Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Did you see it?

(HOW COOL IS THAT PICTURE!? I'm just full of 'em.)

Couldn't resist. Tonight was the Rocky Horror Glee Show, which is epic. I LOVE RHPS and Glee so...yea. Awesome! I missed it, as I was being a nice wife and NOT subjecting my husband to things that make him uncomfortable (singing/musical, dramatic, teen-oriented shows. You thought I was gonna say transvestites didn't you?)

Will catch it tomorrow morning before work though, so don't effing ruin it or I will come through this computer SO FAST.

Hope you all enjoyed it, if Glee is your cup of TV-Tea!

Don't forget about tomorrow's Writering Wednesday Getting to Know You post!


  1. I'm still on the first season. Can't wait to catch up.

  2. Ah, Voldy. It just warms the heart.

  3. That's such a creepy picture! (Love it.)

    I DVR'd Glee -- forgot that it was the Rocky Horror episode! Yay! Going to watch it now.

  4. HAha, love Gleeked out Voldemort. Makes me grin!

    I haven't seen the episode yet either, In a couple minutes I'm going to start it!

  5. I can't wait to watch it! Have to save it for tomorrow, though, to watch it with a friend. Or maybe I'll just watch it now and pretend I didn't...

  6. I haven't seen it yet- that is one of Hubs and I's "shows" and he was out of town. So we have to wait until tonight to watch it!

  7. You just reminded me it was ROCKY HORROR! 3 hours and you'll find me on the couch at home in front of the TV soaking in Gleetastic!

  8. Love the Voldemort picture... I actually saw it on Voldemort's Twitter page (he's mean, but fun to follow. What else would I expect?)


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