Monday, November 29, 2010

Why do you come?

Gotta kick off this Monday on a very sad note. I'm sorry. Mostly because Leslie Nielsen has passed away. Please, lets honor generations of funny that is no longer lighting up this world with some silence.

“You're excited? You should feel my nipples!”
Leslie Nielsen

 Thank you.

It's a question I have been curious about for a while, why do you frequent? Not necessarily ME specifically, though that would be some useful info to have for writing posts that please you guys, but I mean about blogs in general.

What is it that makes you page through them all? Seeking information on books, movies, TV shows, sports, etc? Connecting with people all around the world? Nosiness(non-offensive nosiness of course)? Entertainment?

What is it that draws you to people you don't know? Is it easier for you to be you without meeting in person? Easier to connect with people without the pressure? I know it is for me anyway.

Why do you become a repeat stalker? The person who writes? Their voice? Or more the information they have that you want?

It interests me to know what you all think.

For me, I don't stalk without a good writery voice behind the blog. Good information is always great but if the person dealing it out doesn't dill my pickle, I can't sustain interest. I like to feel the writer behind it. I like to think I get to know a person by reading their blog. That it's a real life I get to connect with in some small way. Life. That's what it's about to me. If there isn't life I could just be reading a how-to article or information written in that oh-so sterile voice of newspapers. Ba-or-ing.

What is it for you? What do you like to find when you click on a blog title? What are your expectations like for the writers behind them?

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday/or not weekend! Mine was juuuust fine. Could use a few more of those 4 day weekends though. That was nice...ah well.

(the picture has no relevance to the post. I just thought it was funny...) 

Donea, The Queen of Procrastination awarded me the Versatile Blogger award! Hurray! I have already done my duties to this award but needed to share my appreciation for her and the award again anyway! So thanks a million Donea!! Be sure to check her out too. She always has some amazing blogging going on over there (And I love her chosen blog name!)

Brad Jaeger paid me a HUGE compliment last night on his blog, putting me in a list with some amazing bloggers and authors. And I am beyond grateful for that. I can't even put into words how this inflated my ego melted my heart. Thank you so much Brad!

No matter how many commercials they have trying to highlight all the "good" and "funny" things about the Yogi Bear movie, I just...can' Nope. Sorry. I did try. But as I am not under the age of 13, I really don't see it being targeted at me anyway, so no spilled milk?

And lastly: Don't forget to click the skeptical kitty head for a chance at winning some $$ from me! Deadline is Midnight Friday. I say midnight but I realize we are in different time zones. And it really doesn't matter either way. I'm not going to pick winners until I wake up Friday afternoon morning anyway so you could theoretically post up until those points and it would be cool. Okay...I got rambling a bit...

Happy Monday!


  1. Eek, I didn't even give the Yogi Bear movie a chance. I guess I gravitate to blogs for various reasons. There are some that serve as wonderful writing resources (and motivation) while others have a captivating voice. Great question!

  2. Hi Colene~ I came over here from Donea's blog. Love your post topic, love your blog background photo, love the shout-out pics from Home Alone (I still adore that movie--it was filmed in my Chicago suburb hometown, and I remember them putting down fake snow).

    I'm drawn to blogs for the same reason you are, but I also go for the more "straight news, no voice" stuff if it's pertinent to me. Anybody who can point me to a contest totally gets repeat stalker action. Have a great week!

  3. sigh. So many questions. I don't know! Get to know people, keep up w/their blogs.

    And yes. What a loss. No more Leslie~ :p

  4. Yes, I love reading other people's blogs to feel like I can get to know them better, and create a sense of comminity between all of us. I'll mostly read anything to do with writing, or YA writing- I love to hear other people's experiences...and I will do the info type tuff like PW and Writer's Digest type stuff to get the info and keep up on things.

  5. I think it's all about voice, whether that person makes me think, informs me, or makes me laugh.

  6. I'm not entirely sure why I keep going back to some blogs and not others. Part of it I think is voice. But even a great voice isn't enough. I've found blogs with great voice, but for some reason I still don't like them. Ummm ... I think the voice needs to seem authentic. I've found blogs that have great voice, but they just seem pompous and/or put-on to me. So I guess this goes along with what you said about feeling like you're getting to know the blogger.

