling.

And now...I cringe.

New Winner for Speak!

Unfortunately I was unable to present Anita with her copy.

Lesson I learned: always ask for an email with contests.*facepalm*

Good news for LISA GIBSON who won the second random number draw!

Thanks again everyone!

Secondly. Last night I got my 75th follower and I was SO Star struck when I clicked to see who it was!! I donno if she would mind me saying her name so I wont but o.m.g. She is a YA reviewer, HUGE librarian blogger, and has been included in my writing dreams since I started thinking "hey, I might actually make it!" (not in a pervy way.) I feel like a celebrity just talked to me. *flappy-hand-hyperventilates*

I get like this every time and author emails/comments/follows me. You guys just all blow my mind. So thank you! I hope I never get over the feeling. Even WHEN I do become a published author I know I will still totally get star struck.

And This is just cool. Hobbits Reunite!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny Friday Dedication!

First: READ THIS!!  Nathan Bransford (literary agent with Curtis Brown ltd ((woot)) ) has an amazing post that I have to bookmark just so I can go back and read it again when I get down in my dumper. I think everyone writer/author/blogger should read it!  It gave me a smile, gave me some knowledge I needed, and made me go "hmm" so, obviously, it's worth the time.

This Friday I'm mixing it up. Not too much, still some terribly funny videos to be seen, but I just want to share with you guys one of my favorite things. Imrov Everywhere!

If we had a "chapter" or something here, I would be all over that shiz. But until it gets big here, like it is in New York and other big cities, I will just enjoy the videos. Hope you do as well. They are GREAT!

High Five Escalator

Star Wars Subway!

Ghostbusters FTW!

Where Is ROB!?

Freezing Grand Central

Hang in there, chances are good that Improv Everywhere will be making more appearances on occasional Friday's. I just love them.

Improv website is HERE.

HERE are 8 Lessons to Learn from Screwing Up Your MS.

HERE are 3 steps for after rejection.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know! 2 posts on a day I usually like to stay quiet? But they are both important so I hope I will be forgiven.

So Quinn over at Seeing, Dreaming...writing gave me an award! How killer awesome is this! I just get all warm and fuzzy with these awards, guys. Thanks a million to Quinn and be sure to check him out. His blog always has something fun going on.

So cute, right!? 

The rules for this award require me to thank the person who gave it to me. Thanks again Quinn! 

Secondly, I have to answer a question: If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I, and what would it be?

I would definitely NOT have eaten that Chinese food from the questionable buffet last weekend. 
Oh. Need something deeper?
I would have stopped at the gas station on my way home and gotten a snack. Really wishing I had done that one right about now. 
Not good enough? 
I would have punched a dude from high school right in the mouth when I had the chance. 
Okay. There. You got 3 answers to that question.

The last thing is to pass the award on to six people.
The "Cherry on Top" Award goes to:

Abby Minard @ Abover Water - an amazing blogger, writer, and crit partner!

Brad Jaeger- Aspiring Author - He dedicated a character to my fictional crush Vincent Valentine(see Wed. post)!
Jennie Bailey @  Garden Full of Lily-Her Wed. Wish post cured my hiccups the second I hit "post" to my comment! I think her blog must be magical! (for more reasons than just that)
Kelly Dexter @ Nerdville Rhapsody-This gal's posts and comments make me feel like I know her. She's so real and always awesome!
Jennifer Daiker @ Unedited- I just can't stalk her blog enough! This gal is killer fantastic!
Candace @ The Misadventures in Candyland- She dedicated an entire 2 posts to balls! Who doesn't love that? She always knows how to crack me up and is super sweet besides.  

It's hard to believe anyone doesn't know these guys and gals already but if you have had the misfortune of missing out on them, I suggest you remedy that RIGHT NOW! You won't be sorry!

HERE are 5 articles on perseverance.  Great bit by Janet Evanovich is in there. I just love reading what she has to say about writing.

 Ever get a hankering for a new tattoo? I do. 

Happy Thursday! (I know I will, as it is my Friday!)  


My winner of SPEAK is still MIA!

Today is the last call for Ms. Anita M. to claim her prize. Tomorrow I will have to generate a new random winner.

Come on Anita!

Oh yeah. And:  

Bet you thought I had forgotten. Never.

HERE, break the rules of writing? Yes or No?

