Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Libraries, Laptops, and other scary things.

Hey, guess what rancid banana smacked me in the face today... C.E. Murphy (my recently chosen pen name) is already an Alaskan fantasy author. *facepalmx10* Suckage. So, for heaven-sakes, just call me Colene then.

I'm having a small identity crisis because of this. Do I post my pen last name? Do I just got by Colene for now on my blog? Is it more professional to use both names on a blog? Does it really matter right now?  Ugh. Could be worse I suppose.

Something awesome is a Random House Writing Contest for YA that could win you a publishing deal. Deadline is in late December, so check that stuff out quickly! Almost didn't want to mention it risk spreading the word any farther!

In my town, our library is amazing! It has a coffee shop, an excellent internet lounge-y area, lots of rooms for private study/reading, a HUGE audio section, massive genealogy section(don't ask why I love this section of records and the long gone but I do), tons and tons and tons of books that make the whole building smell like heaven, its own several story parking garage, and a million stairs! It's YA section is a tad small, disappointingly enough, but being in the center of a university, I'll forgive them of that. I likes to buy my YA anyway :)

Something someone told me when I started writing was good, no, GREAT advice from Stephen King: "Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule."

I take it to heart. Even if I do use the thesaurus, its usually to find a word I can't remember. My brain likes to have a lot of brain-farts when I'm writing and I can't recall a simple word everyone knows. Like "parking garage" up there, I had to ask the hubs what those "big car lot thingys that are everywhere down town that you drive up the ramps to park in" were. I got an "is she serious?" look. Oh well. Anyway:

Am I a walking spelling-bee-bot? Heck no. Do I know super smart words? Obviously not, being the gal that makes up words on a daily basis (usually ending in -y). But, whatever, that's who I am, that's my own voice. And if you can talk like an almighty smarty pants, more power to you. And your writing will be more natural and easier than mine will if I try to sound like one.

Embrace you. That's my advice. And the smartest thing I have been told and the smartest advice I could ever pass on. One day I'll be an AUTHOR and maybe people will take my advice seriously. Hopefully by then I'll have more worth passing on than just the one bit. I mean, besides: "close your mouth when you use hairspray" but that's good advice too.

Other great Stephen Kingy advice can be found HERE.

Laptop and I aren't in a great place lately. Maybe cause I haven't chosen a better name than "Laptop"?

Laptop refused to let me log into Windows the other day. I have my eye on him. I almost screamed when he kept telling me I was typing in the wrong password. Which, I swear I wasn't. All I could think was "I haven't backed ANYTHING up on my memory card thingy(see. wth is that thing called!?) in a month!" Two new book ideas. A months worth of edits. ALL GONE! ...*stink eyes Laptop*

OH! No, that is the best advice I can offer anyone. Back Up Yo Sh*t.

Luckily Laptop has been behaving since then.

HERE you'll find what all the most highly paid authors have in common. Interesting stuff there.

HERE are 5 questions every book proposal must answer.

HERE are 11 Questions  for crafting your pitch by Rachelle Gardner(Literary Agent)

Don't Forget to get an entry into my Freedom Contest going on right now and win your own copy of SPEAK HERE!

See ya!


  1. Omg, I'm totally a ends-in-y type of girl. And a "thingy" girl (okay that sounded bad, but you know what I mean).

    Love my library (of course, since I work at it) but yours sounds awesome with a parking garage and all. We need one of those.

    You should name your laptop- I named mine Buffy when I got it. Buffy and I have an okay relationship- it's about time for me to backup my stuff too. On my usb port (the memory card thingy)

    Love the links- you find such great stuff!

  2. Wait, they work better if you name them? Sweet!

    That is major suckage. I haven't used my pen name for fear that someone will jack it before I become famous. That would make me cry. How sad for you! I would have an identity crisis too. As you can see, I am as confused as you are... I go by M... that's how much I don't know about what my blog name should be. O.O

    Your blog posts always make me laugh. I can't wait to read your novels!

