Friday, September 10, 2010

Spontanious Funny Friday Contest! **CLOSED**

AH! Holy Crap, are you guys seeing this? EPIC 20 followers! (don't bring me down. I'm flying on my past-the-teens-follower-high) Pretty darn excited. Thank you guys!

I know I promised a piece of my novel (I'm a liar! T_T) BUT Whisper is terribly busy with her student teacher stuff for school(she graduates in December YEAY) and hasn't had the free time for my favors. So it will just be a surprise when I do post some. I'm so sorry about that but I can't force the girl to neglect her future for mine.(stupid having to be considerate)

If you don't follow the Query Shark yet, do it. I have learned a BUTT-TON from that goody blog.

Did anyone else notice when the KFC mashed potatoes changed? I'm the mashed potato queen and my husband still will not trust me when I say that they aren't the same taters as i knew growin' up! Someone back me up here. For shame, changing the original recipe!

, those Canadians, cracked me up. I tried to just post the video but apparently that's too complicated right now. But, if you don't want to watch, its one of those pavement paintings that looks all 3d but its a little girl in the middle of the road. They are using it to try and stop speeding, hoping the illusion will slow people down. I think they will have a serious problem when papa has a heart attack while driving, thinking he's about to mow down little neighbor Susie.

Enough shenanigans(amazed that spell checker recognized that as a word!) On to the contest!

Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot most of
the time, which produced an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He
also ate very little, which made him rather frail. With his odd diet,
he suffered from bad breath. This made him . . .
Super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis. XD

Wish I could take credit for that, but I stole it from a friends Facebook who got it in an e-mail. But it was just too good not to share.

I love a good corny joke. So this week, going to run until next Friday, I'm having a contest. The winner will get to pick one of my favorite YA books as their prize.
(I know none are very new releases but deal ^_-) Whichever it is you haven't read/been wanting to, or sounds interesting and want to try out:

A Certain Slant of Light- Laura Whitcomb(who's new baby is ADORABLE.And blog is just as great.)
Zel- Donna Jo Napoli
The Maze Runner- James Dashner(Who just announced TMR is a NY Times Bestseller!)
The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- J.K.Rowling
Sabriel- Garth Nix

The contest: Make me snort with a corny joke, pun, haiku, poem, whatever you like. Keep it clean-ish. (Though, who can deny a little dirty joke should it be tossed in -- if its funny)

Being the first contest I ever host, this one's going to be open to U.S. residence only. Will expand as quickly as I can.

Deadline: Friday September 17th. I'll announce the winner that afternoon.

It's that easy. All you have to do is make me laugh and I will pick the best, can make me laugh the most, joke as the winner.

As my blog traffic is a little low, it would be tremendous if fellow bloggers can help get the contest word out there so there can be some real competition, ya know? What fun will it be if I have one joke in my comments? Easy for that guy, I guess.

Now show me what you got!

(Don't forget about The Banned Book Challenge still going hot! Be a rebel, read a banned book!)


  1. OMG that was good, and I love Ghandi!

  2. So I'm totally denied from the contest, but that's okay. And now I have Mary Poppins (the Ghandi version) in my head.

    have a good w/end.


  3. Who doesn't love a good book! I've never read any novel from the Hunger Games series so consider that the one I'd pick!!!

    Here is my fun little joke, one my dad told for years and still does: A blonde's house is on fire when she pulls up to her residence in the country. From her cell phone, she calls the fire department in a panic. The dispatcher tells her to settle down; they need to know how to get to her house. The blonde replies, "Duh, in your big red fire truck."

    I'll give you some sidebar love :)

  4. You are so random (and that's huge coming from me)!!! I love it! I haven't had KFC mashed potatoes in a long time but I liked them way back when.

  5. Nice blog! Thanks for the visit today. I'll link you to my sidebar!

  6. I'm going to post this to my sidebar and give you a mention tomorrow when I pick my winner! Congrats on the 20 followers! Can't help you on the KFC mashed taters because I haven't eaten them since I was kid.

    And here is my joke:
    Little Johnny came to school crying. His teacher asked, "Johnny, what's wrong?" He said, "I was walking to school on the railroad tracks with my dog when a train came along and hit him square in the ass."
    "Rectum, Johnny," the teacher corrected.
    "Rectum? Hell, it killed him."

    That is one of my dad's favorite jokes. I tell him that says A LOT about him.

  7. That painting in the road is SO dangerous, it scares me! However well-intentioned, I'd be petrified it would backfire.

    Your contest sounds like a really fun idea! I'll spread the word in my next blog linkage post.

  8. Matthew, I know right? CLASSIC.

    Samantha, the real reason is I have NO clue how to have things shipped elsewhere or how much it costs. maybe you could fill me in. Is Amazon different for different countries?

    Jen, Thanks again for the shout out and the entry!

    Candy, random ees good no? But I totally thought the same about you so WIN WIN!

    Salarsen, thanks a million!

    Jennie, thanks! And I guess KFC is goin down hill quick since no one can corroborate with me on this. But they are SOO different.
    Fantastic joke! Love it! thanks for entering.

    Kelly, I know right?! Thats what my husband said too, it might cause more accidents than stopping speeders. at least theyre trying? And thanks for the help getting it out there!

  9. It sucks that I am in Canada. Though I haven't heard of this 3D girl in the streets thing. But whatever, Canadians can be weird but then again so can Americans. So I guess its all in the perception. I LOVE the raindrops sliding down a window backdrop for your blog. Its gorgeous.

    Hope your contest goes well and you should scream all you want for your 22 followers. Heck knows everytime I get a new follower I have a little jumping fit. And no, I'm not really kidding.

  10. The little girl in the road is going to backfire when it becomes commonplace and people stop slowing down for what they think is an illusion.

  11. Here's a blonde-joke for you:

    Have you heard about the 17 blondes who were standing outside the bar? They were waiting for one more to come bacause they had to be 18 to get in >:)))

    I have have another one too. It's a little bit dirty, so not sure if I should write it down ...

    Cold As Heaven

  12. Okay here is one:

    Why does a chicken coop only have 2 doors?

    Because if it had 4, it'd be a sedan.

    Get it? Coop/coupe hhahahahahahaha!

    Yeah, thats lame, but its all I got ;p

  13. I came over from Jen's blog, Unedited - awesome contest and what a fun idea! (I'd love to read A Certain Slant of Light!)

    So here's my joke:
    A writer dies and meets St Peter. He tells her that she's been pretty well-behaved in life, so she can choose between Heaven and Hell. She says she'd like to see both before she decides, so he takes her by Hell first.

    In Hell, the writers are slaving away chained to desks, typing furiously with flames all about as demons crack whips around them. "Oh, no," she says. "I'd like to see Heaven."

    So St Peter takes her up to Heaven - and the writers are slaving away chained to desks, typing furiously with flames all about as demons crack whips around them. "How is this any different?" she cries out.

    He looked at her seriously and told her, "Here, your work gets published."

  14. I love your jokes!! But I'm so sorry, the contest is closed. I should really post that. So sorry girl!!


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