Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Naked.

I got an awesome award 5x in 1 week! How flipping kick-ass is that?!

Thank you Quinn, Jessica Hill, Lisa Galek, Jennie Bailey and Lettuce Head !!!


Five very awesome, very friendly, very entertaining blogger/writers whose places I NEED to haunt every day, they are so great. Don't know em? You need to. Them's good people.

I would like to pass this on to:

Matthew Rush @ The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment
Kristal Shaff: Fantasy Author

Alexia Chamberlynn

The rules say I have to share 10 things about myself. Aren't you guys sick of me talking about me yet?

1.I got up to do some work and forgot my first fact I was going to share with you.

2.When I graduated high school my friends and I went to the grocery store, picked out a cake and had the nice bakery woman write "Get Naked" on it. To her credit, she didn't bat an eye. Which was sort of disappointing to a group of giggly girls

3.In my younger days I used to be able to hop a fence one handed without having to stop running.

4.I grew up in a small town . ("the hell" you say.) It was and is a retirement town. Very beautiful but very...old.

5.No matter where I move, I seriously always work out an escape plan for zombie attacks. Judge me not. Always better to be prepared than caught off guard and get eaten.

6.Cold feet are the worst thing about winter.

7.No matter how hard I try, I kill all household plants. I'm terrible with greenery.

8.I always wanted to learn to play an instrument. I have a harp I have had for many years and can't play more than a part of the super mario theme on it. This fact makes me terribly sad.

9.I am terrified, paranoid, and stressed out when it comes to boogies and being in public.

10.My eyes are terribibble. So bad. Awful, no good, and rotten. Can't see anything without my contacts.

11. (This makes up for the forgotten fact) I value manners above most other personality traits in people.

Second Award is from Samantha @ Life, Love, and Living in France! I loved this award when I first saw it. It's ridiculously adorbs.

I want to pass this one on to
Lisa Galek @ Read. Write. Repeat. 
Jennie Bailey @ Garden Full of Lily (this is just too appropriate for her too!)
Abby Minard @ Abover Water
Sara B. Larson 

THIRD AWARD(That's right. You love it...why..? ..what is wrong with you people??) is from an incredible new blogger, Alexia Chamberlynn! She is some good bloggin' stuff wrapped up in a...umm this got weird. But she is totally amazingly awesome!!

Melissa @ Through the Looking Glass
Lydia Kang @ The Word is My Oyster
Lettuce Head
Jessica Hill

So there you have it, all. Some of my favorite haunts, writers, and internetty people, all right there for you. You guys all rock my world every day. Lurv!

I had the very awesome pleasure of meeting my crit partner Abby Minard for the first time in person. We communicate all the time through emails and I knew early on that I liked her. She's funny and sympathetic, kind and a good ear. Think she's pretty in pictures? Prettier in person. Makes me sick...

But she really is a fun person to meet! It was like I had already met her before. You know? Not nearly as awkward as meeting people for the first time can be which can be terrifying.

Dudes, I am always lost and running late so if we ever meet in person, lets "plan on" one time and then you guys show up 30 min. later cause it is really embarrassing for me...

I'm super excited to announce that I have INTO in my possession again! Okay...I never didn't have it but I have the copy Abby worked on for me in my hands! Couldn't be any more excited to dig in again.

When I started out writing I hated critiques. I hated that people thought they could tell me how to make my story better because, what the crap did they know?! I took it too personal. I was too attached and too cocky. My first adventure into the critique group world I was awakened pretty harshly to the fact that I knew nothing. And I have been grateful of that ever since. It was hard. I didn't take it well at the time but it did make me realize what I was writing was crap. Big bunch of blabby crap and I needed to work hard to not be crap.

That isn't to say I'm still not crappy writer but I have worked to improve over the past year and I am confident, if nothing else, I have improved.  And now, when I see a page full of marks and notes my world isn't destroyed. I don't tense up and immediately get defensive.

All those notes and marks are there to make it better. Make the story stronger. Make my writing flow more easily. And make my world more clear to see.

So, as you can tell, I can't wait to make my love, my story, my book better.

And thanks to amazing people like Abby, I have the ability to. It isn't always easy to admit you have room to improve. But you always do. So get over yourself and make sure you get some amazing people to have your back and show you how to do it.  

HERE is an amazing article about JK Rowling and writing advice.

HERE is a crazy amazing/sad post about human's, beauty, and missing out on a great experience in life by Laini Taylor.

And to finish out my obsessive Harry Potter fanatical posts until next year:


  1. One handed fence hopper? What were you a street tuff from West Side Story? I hear you about critiquing. I get it every day from the clients in the ad biz. It does suck, but you get used to anything else in life. BTW...sorry your piercing eyes give you so much trouble. :)

  2. Thanks for the Gold-Framed Dog! I love him! He's my new best friend!

    Oh, and the fact that you own a harp and can play part of the Super Mario theme on it makes you AWESOME! I bow to you, madam.

    Planning for a zombie attack is just sensible. Everyone knows that.

    That's so cool that you met Abby! I love her blog and she seems like a great person/writer :) A good critique partner is hard to find!

  3. Love that you plan out an escape plan in case of zombies. Haha.

    And the worst thing about winter is not the cold feet ... it's getting naked in the cold to get in the shower. Oh, and getting out of the shower naked. No matter how hot the water is or how warm the room, getting in and out of the shower in the winter is the worse. Sucks.