  3. Yes! Back that sh!t up! And re: a pen name, whatever you choose to go by, go by it consistently so people will start to remember you.

  4. Hey Colene- thanks for stopping by my litlle ol' blog. I LOVE the scary muscle man. Not to disrespect other people's hobbies,occupations, etc. but WHAT the heck could make you think that is appealing? These people are as messed up as anorexics, imo. Perhaps it's less dangerous? It looks awkward.

    My library is so very small. It's 30*80 ft building, but it's a step up from trailer, which it was 8 or so years ago. I live in a growing area, so the library hasn't caught up, but it will one day. It does have nice comfy chairs and is very pleasant. Nice to get to know you some!

  5. I like Colene, it reads nicely. I put my whole name, there is no pen name, just me. On a blog I don't think it really matters, I think it's up to you on what you feel fits. That would really stink having such a great pen name to lose it all just like that.

    I love my local library, it's part of a college so they have everything from private rooms to read quietly or study, with cafe's, computers and the best lounge chairs!!

    I am looking forward to reading Speak and would love to win a copy but either way will be sure to have one on my bookshelf!

  6. So I was just here... and obviously commented, but then I popped over to Michelle's blog over at Brewing Stories and saw your shout out to the Texas Ren Fest!!!

    Just curious, do you ever plan on visiting there?? Because if you do we should go together! I'm going October 9th, opening weekend and it rocks my socks off! Seriously the coolest thing ever... so if you're ever in town... look me up :)

  7. Oh, sorry about the name thing. That stinks. I do like Colene a lot. Why don't you like it?

    And I love that "embrace you." That's what I've been saying too! Makes me feel all smart...

  8. Colene is a beautiful name! Take your own advice, honey; EMBRACE YOU!

  9. ...Colene fits you:) Sweet and petite like your pic. The advice from King is fantastic and oh so true. If you have to search for the right word, it won't be your voice on the page...therefore sounding fake when read. If anyone would know this, King's the guy.

    The pic of the bodybuilder is just scary, by the way. I won't sleep well tonight:)

  10. Sorry about the name thing. When I saw a comment from "Colene" today, I thought, "who is that?" Then I saw your pic and realized it was you! I love Colene. :)

    And that guy is seriously gross. Like uberly gross.

  11. That picture really freaks me out. I had to read your blog with one hand over it because my eyes are just drawn towards that freakish figure.

    Your library rocks and I am totally jealous. My library? Has hand sanitizer at the end of every aisle in the teen and middle grade section. As if we didn't already know how germy kids are, they have to make you EXTRA paranoid.

    I'm with everyone else - I love the name Colene! Colene Murphy sounds like a published author to me!

  12. I have seen that picture before and it gives me the shivers every time.

    Backing up is good advice. I'd even go a step further and suggest obsessively backing up, just to be safe.

    By the way, Colene Murphy is an excellent author name, the likes of which can be easily imagined on the front of a book cover.

  13. I can't believe that's a real photo. Ewe. lol. Thanks for the linkage! As for the pen name- I'm still on the outs about that. I decided to go by my maiden name but for right now I'm 'Creepy Query Girl'. If I ever do get upgraded to someone's creepy client, I'll probably have to get serious about my 'brand' but for now, I'm just enjoying the process and the great company! Thanks for all your comments and I'm sorry i don't get here as often as I'd like! You rock!

  14. There is no way that guy can wear clothes!

    I like Colene. Really. It's unique yet easy enough to remember. If you were in love with the (what's it called when you take the first letters of the names?), we can make you a new middle name. Like Danger. C.D. Murphy has a nice ring to it.

  15. King is the man. Thanks,

    Greg Gutierrez
    Zen and the Art of Surfing

  16. I like Colene. It's a pretty and unique name.

  17. Funny stuff! You might enjoy my latest cat article, too :)


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