Friday, November 26, 2010

Funny Friday with Turkey Belly

It's that time again. Funny Friday is back at you after a fairly big break! Anyone else stuffed? Had a good Thanksgiving? Ate tons, had good time with family? I hope so.  Everyone had a great Thursday if you aren't in the states?

Check out this hilarious Dan Radcliffe skit on Funny or Die. Priceless.

OBVIOUSLY I lied about the "no more HP till next year" but really...can you blame me?

Oh you dudes, the food, she was goooood. The hubsters grandparents and brother surprised us by calling from a fast-food joint 45 min before they showed up at our house. There was much, tornado-like cleaning done. It was a nice visit. He missed them and vice versa. So it was nice.

Did you all see the awesome banner Kristal Shaff made??? Awesome!

And lastly: Have you all seen THIS hilarious post? I haven't yet confirmed it, but I assume the whole blog is full of these funnies. I snickered at this one till I couldn't breathe. Ah dogs...

You all have less than 1 week to get in on the contest if you haven't(or have and want another entry). Click the kitty head in the sidebar for a shot at some $$. Ends December 2nd.

Happy weekend you guys!! Will see you back here Monday. Tah!!


  1. Oh wow, that Harry Potter video made my day. "I tell them that I'm Harry and see how far that gets me." SO GOOD!

  2. Love the new banner! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I couldn't watch the videos, but I think that has to do with my computer being old and slow. I'll try to come back and watch them ... I really wanna see the Dan Radcliffe one.

  3. Did you get stuffed with a lot of goodies yesterday? And now it's the weekend coming up. Nice, except that I have to work a least one of the days.

    Enjoy your weekend >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  4. ...kudos to the spankin new title:)

    "Merry Christmas....Bitch", is friggin hilarious! I fear showing it to a couple of my friends may be taken to heart!

    Funny stuff, Colene:)

  5. LOL--great post! And I love the new header image.

  6. Thanks for the funny vids! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family (even if they did surprise you ;p)

  7. Harry P one is hilarious!!! I mean the Daniel R one.

  8. Bloody hilarious! "I tell them that I'm Harry and see how far that gets me." lmao

  9. The videos had me laughing! Great post:). Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  10. Just choked on my tea laughing at Danuel. "Do you know how much tigerbalm I've gone through? It's unbelievable." Love it, thank you!

  11. OMG frickin Daniel... soooo funny! I wonder what JK thinks of stuff like that?

  12. You know, I could really use a shopping penguin...

  13. That puppy video is so freaking cute! Makes me want one now :)
    Thanks for following my YA blog--I just followed yours, too!

    Happy Holidays!



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