    I also think the posts need to be interesting and I like posts that make me think. Going along with this, I like to hear a bit about the bloggers life, but every post every day can't be all about them. I've stopped visiting a few blogs recently cause the bloggers only wrote about themselves and their projects ... it just got boring as hell.

    Also, I'll keep going back to blogs where the blogger interacts. I actually don't expect it all the time cause I know how much time it takes, but I do appreciate it. I actually feel bad that I haven't been emailing people back who have commented on my posts lately. Life's just gotten a bit too busy recently.

  7. When I first started blogging last July. I visited people to learn how to do it. Now, I try to visit my friends who comment on my blog and a few who haven't been by much and (how's this for a run on sentence?) I also visit the links on my sidebar that tell me who the previous commenter's are. After that, I will hop over to a couple of recommended sites. But it all must be limited at the moment in the name of edits.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. That Yogi movie is going to be HORRIBLE! I thought we were starting to turn around with film quality too, but then they green light and release something like that.

    Also, it's interesting to see what is interesting with other people. I clicked on this one specifically because of Leslie Nielsen. Sad sad day.

  9. that's a good question. I think I look for content and voice. Mostly I'm interested in writing themed blogs, or posts about a writer's specific journey, but it has to be heartfelt, not a newspaper article. On the other hand I don't really have to time to read about new puppies or potty training episodes or what you ate for dinner.

  10. I read writer blogs because I want to learn how to write, and to get inspiration, and I read some other blogs because they present interesting thoughts. That's the main reasons, I think >:)

  11. Rezden, I KNOW RIGHT?! I was so thrilled to not see so much horrible terrible awful crap out and then...YOGI...oh well.
    And losing Leslie Nielsen (I think I spelled it wrong on my blog!! crap...) does indeed make a sad sad day...

  12. I like finding out what people think, and it's also fun to--as you said--feel the writer behind the blog.

  13. I like to be entertained by personal stories as well as everyone's writing progress. You can only hear the same advice so many times...

  14. I know! My jaw dropped when I saw the Yogi Bear previews. I have a little one but I think even she has her standards. LOL

    About the blogs...I don't know. They have to sound nice and fairly amusing for me to stalk-er, follow. :)

  15. I like getting tips from other writers (reading editor and agent blogs has helped me a TON). I like contests. I like reading other writers who are in the same place as me. I like finding potential critique partners (wink-wink).

    I guess I stalk people who I feel like I have a connection to. Like they have an appealing writing style or they like the same books and TV shows that I do. Or they just love Harry Potter. Anyone who loves HP is A-OK in my book :)

    If people give out good information, I'll keep coming back, too.

    I don't know it's a mixed bag, but I do love reading other blogs :)

  16. Ugh. That's all I have to say about the Yogi Bear movie. Didn't really care for it when I was young either.

    As for blogs, I follow those that the blogger seems real. I like to get to know the other people. I need to like their voice, style, and topics.

  17. Yes, TVland has suffered a great loss. Leslie was one of a kind.

    All sorts of elements draw me to a blog post. Sometimes it's the subject, while other times it's simply because another blogger recommended them. I love interesting, quirky, and farsided elements. Hey, but that's just me.

  18. Boohoo for Leslie Nielson. He was such a talented guy.

    Hmm. I can't say what exactly attracts me to certain blogs. I like the personalities behind each one, and as a result, I like a wide variety of blogging styles.

  19. I was sad about Leslie, too. *sigh*

    I stalk my fave blogs because of things like personality, relevance, quality info, the person behind the words. I avoid blogs that are overly whiny, all excerpts and no content, or lacking in warmth. Yours is a joy, Colene. :-)

  20. I'd be happy with 84 years, I think. He lived a good long, life. While it's sad, my grandma only got 70 and a few of my bestfriends only got 19, 25 and 36. Not long enough.
    I don't know what draws me to certain blogs. I go to Sara Larsen because she has such great advice all the time. Like her quote today. I come here because you are so much fun! You make me laugh. And you have FANTASTIC pictures. Lydia's Mondays are a fave. Jen Daiker because she's fun. I think funny really draws me now that I think about a lot of the blogs that I follow. So you either giving great advice or you're funny or both! And I feel a connection with you so when I don't have time to spend an hour commenting, yours is always on the list. Always. Ten minutes? It's Colene and Meredith and Abby and Liz and Jes and Jenny.