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Love For The Spooky, Gouly, Scary, and Stabby.

This past weekend I had a dream that I got to tag along with Freddy Kruger into teens dreams and watch him work. During the times the teens were awake and he had no one to torment, he and I just chilled out, talking about funny stuff and hangin' like friends. It was pretty cool(besides the killing parts I guess.)

Robert Englund is probably the best horror slasher actor ever! I love that guy something fierce.

And I love Halloween. To me, it's the best holiday. I know it doesn't exactly bring families together like Christmas and Thanksgiving and all those good natured holidays BUT I don't much care.

I love the feeling in the air, the crisp woody smells from people starting up their fireplaces.

I love the eerie feeling when the sun goes down weeks before Halloween even arrives. The whole month just has that mystic creepy feeling at sunset.

I love the movies and shows that air in honor of it. (though, now that we have boycotted cable for 2 years I have been missing out on them...*sigh*)

I love the costumes and getting to dress up like someone else for just one night. I love doing crazy make-up and wearing things I wouldn't normally.

I love the food - Chili, potato soup, taco soup. All those yummy things that warm your chills.

The creepy decorations and trying to give kids a good scare when they come knocking.

I love haunted houses and feeling terrified in a fun, you know there's no real danger, sort of way. (I almost punched a haunted trail actor one year. Best not to touch people when playing nasty beasties, especially when you underestimate a girls willingness to deck a dude.)

Reading ghost stories, creepy tales, and old folk tales of hooked handed men.

Oh, and need I have to mention the candy? THE CANDY! Love it. Yum. 

There is very little I don't love about Halloween. A few things, like horrible people that justify horrible things just because of the date. But we won't get stuck on that now. This is about love.

Daniel Radcliffe on The Simpsons as a vampire for the Halloween ep!?  Love.

My favorite slasher is Mike Myers. While I adore Freddy and the concept of him, Michael just has something more special about his character. He is just the bees knees of Halloween, to me. (crying shame what they did to the classic movie with the remake. Not a fan of that one.)

Favorite movie to watch is, of course, Hocus Pocus. Bette Midler, you wicked woman who stole my heart.

I wish I had kids just so I could steal their candy. mmm...candy. Never mind the fact that I could just go buy my own. Whatever.

Last year my husband and I lived in a bad neighborhood. We had a few trick-or-treater's, but it was the kind of place where most everyone turned off their lights and went to bigger, better neighborhoods.

Also the kind of place where we were afraid to open our door at night for fear of being robbed, stabbed, or the crazy drug addicts that came by just to ramble about nothing, cry incoherent jibberish, and borrow can openers and cell phones and not remember the next day to return them and then call you a liar when you want your phone back... But, I digress.(don't do meth, people. It makes you really freaking annoying!)

This year my hubs and I have been very very blessed to be able to buy our own house. It's a wonderfully comfy house on a hill. We look out over the whole neighborhood and other surrounding neighborhoods from our dinning room windows.

I am in love with our first house. Everyday - showering in my master bathroom that I have never in all my life had, walking across my thick, new carpet, and enjoying the privacy of my own yard - I feel like I have never done anything good enough to deserve our blessing.

But this Halloween I am going to enjoy every moment in our house.

My mom shares my passion for Halloween. She comes alive, answering the door dressed as a witch in her big green Victorian dress and veil. She lives on a huge piece of land out in the country where there are no trick-or-treaters, so she has taken off work the day before to help me decorate and the day of to enjoy my house with me on our holiday.

We're going to put something like these creepy guys in my dinning room windows overlooking the neighborhood.-->

Need to find some neat things to carve into pumpkins for the walkway. And get some Eerie lighting for the entryway.

Pretty Stoked.

So, in honor of my favorite holiday, here's a list of my 10 favorite scary movies: (Hocus Pocus couldn't make this list as it is not scary...Just killer awesome)

1. Evil Dead (Bruce Campbell AND Sam Raimi!?! Love.)
2.The Shining(1997!!! Not the older one!)
5.13 Ghosts(1960)
6.Shawn of the Dead
7.Dawn of the Dead(2004)
9. Nightmare on Elm Street
10. Amityville Horror (either one but, really, who wouldn't pick the Ryan Reynolds half naked one?)

