Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harry Potter Writery Wed. with a Little Something to Celebrate

Jen Daiker @ unedited, Melissa @ Through the Looking Glass , Lisa Galek @ Read. Write. Repeat, Renae Mercado @ The Siren's Song, Laurel @ Laurel's Leaves, and I are at it again with the HP insanity!

But before we get on to Harry Potter related things I want to share that today is my and the hubs anniversary! We have been married now for 4 years! And this is the time-line of our relationship up to marriage: You can scroll down the the Harry Pottery things if you like. I really don't mind if you do!
  • September, 4 years ago, I started my job as an Arby's assistant manager(yea I know, right?...) Hubs was a fry cook (my employee. Yowza!) When I saw him for the first time I wanted him. Let me clarify. Ehem. I WANTED HIM. Got it? There was no love at first sight. I'm sorry but I don't believe in L@FS. But it was want at first sight for sure. I wanted to know him. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to be friends. I wanted to hang out. And yes, I wanted to get all up in his business.
  • Some time at the end of September, or beginning of October we had our first "date" which was actually just us riding around in my car smoking cigarettes and talking.(This is pathetic, but I actually started smoking cigs so I could have an excuse to go out back and chat with him when he went for smoke breaks. *hangs head in shame* It didn't work, either. I don't suggest it. An unhealthy and poorly thought out tactic.)
  • dated through October.
  • November 17th, 4 years ago, we woke up, I looked over at him and said something along the lines of I wanted to keep him (Channeling Casper much?) and he said okay, I could. We went to the store and picked out the cheapest rings we could afford, went to the courthouse and got the paper work, went to the most indifferent Justice of the Peace I have ever met (total buzz kill) got hitched, went back to the courthouse to file paperwork, and sat in the car for a good...5 minutes laughing and just being pleased with ourselves. Then hubs had to get to work.

And to this day, exactly 4 years later, every time I look at him I want him all over again. I want to talk to him, put my arms around him, hear him laugh. I love him like no other. I have never regretted not having a real wedding either, just for the record. (He is so wonderful, even  though he doesn't like Harry Potter and gives me crap about reading books for 12 year olds, he still entered me in the contest to win tickets to see HP Tuesday night as a surprise! Didn't win but so sweet right?!)

On to Harry Pottery Imagination Wednesday!

So Monday I had you all think of how it would feel if Voldy had won.

Today I want you all to imagine you get THE LETTER! You are suddenly magically delicious and they want YOU. 

Does jumping up and down and screaming for joy ensue? (I would probably pass out from the one big long squeal) Do you not believe it? (nope. Mean mean joke! Has to be! Not ME! Really!?ME!?)Would your parents be the supportive kind or the Dursley kind?(shoooot. Mom would be down so long as I could get her a dragon egg! She and Hagrid would be a total match made in heaven.)

Would you call all your friends and rub their noses in it? OH WAIT you can't, it's not legal to let muggles in on the wizardy secret! (Rats... we'll never see that look of loathing and jealousy on the face of that little foursquare biotch down the street...)

FINE but you can totally rub it in your siblings face right?(can I give her a pig tail? PLEASE!)

And then your parents take you school SHOPPING!

What shop do you go into first in Diagonalley?(A wand would be the first on my list for sure!) Do you need to go in them all or just the ones that strike your fancy? Do you go to the bank? Open an account?

And you're off! You parents come with you to say bye at Kings Cross? Do you rush for an empty compartment or do you hope to find a friendly face in an already occupied one?(I would browse the pickins of occupied comp.'s, hope someone friendly and awesome looking would take pity on me!) What do you do on your first train trip on the Hogwarts Express? What sweets do you buy?(ALL OF THEM! Nom. Nom.)

What weather have you come to Hogwarts in?(Usually always rainy. I like it!)What is the boat ride like? Nervous yet?!(Bout to pee myself, so nervous!)

HERE you can take a really amazing quiz to find out your house. I highly suggest it. (Thanks Melissa!)

(Jen-Hufflepuff!, Melissa-Slytherin! Lisa-Ravenclaw! Renae-Gryffindor! Laurel- Ravenclaw! Me-Gryffindor! WOOT!)

Are you SUPER nervous, all those magical kids staring at you?!(wth are you staring at? Never seen an 11 year old girl doing the pee-pee dance before!?) Or too hungry to care after this amazing adventure that was your first day in the wizarding world?