  21. I was surprised when I'd heard he'd died, but even more surprised to learn his age. Wow!

    When I'm rushed, I usually check out the blogs that make me laugh pretty regularly or the ones that tend to give me a dose of something unexpected. All writing blogs, but the content doesn't have to be about writing. Although I like to hear about other writer's journeys. I find inspiration in hearing that other people have gone through the same lows I go through and learning how they got through them. I also like to "hear" about good books to read and find helpful new writing resources. Great post! thanks! christy

  22. I do the same thing you do -- voice. I love, love, love getting the feel for different people's voices. It's enthralling to me. I mean, seriously, how cool is it that you can basically see inside someone's head? If people can convey their thoughts with voice, then I come back. Always.
    (And I'm sorry. Yogi Bear does not look funny to me. Not at all. Of course, I'm not the 13 either, but even at 13, I would not have been amused.)

  23. I blog to connect with other writers - I love the community feeling. Since I work from home, I almost feel like bloggers are my colleagues!

  24. RIP Leslie Neilson... LOVED his stuff.

    As for the why stalk... I agree with you HUGELY. I have a couple blogs I go to because they are informative--a few go-to sources with great info, but I confess to my loyalty originating in reciprocity... they visit me, too. The ones I really hate to miss are deeply honest, usually sort of (or really) funny, and give me a real feel for the writer behind it. I love sharing the writing process, but the key is WITH WRITERS... I don't have the attention span for 'how to' unless it hits the exact moment I am trying to do something. I'm much more loyal if it is more like socializing with a friend.

  25. My favorite blogs that I don't ever want to miss a post are the ones with great voices, much like you said. When you can feel the personality and the honesty behind the info and stories and everything else. Those are the best types of blogs IMO.

  26. I think I visit "aspring author" blogs mostly because I like having virtual friends! I live and teach in a small town and don't find myself having much in common with the people here, so it's nice to find people that live inside my house, but I don't have to feed or clean up after them. ;)

  27. Hi Colene - thanks for putting me in the post today! You totally deserve any and all blogging awards out there! :) I stalk for many of the reasons you've listed - I love a fun, quirky, strong, friendly, positive, supportive, humorous, thoughtful voice. (You've got that in spades!) I want to socialize with people who have the same interests and dreams that I have. And I also like to reciprocate to people who read mine (thanks, much - btw). Getting a few CPs out of it eventually would be a HUGE bonus! What I love the most, since I seriously started blogging and making new blogger friends, is that I'm REALLY inspired to write! There's a light at the end of the tunnel and this awesome blogging community has helped me see it! Thanks - :)

  28. oh no! I didn't know he died! :( At first, when I first started blogging, I tried to return the favor to whoever commented on my blog and in that way, I discovered quite a few blogs I couldn't do without. Now that comments and followers has gone up, its harder to do that but I gotta say what inevitably pulls me towards someone's blog is still their comments. You can get a feeling for a person not only through their blog posts but also the kind of comments they leave on your blog or elsewhere.

  29. Aw.. I was so sad to hear he died too :(

    Umm.. I don't know exactly what it is for me, but I think it's a little bit of everything. I love connecting with other writers, and hearing their stories and following their journies...but it's more than that too... It keeps ME motivated as well... just visiting everyone and reading their posts, seeing what they're up to... okay.. I could go on forever, but you get the picture ;)

  30. Ack! Could not agree more about the Yogi Bear movie! It gave me a serious moment of, "Really Hollywood? You had to make it 3D and with weird CG?"

    I find myself returning to blogs when I love the writer's voice since if their writing voice is great, it makes even the really long posts easier and more entertaining to read. So I definitely agree about honesty too. If they aren't honest, I don't feel that I can connect with them and if I can't connect, I won't check back often--well, I'd obviously rather connect and come back often, because making blogging buddies is always great. :D

  31. I love ideas and experiences. The best blogs have both.

  32. For me blogging is about connecting with other writers and sharing knowledge and experience.

  33. Kristin- I know, right? It really needed that extra 3D boost? Way to waste more $ on a bigger stupid idea. Honesty IS a must! Too true. This blogging community is too great to waste on not being honest and risk not connecting with all you great people!

    Mohamed- True too! I love reading about people's experiences!

    Rachna- (your name is beautiful! I had to say it out loud) Both excellent and necessary reasons to stalk!


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