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Aspiring Author Interviews!

FIRSTLY: 58 freakin followers?! Really? I almost spit coke when I logged on. You guys rock my world!!!

So, I posed the same questions to two willing aspiring authors. I wanted to see how differently they would answer and where they might have the same answers. It was so interesting!

These two fabulous ladies are going places. So, hurry up and get in one their good graces so one day you can say "dude you know Anne Kenny and Abby Minard? Cause I totally do." And people will be all jealous and wishing ill things on you because you are that killer awesome to know pretty, famous ladies. So. Do it.

Please Welcome Abby Minard! (Whom is my new crit. partner Whooop!! Shout out!)

~What made you start writing?

Here's that answer I've seen almost all authors say- I've always loved to write.  It's true- I wrote an awesome story in second grade about a new girl in school who is in a wheelchair.  All the kids in school make fun of her until one day she crushes a poisonous snake with her wheelchair in front of all the kids.  She's super cool after that.  It's complete with awesome illustrations too.
~Why do you keep doing it?
I have to.  Even if I never get published, I really love doing it, and I'll probably keep doing it for a long time.(I love it- "I have to")

~Where are you in the whole process right now?
I'm still on my first novel that I started a year ago- I had a few months where I didn't write at all because we were in the process of buying a house, plus I work part time and have a 5 year old at home.  It's a little hard for me to focus with all that, but now that Little Monster is in Kindergarten, I hope to get more done while she is gone during the day, and I'm not at work.  Oh, and I'm about 75,000 words into it, and almost done.

~Do you have a dream publishing/agent agency or individual?
Not really- I just want to be able to click with the right agent for me and my style of writing.  I also want one that is into my whole career and will support me in the ups and downs.

~Do you prefer to write on the computer or in a notebook?
Computer.  I can't write freehand- I have an auto-immune disorder that makes it almost impossible for me to hold a pencil and write for long periods of time.  It kills my joints.  I can write out my outlines and maps though.  For some reason typing doesn't hurt as bad.(
 (Wow. That is amazing, to be doing something that causes you pain out of sheer love for the craft. Just wonderfully amazing!)

~Where do you like to write?
Well, it was my glider, and I moved to a new desk recently but I don't have a new chair yet.  My muscles and joints have been hurting lately, so I've been writing on my bed, propped up on my heating pad. (dude that totally sounds like a sob story- I promise I'm not looking for pity) Hopefully I can get a nice chair for my desk soon and write there.  Oh, and I need a key board and mouse to hook up to my laptop- that'd be nice too.  And a totally awesome printer/scanner thing. 
 (Dang I love those gliders.  I'm sorry to hear you have been down lately! Hope that looks up soon!)

~How often do you write?
I try to write every day, whether it's my blog or my book, or even just some ideas for new books.  Or if it's notes for my book, or updating my maps.  But sometimes that doesn't happen.  It used to be every Monday night I'd crank out a couple thousand words.  With everything on lately, it has kinda fallen back a little.  Now I try to do Wednesdays, which is my day off from work, and Little Monster is in Kindergarten.

~Can you give a brief run down of some of your characters or tell us a little about your novel(s)?
My novel is a YA fantasy.  My main character is a girl named Nuala who is an Ice Mage.  She is able to manipulate the Element of Ice, creating and bending it to her will.  She must stop an evil Earth Mage named Jarlath from acquiring all four Elements- Earth, Ice, Wind and Fire.  She and her three companions set out on a journey to stop him, where they must step away from their famous parents' shadows and realize just how powerful they can be together.  But it will take great sacrifice, testing their strength and dedication to their craft.
  (Sounds amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!)

Would you rather ...
~~be an author or telepathic?
Author- being telepathic would be exhausting (as shown by the beloved TV Series Heroes that was cancelled after this past season.  Nope, not bitter)

~~ fly or breath under water?
Totally fly.

~~be able to manifest objects out of thin air or change your appearance at will?
Ooh, shapeshift.  My next novel will be a shapeshifting dragon novel- SO excited about that one.
(me too! And I love dragons. So kick ass!)

~What do you enjoy to read?
YA fantasy.  Or just any YA- but not too into the realistic, depressing ones.  But I'll read it if someone recommends it.  And usually I love it.

~If you could only read 2 books for the rest of your life what 2 would you chose?
Gosh thats answer will probably change tomorrow, but it's Sabriel by Garth Nix, and The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (or maybe Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey and Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn- see told you it would change...ooh, or Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison- I would laugh every day with that one)
(LOL! Those are all great books. Might have to agree on Sabriel too. So good.)

~If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
Thats easy- Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (if it was strictly a book, I'd go with Lessa from the Dragonriders of Pern series)
(LOVE BUFFY! Great choice! I'd love to be able to kick a$$ on a daily basis!)

~Why did you chose to start a blog?
Well, I had been thinking about it for a while now.  When I realized this whole book thing might be a reality, I started researching blogs, and following a ton of authors and agents blogs.  They kept saying to start a blog, get your name out and create your brand.  So I guess that's why.  But it's really fun, and I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed with it-  I think I need to reign myself in a little and write my actual book more. 
(Dang good reason to me. And I'm totally with you there. It's so easy to become addicted to this thing!)

~Link us to your blog or any other websites you would like to plug for yourself! :
Thanks so much Colene!

And also Please welcome Anne Kenny!

~What genre do you write?
Right now I am writing YA fantasy but you never know what may unfold in the future.