Runners Up:
~Planet Terror
~Sleepy Hollow(1999)
~Wait Until Dark
~Pan's Labyrinth
~Jurassic Park
~The Tingler - Who doesn't love Vincent Price?!
~Tale of Two Sisters (No one has the same idea of what the crap this movie actually is about. But it's a crazy ride to watch)
~Texas Chainsaw Massacre
~Cabin Fever (I have only seen it 2x but I CAN'T watch it again. Can't. Shaving leg scene? nope nope nope)

How about you? Did I leave out any you love?  What is your favorite thing about Halloween?
Do you have a fav movie list you'd like to share? Cause I'd love to read it!

HERE is how to up the ante for your main character.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny Friday!!

Dudes, my butt hurts today. Har har minds out of the gutter. I started exercising again Wed. It's been at least 3 months since I quit running and I am feeling it! But I love it. (though I have been walking like a 90 year old man with a walker. AH! A walker! That would have been awesome to have. My shins hurt too!)

I had an  irresistible urge to sing "You light up my life" every time I check this thang. But then, if you heard me sing, we probably couldn't hang out huh? nope. But thank you guys for just being awesome every day!

OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! Have you all seen this!? J.K.Rowlings Plot Spreadsheet for Order of the Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I just peed a little.

 Better Image HERE

This isn't so much funny as killer awesome. I hope you'll forgive me for lacking funny right out of the gate so far but sometimes I get excited about cool things...

Anybody else think this guy gets SO many chicks? The RUN DMC T-shirt was just icing on my crush.

This makes me a nerd. And I love that. Thunder Cats Movie! (it could happen...)

In honor of Halloween (Hubs and I are so going to be these parents.)

Laurel and Hardy Meet Santana

Happy Friday!

P.S. Still have no word on my Speak winner, Anita M.
Ma'am! You have till the 14th to e-mail me your info or I have to draw again!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beth Revise is giving away Across The Universe ARC!

I know right?
I don't want to tell you about it because that's even more chances it wont be me! But, them's the rules of her contest I'm just that nice.

I can't think of an adventure worth posting about that doesn't end with me either crying in an airport handicap stall(this past weekend was fun but hard), being smashed in a man-made cave with a bunch of loud, farting then laughing about it hillbillies(my husband called that our "he-raped-the-land-for-20bucks-a-head-tour"), or almost getting mugged at some point(I haven't had particularly good luck with vacations lately) SO just head on over to her website for adventurous stories!

She also had a blog renovation and it looks amazingly cute!
If you haven't read the first chapter of her upcoming release in January (1-11-11! How cool is that release date!?) DO IT!

And wish me luck for this contest because I can't tell you how hard I would slap my momma to win a copy of Across The Universe early. (and then run for my dear life cause she would KILL me. You don't mess with that woman. But I would surely try for this book)

Beth Revis Blog/Contest HERE

Aspiring Author Interviews!

FIRSTLY: 58 freakin followers?! Really? I almost spit coke when I logged on. You guys rock my world!!!

So, I posed the same questions to two willing aspiring authors. I wanted to see how differently they would answer and where they might have the same answers. It was so interesting!

These two fabulous ladies are going places. So, hurry up and get in one their good graces so one day you can say "dude you know Anne Kenny and Abby Minard? Cause I totally do." And people will be all jealous and wishing ill things on you because you are that killer awesome to know pretty, famous ladies. So. Do it.

Please Welcome Abby Minard! (Whom is my new crit. partner Whooop!! Shout out!)

~What made you start writing?

Here's that answer I've seen almost all authors say- I've always loved to write.  It's true- I wrote an awesome story in second grade about a new girl in school who is in a wheelchair.  All the kids in school make fun of her until one day she crushes a poisonous snake with her wheelchair in front of all the kids.  She's super cool after that.  It's complete with awesome illustrations too.
~Why do you keep doing it?
I have to.  Even if I never get published, I really love doing it, and I'll probably keep doing it for a long time.(I love it- "I have to")

~Where are you in the whole process right now?
I'm still on my first novel that I started a year ago- I had a few months where I didn't write at all because we were in the process of buying a house, plus I work part time and have a 5 year old at home.  It's a little hard for me to focus with all that, but now that Little Monster is in Kindergarten, I hope to get more done while she is gone during the day, and I'm not at work.  Oh, and I'm about 75,000 words into it, and almost done.