  4. congrats to the winners, and it's too cool that you got to meet your crit partner. I've got four and we MUST meet. One problem, we live in four different directions. :D

    as for jumping over the fence w/one hand--wow. And what retirement cmty? Sounds like here~

  5. Thanks for the award and major compliments Colene! I'm blushing ;p

    You are not a crappy writer- you have great world building, and descriptions and your story is SO cool.

    Seriously guys, you are going to love her book when it comes out!

  6. Finally someone else who kills plants. I thought I might be the only one.

    That's awesome that you got to meet your crit partner, what would we do without them.

  7. So many lovely awards! Thanks for giving one to me, I lurve it!

    Man, your eyes really are that big in real life. They're so gorgeous!

    And three cheers for crit partners, hooray!

  8. The harp? That I would love to see/hear!

  9. I can not stress the importance of a zombie plan. Also, it is important to keep this zombie plan a secret because if your trusted friends and family ever become one of the living dead, they now know where to find you. This is why I propose having a real and fake zombie plan. The fake plan being a diversion and allow you a clear path to the real destination.

    Also, would love to hear the part of the Mario theme you know on harp. Video game music is the reason why I'm going to learn piano. :)

    Grats on the awards and great stuff. Following.

  10. Wow so many fabulous awards. Congratulations! Great that you got to meet you email buddy too. Yes critiques from some people seem less threatening than from others. Good thing you're willing to learn and grow, because that makes you stand out from the crappy writers who don't, so good on you! :O)

  11. Those are fantastic awards. Crit partners are very important and that is very cool that you got to meet yours face to face. Mine all live so far away from me. Best wishes.

  12. Rezden, Welcome! So glad to have you here! Oh gosh, if we could play together(should I learn any more video game music) that would kick so much ass.

  13. wow look at all your awards! you go girl :D

    I know what you mean about critiques, it's hard opening yourself up like that but totally worth it in the end.

  14. Hi Colene,

    So glad I'm not the only one with the zombie escape plan. My friends and I had the whole thing mapped out for our home town.

    Sometimes it feels like it would be easier suffering a zombie attack rather than a vicious critique (even if it is ultimately helpful).

  15. wow- that's so cool you got to meet your CP! Congrats to the winners (that gold framed dog award is hilarious!)

  16. Wow, heaps going on in this post :)

    So cool to hear about your meet with Abby, I was just on her blog reading about it too :) And I love hearing how critiquing has helped your work :)

    Congrats on your awards, and your one-handed fence hopping! I love having a cool talent - I can wolf-whistle louder than anyone I know. Woot!!!


  17. Welcome Ian! We're survivin' that's for damn sure! At least in a zombie attack you can fight back.

    Rachael! Yea, we had a good time! And thank you! But, I think I'm way too out of shape for any hopping now. Unless its hopping on over to get some Arby's...
    I wish I could wolf whistle like that! You bad ass you!

  18. OK, will do. Pity I'm alone in a hotel room, far beyond the arctic circle, and no one to get naked by my side >;D

    Cold As Heaven

  19. I'm jealous Abby got to meet you and you got to meet Abby. Talk about me feeling more jealous than I should feel. I hope you had tons of fun!!!!

  20. Thanks, Colene! I am so honored to have the Honest Scrap award!

    Oh, and that HP video is frickin hilarious!

  21. You two are so cute together! That's so awesome you guys got to meet! I live so far away from all my blogging friends! Stupid Vancouver! (Jk, I really love where I live).

    A one hand fence hopper? Get Naked on a cake? You would have fit wonderfully in my group of friends during high school. I'm not kidding. Where were you!

    Apparently in your smallish old town. I totally understand that. My mom's family hails from a tiny town in saskatchewan that you can walk around in twenty minutes... the rest is farmland. It's all old people. The kids all live on the farms so in the summer (when we always visit) it's DEAD!

    THANK YOU for the award! You're such a sweetheart! (PS - I so think you're magical too!)

  22. You knew that headline would bring me running, didn't you? teehee

    Getting used to critiques really is hard. I hated it for a long time. I think I got used to the idea during grad school when we had to critique as part of peer reviewing, though the fiction is more personal, so it still hurt for a while... glad you are adjusting! (and still spreading the Potter love)

  23. Thanks so much Colene! You're too kind.

    And there's nothing wrong with staying prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse. Those dudes really like to eat flesh! And BRAIIINNNNS!! Nom nom nom.

  24. Congrats on all of the awesome awards, Colene! You deserve every one of them - 5x! LOL. :-)

  25. Congrats on all the awards! You deserve it! And, thanks for passing one on to me. :)

    My eyes are so bad, too! I can't see more than three feet in front of my face without contacts/glasses. If that far, haha!

  26. Hi Colene, first time visitor ... I have to agree that manners are often more important than personality traits. Seriously. I think back of this girl I met and thought she was "it." Until I took her out to dinner and she proceeded to yak the entire night while shoveling food in her mouth. Pieces of pasta were flying everywhere. I didn't understand a word she said. Suffice to say, I moved in another direction.

  27. Congrats on all your awards. Congrats to those you passed them onto also!

    Loved reading about you. Zombie escape plan, hiking over a fence at full speed. Go girl! Glad you met your CP and don't you both look so sweet.Hope it's a great partnership which results in the big P for you..:)

  28. Welcome welcome Stephen!! Glad I'm not alone on the manners thing. It drives me INSANE when people aren't courteous!

    L'Aussie Thank you! Abby is awesome, I have full trust her in judgments on my MS so I think it will be good!


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