Monday, September 20, 2010

"Pft, Flowers. The painted whores of the plant world."

Ah, Homer. You and the rest of The Simpsons are just classic.

Firstly, So many bloggers have already highlighted this crap going on with a despicable man named Wesley Scroggins in Missouri who is blabbling vomit about books that should be banned, going as far to call a book about dealing with teen rape "porn" (we should be questioning how this man gets his jollies if THAT is porn... I think he's just embarrassed himself TERRIBLY by that statement alone.)

These blogs have said everything I want to and more and feel they should be highlighted instead of writing another about how disgusted I am with this Christianity-tainting ignorant man. And I can only pray for him.

But here they are, if you're interested to read about the books (Speak - mainly) in question. And frankly, I hadn't even heard of Speak (or Slaughter House Five or Twenty Boy Summer until now). I intend to buy Speak and look into the others farther now too. So, thanks for that DUDE.

Down the Rabbit Hole , The Juniper Breeze (this written by a 17-year-old and some amazing things to say.) , Shut Up! I'm Reading , Writing It Out (she just puts it SO Wonderfully!) , Grab A Pen (you can just FEEL her ferocity) , GreenBeanTeenQueen (she is always well spoken and this is no let down), Writing Myself Crazy , Above Water , Write Because You Must , Literary Rambles , The Last Word , My Neurotic Book Affair  (short and sweet and says it all) , Tahleen's Mixed-Up Files

I just wanted to thank everyone once again. I feel more uplifted today than I have about INTO in a long time. I'm still on hiatus(sort of. can't seem to stop editing 100% for some reason) and accomplishing SO MUCH. I think it will last just this week and then I'll get back into it fully. But I need to finish up reading and writing for the Banned Book Challenge. As well as finishing up the hats for my best's bachelorette party in 2 weeks, and aimlessly scouring the internet for hours get my house back in order.

I feel so much better thanks to you guys and to a great editor/author friend. Thank you. Thank you guys a million.

Got some positive feedback from her since she has brought me the END OF MY NOVEL EDITED!   I could shout right now I'm so thrilled to have the ending in my hands, with all its pencil marks, questions, and comments. Love it.

We had a moment to discuss the ending and how she felt and how it all worked and she said exactly what I meant for the reader to feel. And, while I know I have some work to do to get it perfect and ready, I just can't help but happy-dance that someone else (who isn't best friend or otherwise bias) liked my story and she got what I meant for her to get and that it just. worked. AHH. The relief, I can't explain it.

Oh, the importance of great people behind you.

I thought, starting out, that writing would be a solitary career. That I would be like Emily Dickinson and just be alone. But. It's not like that, and I'm so glad. I would have quit long ago if someone hadn't said I shouldn't. Writers need one another and it makes me happy to know I'm not alone.

THIS wonderful author, Laini Taylor, said it better than I can in her blog entry about having cheerleaders. But we really DO need cheerleaders to be successful writers.

Cheerleaders. Woot!

HERE are 9 book design tips that authors need to know.

I hope everyone has heard of Craig, the owner and operator of Caboodle Ranch Inc. by now. He is my hero. I love to see his pictures and follow his progress on his Facebook page. Puts a lump of love in my throat.

The dream of rescuing strays and having a permanent home for them to roam and be happy and healthy and fed and loved is even bigger than my dream of being and author.
1.Own a cat sanctuary.
2.Become author.
3.Thats it. But not having "3" seemed a little anticlimactic.

I find it funny that dream 1 is completely dependent on dream 2. Weird, right?

Anyone watch Psych? If you like funny stuff, that's the show for you. There is always crimes to be solves but mostly, it's about the funny. HERE is a site full of the shows best quotes.

This weekend I had a new adventure and a body-image-uplifting one at that. Had to gain access to a locked room by crawling up the laundry shoot. My car keys happened to be lock in and I was very alone(if you don't count 2 dogs and 2 cats giving you that 'wtf is she doing' look)So there wasn't really another option.

My husband found this terribly funny. Then he cut off his thumb knuckle(just above that big vein -- narrowly missed it. You can see it, all blue and gross now. It's concave!) while cutting up pork at work. So. Karma?

Found out that day that my lock-picking skills aren't what they used to be when I was 13 and picked the lock on the bathroom door to get my sister out. Apparently they're making locks better or something cause trusty pocket knife didn't even twitch it. Oh well.

(Hubs is okay. He was all "mannish" about it and refused to seek help. Slapped a band-aid on his knuckle, threw on another glove and finished his day. What a moron trooper! Not me, man, I totally would have gone home.)

Lastly: Have you seen these crazy cats?! A-freakin-mazing!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm SO glad that I found your blog! I've kind of been out of the blogosphere lately, but this post was insanely fun to read! Thank you very much for the link to my post :)

    And I LOVE Laini Taylor's site!! She's just awesome.

    Glad that you're feeling better about your writing, cheerleaders are so CRUCIAL for us writers aren't they?

    Oh, and your 'haz' cat totally cracked me up :):)


  2. I'm glad you're feeling good about your writing! It's so important for writers to have support, and people they can trust for honest, unbiased feedback.

    The whole issue of book banning makes me sick to my stomach, especially in this case. Ignorance is one of the great downfalls of humans.

    And I agree with Crystal, that cat is totally adorable.

  3. I've read several of the posts speaking for SPEAK, and they are heart-warming. It's always good to see the blogging community stand up for what they believe.

    Good luck with your edits!


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