Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 Banned Book Challenge

As you can tell, I have decided to join in. It's a wonderful idea and I hope everyone considers joining in if not publicly, then just for yourself. Runs September 1, 2010 to October 15, 2010. Catch the blog post for more details HERE

I don't object to one person not wanting something kept from their own child, that's their right as a parent BUT it is not OKAY to ban something from the public at large. American's have the right to write what they want.

Publishers have the right to publish what they want.

Readers SHOULD have the right to read what they want.

ANYWAY, small soapbox stand over. I think what got me ticked the most was seeing the Harry Potter books on banned lists everywhere! WHAT!? My Harry Potter tattoo and I are horrified!

My moto is "If you don't like it don't do it."(to be taken carefully. If i applied that to my whole life I would be sitting on my couch watching ICarly, slipping into a nacho-cheese coma right now.) I apply it to books, movies, music, TV, places, people. I don't like soggy shoes, so I tend to avoid them. But I'm sure someone out there doesn't feel the same, so who am I to ban soggy shoes?

In my search for some banned books I found a list of 55 books being petitioned in my area by an organization. 55!! So, as a personal stickin-it-to-the-man, as I work in the town that is banning beautiful books, I chose a few of them.

My Goal: 3.

Forever - Judy Blume
The Rose and The Beast - Francesca Lia Block
The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide - Jeremy Daldry

I don't dabble in reviews. I'm not good at being tactful or un-opinionated. So I won't be reviewing the books chosen BUT I would like to discuss them and their content for which they are in trouble over once I have done all 3. Check back in for that later on.

Are you reading for the BBC this year?


  1. I completely agree with you on the right to choose what to read and what to write. Sometimes it means that people will be offended, but that's a necessary price to pay for it.

    Will check out the BBC >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I just found out about the BBC thanks to your blog! I'm going to head over there now. I was looking for a book recently at my local library, teen fiction, and they said they had pulled it from the shelves because parents were complaining about the subject matter - one of the characters was a lesbian and she kissed the main character. That's it. The main character was straight. I bought the book, read it and was dumbfounded. Nothing objectional in it that I could find. But I've never read a book I objected to. Odd. Anyway, love your blog!

    Are those tattoos real? If so, I LOVE them. And I think it's awesome that you got them!

  3. Cold As Heaven, your right about risking offense. It's impossible not to offend SOMEONE now a days. I agree with you, its necessary just to risk it.

    Jennie, isn't that silly? Wonderful books, good writing, amazing stories are all being squashed and it's totally ridiculous and unfair!

    So glad you are both checking it out!
    (and yes, real. it's on my wrist and I adore it ^_^)


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