Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful Fest, Fools!

You know, I don't post reviews. And this really can't count as a review, but on Saturday night I crawled in bed early(out of boredom). My TBR books, stacked in 2 piles next to my bed called my name. But instead of picking up any of the 3 that I had already started (2 of which are almost finished) I grabbed Wake.

Why? No idea. I just wanted to try out the first chapter. Now, I know I'm behind on picking this one up but the opportunity just never presented itself till recently.

A few hours later and I'm staring at the back of the book plotting out when I could go get Fade. Many times in those hours I told myself: "after this part I'm going to bed", "this is the last section before I need sleep". But the funny thing about this book is, the right place to stop never came. I could never find a good spot to put it down. I was so impressed, maybe because my expectations started out pretty skeptical.

I think I love Cabel...

I have heard mixed reviews about Wake, so it could be and couldn't be for you. Either people have loved it or hated it. I am in the lovin' it category.

In honor of Thanksgiving I joined up with Jeffrey Beesler's Thankful Fest! Head on over there to get in on all his thankful participants!

This year I am thankful for all my many blessings in my life. My house, my hubs, my family, my amazingly awesome mother(yes she deserves to be excluded from the "family" category because she is THAT awesome), my 5 loverly cats, my beautiful crazy fantastic friends, my job, my car, my ever improving attitude-you know, all the normal things. But also...

I'm thankful for/that
  • amazing critique partners
  • triple cheese and bacon roast beef sandwiches at Arby's.
  • I haven't been sitting outside Best Buy since Monday for Black Friday (no joke. They are really out there!)
  • flannel sheets
  • central Heating
  • not being a skeezey butt hole, like certain people. Who...shall remain nameless.
  • being able to read and write!
  • bosses who don't make me work on holidays (hello, department should be ashamed!)
  • having hope 
  • being able to laugh on a daily basis
  • not being a fork. Cause...really, ew. 
  • cake, cookies, and icecream
  • Christmas lights going up
  • gellyroll pens
  • cats in general
  • it's almost tax season again(one day I will hate this, so all the more reason to enjoy the hell out of it now)
  • Natural Calm supplement that helps me sleep well(no I'm not getting paid to mention it, it's just great stuff)
  • Firefly! (guess what. . . I watched my first full episode ((that wasn't the movie)) last week! And I lurrrv it!!)
  • food in my fridge and cloths on my back
  • finding books I have been wanting on random-sale everywhere
  • 2.5 day work weeks
  • left overs! 
  • hot showers
  • my husband just THINKS he's growing his beard out even longer because "what's wrong with looking like a mountain man" but really...he's wrong. 
I am also thankful for THIS Giveaway! From Sparkling Reviews, you can win a Nook Color!! So be sure to get in on this one. That's Huge!

Also thankful for Ishta Mercurio @ Musings of a Restless Mind said it the best, about this "turd" (her word and it is just PERFECT to describe this...) who wants to buy your books for 250$ so he can rewrite them and sell them under another name and then give you 40% while keeping 60% for himself. Umm... yes. Go read what she has to say.

and HERE is a wonderful auction of AMAZING writery things (first pages critiques, query critiques, full MS critiques ((from real live actual authors!)), signed ARC's, and soo much more!) for a fellow writer fighting colon cancer! Amazing cause to help with!

You guys... Have an amazing Thanksgiving! No matter where you are or what you celebrate, I hope you all can find a bunch to be thankful for this year. And if not:


  1. Liked your list. And loved the pic of Wednesday!

    I bought WAKE about two years ago. I startd reading it, but it didn't hook me. I really wanted to read it though because I find the subject and premise interesting. Then when I shipped my books from Canada (where I was living at the time) to the US, my box got lost. I had been planning on reading WAKE when I got back home. With it getting lost in the mail though, I pretty much forgot about it. I guess the first chapter wasn't enough to make me go out and buy the book again.