What classes have you always wanted to take? (potions, divination, transfiguration, arithmancy, ancient runes, charms, History of Magic! All of them!) What is the first thing you want to learn? (Transfiguration! Can I be a cat? No! A bird. Yes. Make me a bird! Eagle. NO Hawk! Yeaaaa....Colene the hawk...damn straight.) Would you learn mermish(I totally would! First mermish speaking wizard bird underwater...girl... That's gonna be me!) What teacher would be your favorite? Who would you be besties with, do you think?

Would you adventure into the Forbidden Forest even though it is so dark and dangerous? Would you hang with Hagrid?(indeedy! Every chance I got. But I'd bring my own snacks.) Want to play Quidditch?(Hells yea I do!) Would you stay for the holidays or go home? Do you think you could handle the exams?(Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! That's my spell. Did it work? Am I a wizard yet!?)

What happens when it's time to say goodbye to school and hello summer? (I'd cry...Do I have to go?!)

So, again, I must ask you to let your imagination carry you off today and tell me all about your Hogwarts experience!

HERE you can find out how to take Harry Potter college courses. No joke.

Don't forget to get in on my contest and win some $$$! Okay...$$... Click on the cat head in the sidebar to enter! 


  1. Happy A Day! What a great *want* story :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I love your story - it's good to get who you want! :)

    The sorting hat says "Ravenclaw!" Hmm...intersting.

    So, did Hogwarts start up a Adult Outreach/Continuing education program I didn't hear about? Sign me up!! Seriously - that would be so cool. If I got THE letter - I'd be turning cartwheels, handsprings, flips while simultaneously crying/singing/yelling. I'd totally hit the wand shop first. And I'd take'd go along well with my cooking... :)

    Great post - such fun!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! That's such a cute story :) Sounds like you got a keeper! And I just had the best ten minutes imagining my first day at Hogwarts! I would be a Ravenclaw, I think, but I would totally stalk the Gryffindors :)

  4. Happy anniversary!!!

    I'm not sure which house I'd be in (well I know it wouldn't be Slytherin) but I'd ask the sorting hat to put me with Harry and company. Closer to the action, you know;)

  5. Happy anniversary! I love your story!

    I'll have to come back later and check out all the HP stuff because I'm on my lunch break at work and have to get back now...

  6. aaww happy aniversary, what a sweet story! XD

    I'd totally be in Ravenclaw. Wait... what house was Cedric in? Coz I want to be in that one.

    YAY HP. btw, it's released today in nz. I'm waiting for the weekend, but it's sill a nice feeling waking up and thinking somewhere, out there, it's going on right now... heheh.

  7. Ahhh! What would life be like if we did get that letter? How cool would that be??? COOL. I'd love to be in Gryffindor. I mean, just being with the Weasley twins would be worth it, right?

  8. Congratulations with your first 4 years. Nice story you have there ... and I don't like Harry Potter neither >;)

    Cold As Heaven

  9. You're too awesome. Happy Anniversary! I loved your story, it's so sweet. I can say that I know that exactly feeling when you want that person. The hubs and I had that same connection.

    You know what house I'd be in, and you know that I'll be sharing my thoughts on what I'd do if I would have recieved the letter... so stop by tomorrow chica!

    PS - I hope I have the baddest lines eva... cause I saw wanna win some KIZ-ASH!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Your story is a great example of why you are a Gryffindor and I'm not (three month courtship vs. my 3 years!). You brave, know-what-you-want-and-grab-it girl!

    It is fun to think ourselves into the story. I'd probably want to hang out with Ginny (she was always chummy with us Ravenclaws) and commiserate about being last born, and be totally into learning Charms.

  11. Happy Anniversary. I would want to be in Ravenclaw, because I'd avoid a lot of the Slytherin/Gryffindor drama and it sounds less sissyish than hufflepuff.

  12. Happy Anniversary Colene ... I'm on a blog hop and I arrived here from Lisa, via Melissa, via Alex J Cavanaugh! and I'm very glad I came.

    Knowing what I was like as a boy, I think there would have been a higher number of unexplained occurrences than normal, so I suspect that parents would have been relieved if I received a letter! I would have been sorted into Hufflepuff, and what I really would have excelled at is as a mathemagician ... you didn't get to find out about this branch of NEWTS of course.

    Lovely to meet you!


  13. Love your anniversary story! So cute! I'm gonna go figure out what house I'd be in. I took a quiz a long time ago when HP first came out and I think I was Gryffindor. If I got the letter I'd be pinching myself for days!