~Do you have a dream publishing/agent agency or individual?
Not really- I just want to be able to click with the right agent for me and my style of writing.  I also want one that is into my whole career and will support me in the ups and downs.

~Do you prefer to write on the computer or in a notebook?
Computer.  I can't write freehand- I have an auto-immune disorder that makes it almost impossible for me to hold a pencil and write for long periods of time.  It kills my joints.  I can write out my outlines and maps though.  For some reason typing doesn't hurt as bad.(
 (Wow. That is amazing, to be doing something that causes you pain out of sheer love for the craft. Just wonderfully amazing!)

~Where do you like to write?
Well, it was my glider, and I moved to a new desk recently but I don't have a new chair yet.  My muscles and joints have been hurting lately, so I've been writing on my bed, propped up on my heating pad. (dude that totally sounds like a sob story- I promise I'm not looking for pity) Hopefully I can get a nice chair for my desk soon and write there.  Oh, and I need a key board and mouse to hook up to my laptop- that'd be nice too.  And a totally awesome printer/scanner thing. 
 (Dang I love those gliders.  I'm sorry to hear you have been down lately! Hope that looks up soon!)

~How often do you write?
I try to write every day, whether it's my blog or my book, or even just some ideas for new books.  Or if it's notes for my book, or updating my maps.  But sometimes that doesn't happen.  It used to be every Monday night I'd crank out a couple thousand words.  With everything on lately, it has kinda fallen back a little.  Now I try to do Wednesdays, which is my day off from work, and Little Monster is in Kindergarten.

~Can you give a brief run down of some of your characters or tell us a little about your novel(s)?
My novel is a YA fantasy.  My main character is a girl named Nuala who is an Ice Mage.  She is able to manipulate the Element of Ice, creating and bending it to her will.  She must stop an evil Earth Mage named Jarlath from acquiring all four Elements- Earth, Ice, Wind and Fire.  She and her three companions set out on a journey to stop him, where they must step away from their famous parents' shadows and realize just how powerful they can be together.  But it will take great sacrifice, testing their strength and dedication to their craft.
  (Sounds amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!)

Would you rather ...
~~be an author or telepathic?
Author- being telepathic would be exhausting (as shown by the beloved TV Series Heroes that was cancelled after this past season.  Nope, not bitter)

~~ fly or breath under water?
Totally fly.

~~be able to manifest objects out of thin air or change your appearance at will?
Ooh, shapeshift.  My next novel will be a shapeshifting dragon novel- SO excited about that one.
(me too! And I love dragons. So kick ass!)

~What do you enjoy to read?
YA fantasy.  Or just any YA- but not too into the realistic, depressing ones.  But I'll read it if someone recommends it.  And usually I love it.

~If you could only read 2 books for the rest of your life what 2 would you chose?
Gosh thats answer will probably change tomorrow, but it's Sabriel by Garth Nix, and The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (or maybe Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey and Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn- see told you it would change...ooh, or Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison- I would laugh every day with that one)
(LOL! Those are all great books. Might have to agree on Sabriel too. So good.)

~If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
Thats easy- Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (if it was strictly a book, I'd go with Lessa from the Dragonriders of Pern series)
(LOVE BUFFY! Great choice! I'd love to be able to kick a$$ on a daily basis!)

~Why did you chose to start a blog?
Well, I had been thinking about it for a while now.  When I realized this whole book thing might be a reality, I started researching blogs, and following a ton of authors and agents blogs.  They kept saying to start a blog, get your name out and create your brand.  So I guess that's why.  But it's really fun, and I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed with it-  I think I need to reign myself in a little and write my actual book more. 
(Dang good reason to me. And I'm totally with you there. It's so easy to become addicted to this thing!)

~Link us to your blog or any other websites you would like to plug for yourself! :
Thanks so much Colene!

And also Please welcome Anne Kenny!

~What genre do you write?
Right now I am writing YA fantasy but you never know what may unfold in the future.


~What made you start writing?                
                                                                                                       I always wanted to write a book but the thought of it gave me anxiety. I’d be in the shower washing my hair and fending off great ideas at the same time. It wasn’t until I had an insanely awesome dream that I knew I had to write. I haven’t stopped since.
~Why do you keep doing it?
 Because I shower daily and all those ideas have to go somewhere.

