Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter In Your Face Pretend Week

So...If you just pulled yourself out of a hole butt first, you may not know that it is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART ONE week. And if we are just "meeting" for the first time, you will not know how I feel about this. Nor have realized that my blog will be dedicated to it.

But what is even better, it isn't just MY blog that is giving a shout out to the big H.P. and JK Rowling this week but Jen Daiker @ unedited, Melissa @ Through the Looking Glass , Lisa Galek @ Read. Write. Repeat, and Renae Mercado @ The Siren's Song , Laurel @ Laurel's Leaves, and I have all teamed up! So if you need a sextuple(sextuplet?) dose of Wizarding Magical Blog-Awesomeness then haunt us all this week!

I know many many many of you are neck deep in Nano but I ask you all to take a short break and let your imagination run away from you here this week.

BECAUSE: This week is about imagination as a writer.

And Harry Potter.

So lets all channel our 7 year old selves and take this week to pretend!

One of the best villains of all time is LORD VOLDEMORT! (Oh yes. I said your name. Bring it on Voldy)

I love him. He's terrible. He has no conscience. He has this sad past but it does nothing to make you sympathize for this guy because he just doesn't care! If he was traumatized or something, yea maybe we could feel bad for that guy but NO. He's just a mean dude!

So...What would if have been like if he had won? (SPOILER! If I ruined it for anyone, you have my permission to thump me in the forehead but I'm pretty confident everyone in the world, read the books and seen the movies or not, knows he doesn't win.)

Really, what would the world have been like if he won? Image it and tell me about what you think would have happened. What would daily life have been like? What would the world have become? Laws? Jobs? Schools?
Picture it, my friends. You are still all muggly and wake up this morning to every station playing that horrible disaster noise. They are all blaring a breaking news update: witches and wizards are indeed real and, as of last night, the most evil of all wizards owns the world.

What would your life be like now? What happens to you? Your neighbors? Family? Friends? Life?

I have my ideas. I can see it now. But I want to know what your initial response will be without any influence from me!

So imagine, pretend, and tell me about your new life!

HERE you will find video highlights from the UK Potter premiere last Thursday in case you missed it.

(Anyone else notice the Holiday Cokes are back out making the rounds? There is something about Santa on the cans that is the official green light for the holidays in my book)


  1. Blogger ate my comment and I am not happy about it!!!!

    I LOVED THIS POST!! Harry looks so sick! My husband and I had a Potter party last night, watching sneak previews on ABC family and reading up on what we'd be seeing this Thursday! Intense stuff!! Still I never saw one of these photos.

    BTW - Have you heard if they're doing the NY premiere online? On TV? I want to tune in!!! I figured you can obtain more details than I can!

  2. I can't get enough of your HP posts. Poor Harry! Look at that face!
    I don't want to think of life with LV as the king. So awful. We get enough of a taste of it in the last two books. Horrible!

  3. You don't feel bad for Voldemort? Even a little? He is an orphan? Even Harry feels bad for him in the end I think...

    Um, if Voldy had won the war, well it would pretty much suck. I would be hoping that maybe being in the U.S. we would escape his notice a little (until he set up a camp of Death Eaters across the pond). I also like to think there would still be witches and wizards out there willing to fight for Muggles. Harry might have been dead, but I don't think the rest of the wizarding community would have stopped fighting. So that's my only hope. Otherwise it would probably be Avada Kedavra for all of us :(

  4. The hubs and I are going opening night for our anniversary! So excited!

  5. We watched the HP night last night too! I loved all the sneak-peeks they gave us of Deathly Hallows. So excited to go!

    Well, obviously all us muggles would become slaves to the Death Eaters if Voldy won.

  6. I am excited to see this finale after all these years

  7. I guess he wouldn't kill all the Muggles, right, even though he hates us? I mean, he's got to need slaves. I think we'll all become like house elves. Haha, can't wait for the movie!

  8. I agree with Meredith, and I share your excitement, although I probably won't go see the movie for a couple of weeks. I hate crowds.

  9. I think Meredith nailed it--Voldy would keep the muggles enslaved and wipe out or imperius all the magical folk who opposed him.

    It was great to find you through Jen and Lisa. Jen generously let me join the fun week you five dreamed up. I hope you can stop by and say hello (and maybe link back?). Hooray for Harry!

  10. Well, Voldemort was focused on conquering Europe first. So, being in Korea, I wouldn't have to deal with him right away. However, Voldemort announcing the existence of witches and wizards would have more far reaching reprecussions. One of the first would probably be the US dropping a nuclear bomb on England. Other countries might join suit, but the US first. Ummm ... what next?

    Well, I assume Voldemort would have a way to survive that ... or get himself out of England. But then there are other countries with nuclear weapons ...

    Long story short, Voldemort rule over a nublear wasteland.

