Friday, November 19, 2010

Mrs. Rowling, how we love thee

Jen Daiker @ unedited, Melissa @ Through the Looking Glass , Lisa Galek @ Read. Write. Repeat, and Renae Mercado @ The Siren's Song, Laurel @ Laurel's Leaves, and I are at it again for the last installment of HP yummy-madness bonanza extravaganza!

Firstly, midnight show was crazy awesome. My bud got there at 7 and it was packed already so he got in line and texted me to hurry up. In my haste I got a few pictures but it was so hectic I didn't take any in line! I'm sorry! But there was a chick dressed up as....wait for it...a Firebolt! It was pretty freakin funny. Some great costumes and some...I didn't get...but whatever.

My mask, I made that thank you. My mark...I scribbled that as quickly as possible...thank you... and ME! If you saw that girl last night, HI! If not. Sucks for you. Apparently I creeped people out. Which was awesome. Sadly I was a lone death eater as far as I saw. There were a few guys in capes with white face paint which we assumed were death eaters was hard to say for sure. LOTS of Dobby ears though and that was crazy awesome.

Some news crews were there as well. I had hoped to link it if there had been something cool to see for you all but I can't find anything on this blasted internet and it's 4 am so...I quit for the night. Hope you all enjoyed the movie who go to go. If not yet, I hope you will enjoy it! I won't say anything more about it than this: I was pleased. I loved it.

Today(you will probably find me snooooozing in after the midnight release) marks the beginning of the end to an amazing series. (which is soo close to being over *pout*!) And so we must honor the woman who made it all possible. Without her, we would have no Harry, Snape, Dumbley-dore, Weasley twins, or any other characters we love. (and love to hate)
J.K. Rowling had a hard start. I think her journey to being published is one every writer clings to these days. Even epic novels like Harry Potter didn't make it easily. Which is something I know I will have to remind myself every day when I set out to query. She worked her ass off for what she has. It is easy to be jealous of her but impossible to think she didn't earn it all, or deserve it all. She did. She does.

I wanted to highlight some facts about her that I thought were interesting and reflect in big and small ways in her writing.
  • Did you know her parents met on a train traveling from Kings Cross? Her father was off to join the Royal Navy. Her mother the WRNS (apparently the woman's equivalent)
  • As a child she lived near a brother and sister who's last name was Potter. The boy claims to be "the" Potter and his mother says they used to dress up as wizards but she says that is not true at all. I believe Mrs. Rowling. 
  • Her favorite grandmother, Kathleen, is whom she took her K in JK in honor of. 
  • When she was 11 she met Sean Harris who Chamber of Secrets is dedicated and owned the original Ford Anglia
  • She was traveling alone on a crowded train when the idea for Harry Potter struck! (he's alone on the train in the beginning? eh? Neat.)
  • Her mother died young in 1990 at only 45. Very sad...
  • Sometimes, as she fought to finish Philosophers Stone before she ran out of time, Mrs. Rowling HATED the book, even when she loved it too. So. Yes that is a real thing, to hate your own amazing work and love it all at once. 
  • Her name is NOT pronounced Row(as in an argument) but Row(as in what you would do in a boat.) Nothing to connect with her stories actually but I thought it was interesting...I didn't know that anyway.  
     And something I read on her site that I just loved, I don't know why exactly but I did:
    "You need to write something that a publisher would want to publish (it only takes one, but it might take a while to find them. If you are turned down by ever single publisher in existence, you will have to consider the possiblity that what you have written is not publishable)." -HA! Yes. Love. 

    So this weekend as you head the theater with your friends and family, spare a moment to marvel at the one mind that dreamed it all up. Because that is what this week was all about, Harry and Imagination. And one imagination has been the cause for all your fond memories that involve waiting in line to see the next HP movie and counting down till midnight to get your hand on the next book just to see what happens in the life of the boy who lived. Amazing, right?

    HERE is JK Rowling's official website, if you don't already know it. And where I collected most all my info on her to guarantee its truthfulness.

    Mrs. Rowling, I salute you and all the strength, imagination, and genius you possess. Thank you.

    (you notice how I had a few pictures to finish out there?, my supply was never ending!) 

    JK Rowling texted Daniel Radcliffe and promised no more HP! Boo. But I bet he is relieved. 

    Enjoy your Harry Potter weekend, all. I know I will!

    Saturday I get to meet one of my newest critique partners for the first time in person! Talk about someone being psyched! Abby Minard is amazingly awesome. She is my go to when I have a whine or a question or a concern. So I really am so stoked to get to meet her and get to rave about and discuss her MS in real life!

    Oh, and Christmas is coming up all pitch it, K?

    Finally, Don't forget to get in on my contest before Dec. 2nd.. Click the kitty head!


    1. We wouldn't be watching without her vision! I plan to catch the movie this afternoon.

    2. Her advice seems very sound and you can't argue with her work ethic! JK Rowling is an inspiration!

      Your mask is really beautiful and captures well the cool evil of the deatheaters! Nice. Impressive pen tattoo also.

    3. Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait until I get to go tonight. Have a great weekend!

    4. What an amazing (and creepy!) costume! So glad you had an awesome time. It really is incredible to think that this phenomenon started with the imagination of one woman--so inspiring!

