Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long winded story that goes nowhere. Happy Labor Day!

I went to Walgreen's to buy some gloves for work. While there, I couldn't help myself, as I have a condition I call candymouthitus, and wandered down their magnificent candy section. There, on the bottom shelf was the devil in disguise as 3/$3 Sour Punch Straws. Be still my beating heart. If you have never tried them(omg...really?) its sour+gummy+straw.

So, of course, I can't help myself and get 3 packages(who could waste a good sale like that?) then I think, "self, what if later tonight you want some chocolate." This is rare. The only chocolate I really like must be partnered with peanut butter. Which is a freak thing because I don't like peanut butter. But it could happen(it didn't)

Naturally I have to get some Reese's cups, just in case. But, this is how my mind works: If I buy one package it will look like this is all for me and I'll have to do the register walk of shame with my gloves and handfuls of candy. If I buy 3 packages of Reese's this guy will think I'm a teacher buying stuff for my class or something and won't suspect that I am a horrible candy-pig.

LONG STORY just to say - I get to the counter and the first thing the guy says is "This is all for you isn't it?" Swear. Just ring up my stuff and keep the judgie to yourself, Walgreen's man.

These are the hat's I'm painting for my best friends bachelorette party in October. (sorry about the fuzziness. They're sparkly too but..yea.)

Donno about everyone else, but my facebook has been taken over by football statuses(statusi?). I might just stop signing on(who am I kidding?) I don't mind football, I actually like it alright as far as sports go, though it's no hockey. But I don't care to read play by plays of the hundreds of different(5)teams in one night.

THIS lovely blogger was discussing the first, voluntary, book you ever read and how memorable it becomes. I debated posting my perspective in her comments but decided it was long winded(like a lot of my answers/stories) and that she might not really give a crap. So:

Zel was the first I remember reading all on my own, by choice. I was with my grandmother at the library looking at tapes to check out, don't remember how old. But I do remember picking it out, being bored at the time, and reading a little there while I waited on my g-ma.

I remember how it made me feel, reading it. How spellbound I became almost immediately. And the thrill reading gave me. Still have that thrill when I read. And years later I bought that book and still read it occasionally, just to experience it all over again. And I do. The feeling I had way back when, it's still in those pages. Makes me miss my grandma even more than I usually do. Miss those days I got with her, eating apples and cheese and taking her old blazer in to the shop every other week.

I just loved that Creepy Query Girl made a whole post dedicated to that. Made me reminisce about life then, feelings, and who I was.

If you haven't read it, Zel is a very quick read and worth every second.

This weekend my writing went down the toilet. Painting and exploring homemade headboards took over my focus. I'm diggin on that. Well, a cheaper variation using mosaic tiles maybe. Or just painting something.

Trying to gather as much blogging advice as I can and searching for fun things to get involved with and do on this thing. Any great suggestions, I would love.

Also going to post an excerpt from my novel this week just for funzies.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Hi C.E. I found your blog from Alex Cavanaugh's and I'm now your newest follower.

    Nice to meet ya!

  2. Wait. Now I'm the newest follower. (Insert creepy laugh here). I found you via Elana.

    a) Love the headboard- tranquil.

    b) never read Zel, a must read? I'll check into it.

    c) the hats look cute- sparkly is always good!

  3. Hey OMG Walgreen's dude and uhh yeah footbal Facebook statuses~chill out, right?!!!
    Glad you found me, now I've found you *insert romantic music*

  4. I LOVE that headboard! It would look cool with mosaic as well. You totally rock if you can make that yourself. I really try to recreate things but they fall short. I guess I'm creative in my writing...and that's about it.

    Looking forward to the excerpt from your novel! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  5. Hey, Sweet! ^ this is some kind of record for me! Glad to have you all here!

    Samantha, I totally had that creepy laugh in my head when i read that. But I think its constant background noise in there when I'm blog-stalking people, so it's cool. Zel, to me is a must read but that might be my history with it. To me, it is.

    Candyland, can we do slow-mo beach run and hug? Cause if not...get out...^_^

    Jennie- I'm starting to think its easier to do things than people want you to believe it is. I looked up how to make it and its a total cinch! BUT my husband, whos confidence in my crafting is overflowing, stuck up his nose at the idea of rocks hanging over his head while he sleeps. Wuss.~I bet you're craftier than you think!

  6. Wow, what a fun headboard! And that's hysterical about the candy. Hope you enjoyed it!

  7. ...I once got the same reaction from the Wal-Mart cashier when I placed three bags of potato chips, a twelve pack of beer, two liters of Coke, and chip dip...pre-game necessities for some pals of mine.

    Yeah, love those comments. "Just bag the goods, dear lady and hold those remarks under cheek and gum!"

  8. Sara, who COULDN'T enjoy armloads of candy! Proud to say it isn't all gone either.

    Elliot, thanks so much for the follow! And glad it isn't just me that gets it. Just common sense, check-out etiquette. Ring it up and shutty.

  9. Voluntary - that makes the difference. I hated all the old crap we were forced to read in high school ... but found that I loved classics, in particular the Russians, when I started to read them voluntarily >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  10. I love the headboard! My mind is going crazy with ideas! I move in December and need some sexy new ideas!

    You've continued to drop by and learn more info about blogging, the trifecta is going on Thursday & Friday as well! Tomorrow is a giveaway of an awesome book!!

  11. Cold - lol I enjoyed some books from school but it was rare. I was too busy trying to be too cool for books at the time though. STUPID! XD

    Jen - YES! I think my husband and I decided on a painted headboard. Cheaper and less chance for sleeping missiles.

    And YES AGAIN! I have been loving the trifecta! You three are in my next post for tomorrow actually, thanks for blowin the surprise ^_-. Will definitely be keeping up with it.


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