  11. that should have said "Voldemort rules over a nuclear wasteland"

  12. Um, feeling a bit lost here, as a non-Harry convert! :) I may need to watch the films/ read the books just to fit in!

  13. I would be running and fighting. We have to fight. Just because he wins doesn't mean he can't be overthrown. Take to the underground and use our brains (and our magic) to defeat him. I refuse to accept that I'm a muggle. If Voldemort exists then I have magic too!

    I can hardly wait for FRIDAY!!!

  14. I've always wondered what he'd do if he won. Kill all the Muggles? Or enslave them? Keep some for breeding purposes? Probably a bit of all of those things, plus doing experiments on them. And I don't think he'd be happy until he was truly immortal, so he'd wreak havoc somehow toiling to that end.

    As for the wizarding world, I'd imagine he'd start some sort of mandatory registry and have a group of people that decides who marries whom, how many children they'll have, etc.

    Basically, I think it would be 1984 meets BRAVE NEW WORLD meets THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME.

    In other words, terrifying.

  15. If he won I reckon he'd be so mean and take away chocolate privileges. It would be a bleak, bleak world.

  16. ...headed to Cinemark with the kids this weekend:)

    Onward Mr. Potter!

  17. Totally taking a personal day to take the kids to the show! Can't wait!

  18. Well, as Oz is way down there somewhere, it'd be awhile for the witches and wizards to cotton on to a place so far away. The mighty US and Britain would solve it all for us as usual, and good ole Oz would snooze on, safe in the knowledge that it's far too hot for the likes of Lord Voldy and co who always wear heavy cloakes and stuff. Come to Oz and burn, suckers!

  19. Oh, and I see you don't have the Beautiful blogger award. Pop on over to my blog and collect, beautiful blogger you..:)

  20. Cinnamon, I totally don't blame you at all! I don't even think anyone should be expected to work that day. HP Holiday!

    L'Aussie- Bahahaha! Love your input! Very laid back and I love that. I saw that I was missing it but I felt weird about taking my own award!(and I think I have responded to every single comment you have ever left with an email and just realized no-reply has eaten them all!)

    Thanks so much for participating everyone!! So much fun to read all your responses!

  21. Wow, I loved this post! I agree with Jen, that picture of Harry is terrible. We watched the previews on ABC lastnight as well!

    See you tomorrow for another amazing post!

  22. Harry Potter!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! XD XD XD

    I totally want to contribute to the fun HP ness going around in the blogosphere... I have to think up a post now lol

    And I maintain that I'm not a muggle, I'm a witch, so if voldy-pants did win I'd be in there trying to sabotage him as much as I can XD

    great post! so cool to find other HP fan(atics) haha.

  23. Interesting premise...

    I think we should somehow outsmart him. Go along and then nail him to the cross. That is if he gave us the chance.

    Really enjoyed meeting you ladies. I met Jen and Melissa on my blog over the weekend. So Jen clued me in. I will be haunting your blogs all week. Can't wait until Friday six o'clock showing... I have my ticket. Feel free to stop by my blog, I have trivia questions. I am also going to Wizarding World next week, so please haunt me blog for pics.


  24. If Voldemort won and announced the existence of the wizarding world I would be freaking excited because I WAS RIGHT!!! ANd then I would be depressed because that means I really have no magical powers... And then I would be like OH SHIT.

    BUt, I figure since every one overlooks Canada He'd probably leave us alone. Too much space and too little people to be of any real interest.

  25. If Voldemort won, it would be slightly like the world is now, right? ... mad!

    Fun post :)

  26. lots of fun! I'm over from Melissa's blog, and I'm just diggin all the potter love. Keep it up~ :o)

  27. *scrolls fast to the bottom to not be influenced in any way*

    Well, of course - it would be just awful. Let's see - I'd imagine some continent name changes: Voldengland, Amerimort, Afriddle. Such a meglomaniacal guy like him would stand for nothing less. Broom-through window at McVoldy's for a snake burger and side of muggle finger fries? Ewwww. Chaos - pure chaos!! :)

  28. SQUEEEEEEEE--I so should have been in on this... I wish I'd thought to do a Harry Potter week. If you do it next round, sign me up! (that one won't but during NaNoWriMo, so it is better timed)

    I personally find Umbridge more frightening that Voldemort, and she DOES win [every time the GOP takes the whitehouse *shifty*] that self-righteous, intolerant 'this is for the good of everyone' thing is SCARY.

    I think the most telling bit if Voldy was in control though, is even in charge of wizards, the muggleborns are denied school--we would all be relegated to slave-labor type lives, though I have faith that he would fail where all other would be emperors fail--the land war in Asia...

  29. Voldemort is absolutely one of the all-time great villains, and I love the way Ralph Fiennes plays him in the movies.

    If he had won? It would definitely be Bad News, and I have a feeling muggles would become some sort of slaves to the Big Bad Dark Wizards of the world.


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