~What made you start writing?                
                                                                                                       I always wanted to write a book but the thought of it gave me anxiety. I’d be in the shower washing my hair and fending off great ideas at the same time. It wasn’t until I had an insanely awesome dream that I knew I had to write. I haven’t stopped since.
~Why do you keep doing it?
 Because I shower daily and all those ideas have to go somewhere.

~Where are you in the whole process right now?
 I’m at DEFCON 3. AKA querying. I’m crossing my fingers that the work I have on submission will garner a nibble (well a bite really) from an agent.
(Rootin' for you around these woods for sure!)

~Do you have a dream publishing/agent agency or individual?
 This is a great question, but I can’t answer it. Haha I don’t want to ruin my chances with agent X if I mention agent Y. (Don’t even get me started with agent Z.) As far as publishers go, I think I'd fall in love with anyone who gave me a chance.
(Might be a good idea. Mum's the word) 

~Do you prefer to write on the computer or in a notebook?
 I have notebooks upon notebooks FULL of ideas and random chapters. To get a parking spot in front of my daughter’s school I have to arrive super early. This leaves me with a lot of time. Too much time. Although, I have been known to lug my entire laptop along if I was in a writing flow. Note: Cup holders don’t make the greatest desk.

~Where do you like to write?
 When I’m not balancing objects in my Explorer you can almost always find me on the armchair in the living room with Shiba. (My Toshiba laptop named by my husband.)
(My Toshiba is a good ol  boy too. We have our differences but I would buy another any day! And yours has a cute name!)

~How often do you write?
 I write daily in some capacity. I have a few works in progress that I’d love to dive back into but what my heart desires most is a FATE CREST series.

~Can you give a brief rundown of some of your characters or tell us a little about your novel(s)?
 Absolutely. Cue announcer voice now:  In a time when people are born with the knowledge of who they are and what they will be, sixteen year-old Angelyn is destined to be the first female knight. But she must fight to gain entrance into the Knights Academy.

If only finding her place among the boys was the worst of her problems.

Angelyn’s acceptance into the Knights Academy is not a given. To claim her birthright, she must seek out a famous metallurgist who, like Angelyn, is uniquely marked and the only person who can help the Academy gain a foothold in its ongoing battle against the Outcasts, a criminal faction rebelling against their fate.

Before she embarks on her journey, the Grandmaster assigns her some unexpected help. Erich Lurraine gladly becomes her page, but Angelyn quickly learns that he is capable of much more than serving her every need. As the Outcasts catch word of a unique female knight, they perceive her as a threat and the group will stop at nothing to eliminate her.

When Erich is captured she knows it’s a trap set by the Outcasts, but she is ready for this fight—in fact she welcomes it. Angelyn must fight for acceptance, fight for survival, and fight to defeat the Outcasts.
(WOW!  I want to read this one now too! What great plots!)
~Would you rather ...
~~be an author or telepathic?
Double rainbow Author all the way.

~~ fly or breathe under water?
My first instinct was to say fly, but I don’t like roller coasters. I would have to assume that the gut dropping falls would be similar. So underwater breathing for the win!

~~be able to manifest objects out of thin air or change your appearance at will?
I hate to admit it, but I already wish that I could change my looks. My noggin is a little on the large side.
(HA! I just don't see it.)

~What do you enjoy to read?
Books, sometimes the backs of cereal boxes.

~If you could only read 2 books for the rest of your life what 2 would you chose?
I never thought I’d love it so obsessively, but I’d have to have Hunger Games. Then for my second I’d have to say the Bible. (That probably should have been first, hey?)
 (You're a funny lady, lol. Two good choices though!)   

~If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
You know, my husband and his friends asked me this for movies once and I answered with Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and they LAUGHED at me. So, I’m going to say Mary from the Secret Garden.

 (I'm so surprised! I never would have thought of Charlie but what a super answer! All that candy...mmm. Mary is cool too. Though I encourage your first reflex answer.)

~Why did you choose to start a blog?
At the time I didn’t realize how big author blogs were. I really just wanted a way to document my writing progress. Now I love the community it has created as well as friendships I wouldn’t give up for a gazillion dollars. (Okay, maybe a gazillion.)
(Also a super good reason!)

Link us to your blog or any other websites you would like to plug for yourself! : You can find me at or on Twitter at

Thanks for the great questions Colene!

It was a real pleasure to have these two ladies here! They are amazingly kind and gracious for taking the time. I have enjoyed getting to know them and hope to have more aspiring authors answer random questions for me in the future!

If you're up for it, hit me up. Or be nice to me when I ask you at least.

HERE is an amazing 87 year old who just got going for real as a novelist. 

(My supply of new HP7 images is over-flowing. I just thought I would give you all a break for one day.)


  1. Great interviews! Good luck to all of you, in all of the varied places you are in the process of getting published. :)

  2. You now have 59 followers! Great interviews, ladies!

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  4. "I shower daily and those ideas have to go somewhere."
    Best answer ever!

    And congratulations! You're at 60 followers now.

  5. Thanks for the love, Colene!

    Anne- you sound totally awesome, and I can't wait to read your book when it gets published!

  6. Oh and I was going to say- my interview totally makes it look like I'm trying to be this writing martyr, but I'm really not! It's just like an arthritis type of thing- my dad lives with it, and so must I lol. Totally manageable.

  7. Thanks again for the interview Colene!

    I loves me some Candyland too!

    And Abby! Same to you. I'll be stopping by your blog after this.

  8. These are great interviews, Colene! I think it would be really cool to see this as a semi-regular feature on your blog.

    I already follow and enjoy Abby's blog, but it was great to learn more about her. Thanks for introducing me to Anne!


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