Friday, October 8, 2010

Funny Friday!!

Dudes, my butt hurts today. Har har minds out of the gutter. I started exercising again Wed. It's been at least 3 months since I quit running and I am feeling it! But I love it. (though I have been walking like a 90 year old man with a walker. AH! A walker! That would have been awesome to have. My shins hurt too!)

I had an  irresistible urge to sing "You light up my life" every time I check this thang. But then, if you heard me sing, we probably couldn't hang out huh? nope. But thank you guys for just being awesome every day!

OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! Have you all seen this!? J.K.Rowlings Plot Spreadsheet for Order of the Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I just peed a little.

 Better Image HERE

This isn't so much funny as killer awesome. I hope you'll forgive me for lacking funny right out of the gate so far but sometimes I get excited about cool things...

Anybody else think this guy gets SO many chicks? The RUN DMC T-shirt was just icing on my crush.

This makes me a nerd. And I love that. Thunder Cats Movie! (it could happen...)

In honor of Halloween (Hubs and I are so going to be these parents.)

Laurel and Hardy Meet Santana

Happy Friday!

P.S. Still have no word on my Speak winner, Anita M.
Ma'am! You have till the 14th to e-mail me your info or I have to draw again!!


  1. Coolio on the notes thing! I hope I get so famous that people will actually care that I post my scratchy notes online. Garth Nix did that with his outlines of Sabriel- pretty cool!

  2. Those notes are priceless! thank you!!!!!!

  3. That note thing is awesome!

    Lots of good stuff going on. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. AHHHHH!!! How cool!!! I'm so in love with your blog, every time I visit you get better and better stuff! No pressure, lol.

    I wish I could read it more clearly, get my hands on it... try and learn something! She is so inspiring!!!

    COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL THE RELEASE OF DEATHLY HALLOWS... I think I need a widget!! Can I make one of those?? I think I might need too, if I find one you wanna have it on your blog too?

  5. My goodness, that guy is SO talented!

    I'm with you on the J.K. Rowling spreadsheet. Excitement times one hundred. I can't wait for Deathly Hallows!

  6. Oh My Wizard!!!! The plot notes for order. GAH. I'm dying already. Seriously. THANK YOU.

  7. The Mythbusters cat cracks me up - he really looks like Jamie.

  8. This is such a cool post. That spreadsheet of JK's amazed me. What an artifact!!

  9. Thanks L'Aussie!
    I was amazed by it too. Funny how something so unimportant to some people can be SOOO incredible to writers.

  10. OMG! That Texas chainsaw wake up is HYSTERICAL. Gives me ideas.And, yes, thanks for the spreadsheet.


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