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    I'd love to get that coveted letter. And it looks like the sorting hat put me into Ravenclaw. :)

  15. Thanks guys! Loving all your input(s?)!

  16. This would be the greatest adventure ever. And also, woot, Ravenclaw. Happy Anniversary. :)

  17. Happy Anniversary!! That story is unconventional but that also makes it super romantic, you know?

    I cry when I get my later. My mom screams for joy. My sister wants it to be her turn. We go to Diagon Alley that minute, get my wand and I run around trying to cast spells from all my books. I put my mom in debt with all the money I spend. On the train, I ask some people if I can sit with them. I pretend to be confident and aloof but really, I'm freaking out!

    The hat barely touches my hat because I know where I've always belonged. I don't want to be mean to the other kids I met on the train though (one from each house!) and though we have a friendly rivalry we stay in touch. The Hufflepuff is my bestie - it's nice to have someone I'm sure I can trust!

    Snape is my favorite teacher...but mostly because I like his voice. I'm no good at transfiguration but I rock at charms!

  18. Melissa! That was awesome! SNAP!
    Thanks guys!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!! What a sweet story, I loved it!

  20. It might not have been love at first sight, but that is definitely one helluva love story. :) Happy happy happy Anniversary and here's to many more to come!

  21. Totally read your post yesterday and then my computer froze. Since it was close to 3 or 4 in the morning, I just went to bed. But I'm back.

    First off, Happy Anniversary! Love your story. It's really sweet.

    Now, on to Harry Potter ...

    If I got the letter ... I can't even imagine. I don't think I'd believe it.

    My favorite part would be the shopping -- and I'd be heading right to Ollivander's for my wand as soon as I stepped into Diagon Alley.

    I think once I got to Hogwarts you wouldn't be able to get me to leave ... screw holidays.

  22. Happy Anniversary! :D What better way to celebrate than with... Harry Potter!

    I'm going to the Midnight show and can't wait!

  23. Griffyndor is definitely the cool place to be and that's a cute love story. Happy Anniversary.

  24. Ohmygawd-I totally want to write a full length blog post in response!

    1st—CONGRATS! That is nuts you got married so fast. Love the honesty of your description!

    Letter: contrary to my flashing persona, I’m not all that demonstrative. No scream. Except when I got online to talk to my friends I’m not supposed to tell—I’d SQUEEEEEE all over, there… *cough* (did I mention I’d be sorted into Gryffindor because I refuse to follow rules?) Mom would be ‘cautiously supportive’—don’t want to turn don’t chance for an opportunity, but be sure to keep up your other studies in case this Witchcraft thing doesn’t work out… And IN SPITE of being a bit QUIET, I am totally an approach a lonely stranger on the train gal… I’d find someone sitting alone and talk to them—not a crowd… no confidence for the outgoing, noisy ones, but I’d gather people one at a time pulling other ‘lonely ones’ to the group I’d begun collecting (it’s how the Naked World Domination movement started, after all)

    Think I'd do well in the 'concentration needed' subjects (Charms, Transfiguration) and less well in the 'great care' (potions) or speedy reaction (DADA)

  25. Hi Colene! I'm just popping back with a P.S. to invite you to come read the Harry Potter post on my blog!

  26. oh, if that isn't L@FS, I don't know what is! :D great story and happy anniversary!!!

    I took the house quiz a while back, and I'm pretty sure I ended up in Ravenclaw... :D As for getting in--woo!!! I want to take potions.... and charms... and yes! Transfiguration... oh, too much~ :o) <3

  27. That is an adorable anniversary story! For some reason I love fast engagements/weddings - they're oh-so romantic :)

    If (or when) get my letter I will probably conclude it is a big hoax and not go at all! They would just be waiting for me in the Great Hall calling my name over and over again. Oh, that's super sad :(

  28. Aw happy 4th anniversary! That is a great story of how you two hitched, and I totally get the 'want at first sight' thing! :)

    As for HP - love all your questions! I'd have to hope that Hogwarts did evening classes. My letter would fly in through the bedroom window and smack me on the back of the head as I type this.... OUCH!

    Heehee. I wish!

  29. Happy anniversary! Such a sweet story!

    Hmm. I think I'd get altogether way too excited for my own good if I got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd be in Ravenclaw, which is both awesome and terrible--because I look awful in blue.


  30. You guys are rocking my world with these!! Thanks everyone for playing along with me! If I ever do get my letter (better late than never, right) I will put in a good word. Swears.

  31. Happy Belated Anniversary! I love Casper, that made me so happy. Thanks for sharing your story.

    As for the letter? At first I'd be disbelieving, but then totally psyched. I'd make a beeline for flying lessons, and couldn't wait to learn how to Apparate and Disapparate.

  32. awe- I loved your story! Happy Anniversary! I'm a total wanna-be Gryffindor.


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