~Where are you in the whole process right now?
 I’m at DEFCON 3. AKA querying. I’m crossing my fingers that the work I have on submission will garner a nibble (well a bite really) from an agent.
(Rootin' for you around these woods for sure!)

~Do you have a dream publishing/agent agency or individual?
 This is a great question, but I can’t answer it. Haha I don’t want to ruin my chances with agent X if I mention agent Y. (Don’t even get me started with agent Z.) As far as publishers go, I think I'd fall in love with anyone who gave me a chance.
(Might be a good idea. Mum's the word) 

~Do you prefer to write on the computer or in a notebook?
 I have notebooks upon notebooks FULL of ideas and random chapters. To get a parking spot in front of my daughter’s school I have to arrive super early. This leaves me with a lot of time. Too much time. Although, I have been known to lug my entire laptop along if I was in a writing flow. Note: Cup holders don’t make the greatest desk.

~Where do you like to write?
 When I’m not balancing objects in my Explorer you can almost always find me on the armchair in the living room with Shiba. (My Toshiba laptop named by my husband.)
(My Toshiba is a good ol  boy too. We have our differences but I would buy another any day! And yours has a cute name!)

~How often do you write?
 I write daily in some capacity. I have a few works in progress that I’d love to dive back into but what my heart desires most is a FATE CREST series.

~Can you give a brief rundown of some of your characters or tell us a little about your novel(s)?
 Absolutely. Cue announcer voice now:  In a time when people are born with the knowledge of who they are and what they will be, sixteen year-old Angelyn is destined to be the first female knight. But she must fight to gain entrance into the Knights Academy.

If only finding her place among the boys was the worst of her problems.

Angelyn’s acceptance into the Knights Academy is not a given. To claim her birthright, she must seek out a famous metallurgist who, like Angelyn, is uniquely marked and the only person who can help the Academy gain a foothold in its ongoing battle against the Outcasts, a criminal faction rebelling against their fate.

Before she embarks on her journey, the Grandmaster assigns her some unexpected help. Erich Lurraine gladly becomes her page, but Angelyn quickly learns that he is capable of much more than serving her every need. As the Outcasts catch word of a unique female knight, they perceive her as a threat and the group will stop at nothing to eliminate her.

When Erich is captured she knows it’s a trap set by the Outcasts, but she is ready for this fight—in fact she welcomes it. Angelyn must fight for acceptance, fight for survival, and fight to defeat the Outcasts.
(WOW!  I want to read this one now too! What great plots!)
~Would you rather ...
~~be an author or telepathic?
Double rainbow Author all the way.

~~ fly or breathe under water?
My first instinct was to say fly, but I don’t like roller coasters. I would have to assume that the gut dropping falls would be similar. So underwater breathing for the win!

~~be able to manifest objects out of thin air or change your appearance at will?
I hate to admit it, but I already wish that I could change my looks. My noggin is a little on the large side.
(HA! I just don't see it.)

~What do you enjoy to read?
Books, sometimes the backs of cereal boxes.

~If you could only read 2 books for the rest of your life what 2 would you chose?
I never thought I’d love it so obsessively, but I’d have to have Hunger Games. Then for my second I’d have to say the Bible. (That probably should have been first, hey?)
 (You're a funny lady, lol. Two good choices though!)   

~If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
You know, my husband and his friends asked me this for movies once and I answered with Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and they LAUGHED at me. So, I’m going to say Mary from the Secret Garden.

 (I'm so surprised! I never would have thought of Charlie but what a super answer! All that candy...mmm. Mary is cool too. Though I encourage your first reflex answer.)

~Why did you choose to start a blog?
At the time I didn’t realize how big author blogs were. I really just wanted a way to document my writing progress. Now I love the community it has created as well as friendships I wouldn’t give up for a gazillion dollars. (Okay, maybe a gazillion.)
(Also a super good reason!)

Link us to your blog or any other websites you would like to plug for yourself! : You can find me at or on Twitter at

Thanks for the great questions Colene!

It was a real pleasure to have these two ladies here! They are amazingly kind and gracious for taking the time. I have enjoyed getting to know them and hope to have more aspiring authors answer random questions for me in the future!

If you're up for it, hit me up. Or be nice to me when I ask you at least.

HERE is an amazing 87 year old who just got going for real as a novelist. 

(My supply of new HP7 images is over-flowing. I just thought I would give you all a break for one day.)