Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexy, Annoying, and Separate

So 10 pages of edits on INTO and 2,000+ words on a novel I shouldn't even be thinking about right now later...and I'm taking fellow bloggers advice and going on a novel writing hiatus. Woot!

I have lots of other arty/booky projects I would love to finish up and get out of the way. Then I will come back refreshed and ready to bust some literary heads. (did that make sense?)  But blogging? Can't stop. Won't stop. Loving it.

Thanks everyone for the advice and sympathy and understanding. Can't explain how much I appreciate just those kind words and how much better that alone made me feel. 

Jason Lee named his son Pilot Inspektor? huh...okey dokey. I love Jason Lee but I must question that decision.

Did I forget to mention we finally got a bed? Upgraded to king and couldn't be more pleased. I get the same amount of sleep I used to but I don't feel nearly as tired anymore. I don't wake up constantly and my husband and I don't battle for covers and space in our sleep. It was like a lazy, really pale, Kung Fu movie at night with the old one. I love it. I find myself wanting to just go to my room and lay.

But, wouldn't you know it, my cats still feel the need to sleep on my legs. Not on the 2 foot of free space. Nope. My legs.

Ever met one of those guys that just always has that sexy smirk on his face and deeply intriguing eyes? It's just the way they walk through life, with that look. And you have to wonder "Is he flirting or is that just his face?"

Don't you wanna just smack em? Or is that just me?

Don't ask me why it irks me. Maybe because I'm married and get defensive(doubt it. What gal doesn't like a cute guy eying them appreciatively?)

Maybe it's because in my single years THOSE guys, with their naturally flirty faces, were so damn misleading! They walk around all cute faced and sweet and then you hit a brick wall that is their stuck up girlfriend Babs or that CRINGE worthy pity flirt that they just tossed your way but meant nothing.

But still, even though I wanna smack em, even though they irk me like nothing else, I still modeled a character after one. And he is my favorite in my novel. I love him in all his snarky smirky vain glory. Why? Who the hell knows. I'm no shrink.

I had a comment from one of my Beta Readers, who is also a fabulously talented author and friend, on one of my pages she had done that just said "does a lot of huffing. consider revising."

That made me stop, go back, and reread from where he came in to where she noted and counted the huffs. Mind boggling. Not just that I used it so much in his case but that it fits him and I made him to be that way. He's huffy. Like a kid not getting his way. It's one of his many flaws that I gave him and love about him.

I did revise but the point of mentioning it was that I never noticed how much I could love someone I made up -- as flawed and annoying as he can be.

Do you have inexplicable love for your characters?

Some good stuff about polishing your fiction writing HERE by the Writers Digest folks.

73 Ways to Become a Better Writer HERE. Great info there.

I have been debating with myself over whether or not to mention my blog on my Facebook account. I'm excited to share it with my friends and family that it's growing so steadily and all that.

But, at the same time, I don't want to mix my communities, if that makes sense. I mean, I know people will follow me just because they're my friends and all and then I would have that many more followers but I kinda want this place to be just for me, the WRITER me, and fellow writers and YA enthusiasts. The same way I don't intend to share my Facebook account on here.

Is it wrong to want to keep my online/personal communities separate? 

Once again HERE is the link to my contest. Time's up on Friday. All you have to do is make me laugh and have a chance to win the book of your choice from my list of favs.

Today's bluntly stated writing insight: Proofread BEFORE you hit *SEND*. You look like a freakin idiot otherwise. Trust me. *facepalm* AND instead of AN. THINK instead of THIN. When you reread after, its too late and you will kick yourself for days.

ALSO following up that message with: "haha, sorry that was supposed to say blahblahblah blah not blah blah blah. derp derp. Har Har Har" makes it worse. Drawing attention to the fact that you totally just effed up might make them take notice where otherwise they had just skimmed over it or just didn't mind. So sit and pray they don't notice. >_>


  1. Nothing wrong with keeping the communities separate. Different group of people, different medium, different purpose served.


  2. THanks for posting the links; lots of useful stuff.

    I keep the blogging and FB separate. Don't want to mix all the shit-chat with IRL friends with my "honest" blogging. That's my choice. Think I'll stick to it.

    Good luck with your writing >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. I posted my newest blog this morning, and then immediately noticed three spelling errors. When I tried to correct them, Blogspot when all screwy on me with the html, and I spent the next half hour reformatting everything. Gah.