    5. Think I will go to the theater to watch the movie together with little boy, maybe tomorrow night after the skiing. Your enthusiastic post made me curious >:)

      Cold As Heaven

    6. I'm too afraid of spoilers to read your whole post but I will say that mask is freaking AMAZING! Well done Colene.

    7. Wow! You went all out with the Death Eater digs. Amazing! the JK insight and little known facts. You truly are a Potter-ite. Oh, did you ever listen to the podcast the Leaky Coldron? I used to listen to it back in the day. It's really good.

    8. Love the mask -- you did a great job making that, it's beautiful. And the Dark Mark is great. I was actually going to get a real Dark Mark tattoo on my left wrist, but I already have a tattoo there. That would have been my damn 19 year old self not having the foresight to know I'd want a different tattoo there a few years later.

    9. I am dying to know if you have an actual dark mark tattoo or if you (or a friend) drew that, The mask is AWESOME. Our theater had a couple of death eaters (actually several Bellas) nothing though, like the REALLY realistic Voldemort that showed up at the book release.

      I am totally with you on Rowling-she amazes me, and everything I hear or read about her just increases my impression of what a truly classy woman she is, so she sort of hovers over an above any jealousy I might feel for a lesser being.

    10. I don't know when I am going to go :(
      I don't feel right going on my lonesome, but my wife is not into it and daughter has a boyfriend to take her. Perhaps I can work on wifey ... :D

    11. Anne it was amazing. I hope you enjoy it this weekend!

      Bribe the wife! That usually works, Dominic! Has she seen the others? If not, at least give her a brief rundown so she isn't lost. ;)

    12. Not sure when I'll be able to get to see it. I'm hoping it will be soon. Loved the interesting facts about JK

    13. Awesome costume!! That's got to be the most fun for a midnight showing - everyone in costume. I didn't make it this time, but I plan to do the whole dress-up midnight party thing for part 2! Yes - JK Rowling is amazing. Honestly, several years ago when I first heard of Harry Potter and it was all the rage - as an aspiring writer, that jealousy thing reared! What's so special, I thought? Then I read them. And the genius there? Undeniable. :)

    14. Love the mask, love the dark mark! (Oh, that sounds incriminating, doesn't it?)

      I saw this on opening day here in Australia, absolutely loved it, still swooning.

    15. Love the pics! Thanks for the tidbits on J.K.Rowling. Saw it, and let me just say...LOVED it.

    16. Glad to hear you had such a great time! :)

    17. I'm back! Great HP stuff here... I took the house quiz and I am Hufflepuff. Love all the pics! Loved thinking of getting the letter and embarking on my adventures at Hogwarts! I am seeing the movie Sunday. Totally stoked!

    18. I'd love to meet her some day. Although I think I'd be too frightened by her awesomeness to say anything.

    19. Colene that was a really wonderful post. And you are so correct, without JK Rowling none of us would have the wonderful stories or the wonderful friends we have met in her honor.

      I LOVED HP7... you are so right .... I was amazing! Probably the best film since HP2, which was my last favorite. The first will always be my favorite.

      Have a great weekend.


    20. Colene, I want you to know that I totally would have dressed up with YOU! I love that mask. You are AMAZING. Maybe I should fly out to see the final movie with you! Only I love my theater because we reserve our seats in advance so there's never a line, you just walk right in to your preferred seating! No one dressed up since we waited until tonight to see it. A few scarves, but that's it. (Yes, I wore my Griffindor scarf) Love love loved it!! Can't wait to see it again.

      Have fun with Abby!

    21. I know I already told you via email, but I just want to say publicly that your mask and dark mask absolutely kick ass! You are one very artistic lady!

      The beginning of the end... sniff :( I'm glad to have the fan community though to keep the HP goodness alive for years!

    22. We're off to see it tomorrow with friends ( a tradition) Awesome information. it gives one reason to hope about my own writing, which at times I love and hate. Love your mask and dark mark. Very creative/impressive. :O)

    23. We had lots of fun costumes, one guy even dressed up as Hedwig in our theater. Ha ha! It was so well done. Yay! JK is a true inspiration and so insanely talented. I love these books with a passion.

    24. HOLY SHIT! Your mask is freaking unbelievable! How did you even make it? I am in AWE. And your dark mark is freaking awesome too.

      I'm glad you celebrated JK Rowling. She truly is an amazing inspiration in so many ways.

    25. Thanks everyone!! It was amazing!

      Melissa, why can I never respond to your emails!?

      I made it from a plastic white mask with a stamp carving tool, spray paint, and a sharpie. ;)

    26. Your costume was amazing! I can't believe you did that mask and drew the mark yourself! Fantastic! Glad you loved the movie - can't wait to see it later this week! (Hubs is taking me so I don't know when... I just hope he doesn't forget!!) ;)

    27. I have to admit, I wouldn't want to meet you in a back alley in that costume;-)
      You might not believe this, but I haven't yet read a Harry Potter book. I didn't want to be 'influenced' by her work and try to copy it. But I'm thinking it's time to get into the magic that is JK Rowling.

    28. Amazing mask. You're very talented. It's good to read some interesting facts about JK.

      My Darcy Mutates

    29. So awesome... so awesome. The mask was incredible Colene! Way to go you!!! I have seen it three times and would see it again before it comes out on video!

    30. I watched Harry Potter. Last night. In French. That was weird...


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