Friday, September 17, 2010


Okay, so I read all the jokes to my husband and he gave me blank look. He couldn't decide which was better any better than I could. So in the end, we put the names in a hat and he pulled out...


Congrats to Jennie and thanks to everyone who participated.

Jennie, email me your info and your book choice and I will send it out promptly!

CE.Murphy @

Thanks again!

And, since I can't possibly leave you with nothin:
How INSENSITIVE is that blonde chick!? That looked crazy painful!


  1. First of all, YAY!!!! Thank you! I shall pick my book shortly!

    Secondly, that looked so painful. I love how they kept showing it in slow motion. She had to have gotten a concussion. "You have to finish." I would have smashed one of those watermelon on HER head. Money makes people dead to their emotions.

  2. You have to finish? Is she nuts? Yes, smash her with a watermelon!

  3. Congrats to the winner!

    I was afraid you didn't like my blonde joke >:)))

    Cold As Heaven

  4. Holy Crap! That. Was. Awesome! It looked like it totally took her head off!

    Great contest, and wohoo- 31 followers!!

  5. I'm with you all, SMASH HER!! I can't believe she didn't actually. I was waiting on her to deck that hoe!

    Cold, I LOVE BLONDE JOKES!! Of course I loved yours! Thats why it was so hard to pick! I loved them all!

    Abby, I know right!? Whoo!!

  6. I love the green vibe of your place, C.E. :)
    And that watermallon video was really something!

  7. Love your new layout!

    Congrats to Jennie.

    Man, that video is harsh. Looks very painful, but still impossible to look away. Wow.


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