    I'm with you.

  4. Wow there is a whole lot of awesome on this blog today! I'm trying to keep up but after vacation I can feel that my mind has still been clouded and might take a few days of catching up until I'm satisfied!

    Yay for new beds! I think cats need interventions about space, they don't seem to understand the "This is my bubble," sort of thing!!!

    Writing and revising... what can I say, you live and learn. I create my characters to do something annoying and rather than making it a trait (like I want to) I end up making it all about that one trait making them SO ANNOYING to a reader... which is uncool. So I understand loving something about a character and learning we've taken it a little too far!

  5. Congrats on the new bed! I totally love my characters, some more than others. I have one in particular that is so real to me... oh boy. I might need counseling, ha ha. Great post!

  6. Oh we SO need a new bed!! We went and looked at some a couple months ago, and let me say, we were in heaven! I can't wait utnil we can actually get one and feel what you are feeling!

    I am in love with one of my characters and surprisingly its neither of the two main ones. I kind of have an ensemble cast- A girl and guy main character love interest, and then another girl and guy in the group. That other guy is my favorite. He's quiet, and mysterious, but is so wise and understanding. It's kind of like how Jasper is in the Twilight series (and that is btw, not my favorite series...but his character is my favorite).

    Anyway, do what you feel comfortable with as far as the online community goes. If you don't want to post it on facebook, don't. No one says you have to :) I think the important thing is you feel comfortable with what you are putting out there.

  7. I sent an interview request to a published author, only to realize I had forgotten to remove a slightly offensive signature tag quote from Larry the Cable Guy. I had had one of my daughters put on for me to send a note to my brother-in-law. I didn't know how to remove it at the time, so I usually deleted it before emailing anything else. The embarassment provoked me to get more techy!

  8. Brad, that made me laugh. Sorry about your posting woes was funny to read about.

    Cold, I think I have to totally agree with you. and the shit-chat made me laugh too. you guys are full of funny.

    Jen, I tried to sit with my cats and have a calm, rational conversation about needing my space when I sleep and how how while I'm eating it is inappropriate to get in my lap and sniff my fork. It's just in one ear and out the other with them. I'm starting to think they might not care...And Characters are like children, we love them want them to be independent and have lives but the second they do something we don't like WHAM! smack in the face.

    Sara, I know right!? I think I made him just for me to love on. Do they have a group for this? if so, I hear its easier to go with someone. You be my character-over-lovin buddy?

    Abby, DO IT! New bed...oh...yeah. So worth the debt I'm now in with it. The ONLY thing I have ever said that about too. So there you go.
    I'm with you on the side character lovin' too. If only I could make the MC so lovable. lol

  9. Cinette, WELCOME! And, did the author say anything about it? I would totally be down with anyone with something funny on their signatures but, that might be my unprofessional-ism talking?

  10. I, of course, sent the immediate apology email, but she didn't comment on it. That made it even worse, to me.

  11. *facepalm* that sucks! Well, a sense of humor wouldn't kill people, in the face someone eles mistakes.

  12. That guy drives me crazy! I think it's the not knowing, along with the possible feeling of stupidity once you do know.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with keeping the two communities separate. I only have a blog, but if there was more I'd feel the same way.

  13. Lots of interesting comments here, love your blog design :)

    I think definitely keep your friends and writing journey separate.

    Good luck with the writing hiatus! :)


  14. I know what you mean about the "slappable guy." I mean, what EXACTLY are they thinking. It's almost perverse! Yeah, as far as writing- watch for huffing and eye rolling.

    Take a breather!

  15. I definitely keep my communities seperate. I live in france so I keep one facebook account for friends and family and the other as my 'author' accuont where I hook up with my blogging and writing pals.

  16. Congrats on the bed, and thanks for the links CE!

  17. I tried keeping my communites separate. Had separate facebook accounts and everything but I find myself posting links to my blog on my personal account to gather more interest. Maybe eventually they'll be completely separate but for now it's all one happy family.

  18. What is it with cats? We have one that insists on sleeping on either my legs or the hubster's legs. Honestly, I try to get her off me the minute she hops up. She crawls onto him instead (evil laughter). You don't sleep well when Wednesday is on your legs. If you move, she bites you. If you don't move, you wake up with kinks!

    Congrats on the bed. We are right behind you on that! :-)


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