  2. I keep looking at WAKE, but haven't bought it yet. Now I know what to spend my GC on. Have a great thanksgiving.

  3. yay for all the thankfulness.. I have not heard of WAKE--! What tha... Must check this out. Thanks, C~

  4. Nice to meet you. I love your background. Those are all worthy things to be thankful for.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. I'm thankful for so many things ... like this post! Well done Cole.

  6. Glad to see people thankful in these darker times.

  7. Haven't heard of Wake. Is that bad?

    And oh... Arby's! You just brought back so many memories. Yum yum!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. I'm going to have to stop by arby's and try something new. I'm always apprehensive to get anything there I can't drown in horsey and arby's sauce.

  9. I'm thankful for lots of things, too. And as much as I LOVE my ONE kitty, I'm thankful I don't have FIVE!!! Thats 5 times more hatbox cleaning than I am willing to do. ;)

    'He' IS indeed a turd. (on so many levels. Plus, I don't think his writing is that great. And the #4 book is adverb laden and cliche-ridden.) (Karma's a bitch. He has to live with his bad juju.)

    And last, but not least, I LOVE Office Space...that movie makes me laugh even after seeing it 5,793 times-ish. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Colene!

  10. Oh, I frickin LOVE Firefly. That show has some of the best dialogue I've ever heard. =D

    Happy Thanksgiving, Colene!

  11. Welcome to Firefly fandom!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving. Colene.

  12. I envy you, being able to enjoy Firefly for the first time...

    That's an excellent list of thankfulness you've got there, Colene! Even if it did remind me I left ice cream off my own list. How could I do such a thing? I'm sorry, ice cream, I'll make it up to you by eating a couple half gallons of you over the weekend.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. 2.5 day work week? I'd be thankful for that. :)

  14. I've read a lot about Wake--most if it has been mixed, too. I'd probably pick it up if I saw it in the library or something.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Your list is so awesome. I have to look into Wake, I've only heard a little bit about it.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    p.s. Can I just say? You have such an amazing energy in your posts. I always feel happy after I read them!

  16. 2.5 days work week, that would be nice. WOuldn't have any problems filling up the rest of the week with cool tings to do.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it over here, no tradition for that.

    Cold As Heaven

  17. What a GREAT list! While I am not thankful for the cold I caught with the cats, I AM thankful that I got it this week when I can get some extra rest and kick its butt! And, always, coffee.

  18. Great list! I am also thankful for a 2.5 day work week. I'm sitting home on my couch relaxing and the sun is still out. Hurray!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  19. Great list. I bought a copy of Wake when I was over in L.A for my brother's wedding (it isn't out here in the UK. sniff). Now I can't wait to read it!

  20. So excited you watched Firefly!!! Isn't it awesome? And, we put our lights up today! Woohoo. I should ask hubsies if anyone is camping out at his best buy ;p I'll have to check Wake out!

    Love your new layout too!

    I am thankful for my crit partners too ;p

  21. Your list is awesome Colene. You have a thankful heart. I haven't read Wake but it sounds good!

    And thank you for all the links.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I did the same thing with Wake! Too funny. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  23. Colene, it's really nice to meet you. This is one great post and what a terrific thank you list.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. Colene, that's a great list of things to be thankful for! I'm not familiar with Wake, but now it looks like I'll have to read it!

  25. So much to be thankful for! From your list, I choose Firefly to cheer about. Enjoy every single minute, I'd love to be watching it for the first time again!

  26. Colene - fabulous list! Loved the part about not being a fork - too funny. "Wake" is actually on my TBR list, so good to hear that you think it's a good one. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  27. It is nice to make a list of what you are thankful for every so often.

  28. Wow that's a great lot of things to be thankful for and 5 cats. We have 2 lurvely kitties too. The computer and mouse have been driving me mad today and the past 2 weeks I've been redesgning websites so not blogging much. :O) (sheepish smile inserted here)

  29. Thanks for the advice on the book. I will have to check it out. Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving! :)

  30. Flutie- Indeed. I hope you have lots to be thankful for too!

    Morgan- I hope you like it if you decide to get it! And I did thank you! I hope you did too!


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