Monday, January 3, 2011

Where I practice my evil laugh

Ehem: Baaahahahahahaha! no no.

Aaaheeheehee. Nah. To witchy...

Maybe stick with a classic MWAHAHAHA. Yes. I like that.

Hello, welcome back! I missed you cats. But I did get a lot of work done. What I want to focus on today, though, is a few great people that all connect.

What do author Beth Revis, crazy awesome blogger Cinnamon , another awesome blogger Abby Minard, and myself have in common? Across the Universe maybe???


You see, I have been wanting, needing, ACHING to get my hands on an ARC of ATU for months. Cinnamon, the sweet and wonderful woman that she is, emailed me offering her copy up to me for nothing! Just cause!

So, in my desperation to squeal my delight to SOMEONE over this incredibly generous act, I email my bud Abby. And that all led to an idea that Abby gave a name. We call it our Tour de ARC: Across the Universe.

And the head, engine, heart of the train all started with (Beth Revis) But also....

CINNAMON~On Writing, Books, and Being Toast!

Don't know her? You should! Check her out!! She's a lovely new blogger/writer that always has something awesome to say about books and writing. So head over and check her out!

Now about Across the Universe...what could I possibly have to say about THAT...?


I don't review books. Nope. But this one, I have been so anxious to read and believe me, it wasn't a let down. I pride myself, I mean PRIDE myself, on being able to guess endings, plot twists, and who done its and whys. But, of all the MILLION of questions Beth Revis throws at you in ATU I got, MAYBE 2 right. That is crazy! I was surprised! Left on the edge of my seat! Dying to keep reading! It is a hit, my friends.

Go get your copy 1/11/11!

On top of that, I was one of the tons of winners of Beth Revis epic contest! So this holiday season was highlighted by this bunch of awesome:
Oh yea, that is a bunch of autographed swag.
How you like the new camera? MWAHAHA. Ehem. Sorry. I get carried away.
Thanks Cinnamon!!

So the details of Tour de ARC: Across the Universe are this: The book will go on tour. It started in the talented hands of Beth, obviously, placed into the mits of Cinnamon, passed along to me, Abby should have it by now, and she will pass it along once she has read it.

Now, as of this moment, I have no idea where this book will travel next. And even when I do know, I really can't tell you. You will have to keep your eyes peeled on Abby's blog to see who the lucky recipient will be and also check on her thoughts of the book.

We're hoping to see how far the ARC can go--to what bloggers it will see before 1/11/11.

Is my vacation really over? It was so short seeming... I mean, I missed you all, I like my actual work-job and all, but...waking up after 10 became a special part of my life. We bonded, me and sleeping til after 10AM.  A love affair like no other, I'd even say. Ah well.

HERE are 5 scientific reasons a Zombie Apocalypse could actually happen. (or so this guy says. But...he kinda makes a good argument.)

HERE are 10 writing resolutions you CAN fulfill.

Lastly, irrelevant to anything at all ever:  my favorite word verification from this past week: hellyas. Coincidentally, it was on a post that totally needed a hellyas.

Come back Wednesday for some catch-up. Hope to see you there!


  1. You can’t go wrong with the classic evil laugh. Congrats on your goodies.

  2. Oh that's fun! Sounds like a worthy read- thanks for sharing. Love your evil laugh! lol. Happy New Year!

  3. I can't wait to read this book. Ahhh! I want it!

  4. A zombie apocolypse? I can see it happening as Congress convenes for the New Year (insert scary laugh here).

  5. Lol! Wonderful! I always think of you when i come across strange word verifications. I must write them down. Congrats on the lovely loot across the universe. Envious me? Well HELL YES!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and don't forget to hope over to my pulse racer ;O)

  6. I have a word verification for you: Thecting.
    I wonder what it means? ;O)

  7. Loved this post and your sense of humor. All very welcome in the new year. I will have to get my hands on those books.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. This book is on my list to be bought and thank heavens everyone gave me book store gift certificates for Christmas.

  9. Ah, you are so lucky! I can't wait to read this book. I'm literally jumping up and down in my seat right now! Okay, well maybe not, but I still really, really can't wait to get my hands on this one!

  10. Wow... super fun! {Insert jealousy here}.

    Looking forward to reading this book!!! Woohoo!!! Bring it on!

  11. Loved this post! You are major lucky to get your hands on all Beth's swag!! I started out keeping track of her contest, but all the holiday fluff...forgot. Ugh...Happy for you though!

  12. Great post, and Happy New Year! I'm so jealous of your swag. Will have to go buy my own, ha ha!

  13. I'm a big believer in the power of mwahahaha. I don't do reviews either and I've been trying to figure out a way around that because I read a ton of GREAT books last year, especially in December. I want to recommend them so I'm thinking of just doing a recommendation blog, maybe tomorrow. But I was glad that you, one of my favorite blogger peeps, doesn't do reviews either. If someone as cool as you doesn't, it somehow validates me not doing them either. Make sense? Prolly not, but to me it does. Great to have you back!!

  14. Hey Colene, mwahahahahaha to you too! Looks like you're hitting the ground running! We're going to have an awesome year of writing, reading and blogging fun! Happy New Writing Year!

  15. What a cool idea. The book's on my TBR pile, but it might take a month or two for me to get to it.

  16. Love your laughs! It sounds like a great book you're reading.

  17. I'm DYING to read this book. It's the talk of the town and I still have to wait 'til the 11th. Pleh.

  18. Yeah, Tour de Arc baby! Can't wait to get the book in the mail (we had a little delay, if anyone is reading my comment). I'll be reading it as soon as I get my hot little hands on it and then passing it on! Can't wait!

  19. Man, why don't I ever get anything cool like hellyas??

    I'm going to have to add ATC to the wishlist for this year. I keep hearing about it, so if it doesn't live up to the hype I'm holding all of you responsible. :p

  20. Thanks for the links - and you completely sold me on Across the Universe!

  21. Thanks guys! I hope no one will be disappointed in it! I surely wasn't.

    Tracy, Not pressure or anything right? But if you must, you can blame me! ;)

  22. So awesome! Blog friends are the best, eh? Now I'm all excited to pick up the book on the 11th. I just finished a book and TOTALLY guessed the "twist" ending. So disappointing. Especially when you've invested 500 pages and NOT going to bed. Still not used to waking up early, either.

    Have a great day, dear!

    ~ Bess

  23. Epic! So chuffed for you! :D Can't wait to read AtU!

  24. Hi Colene..Across the universe sounds wonderful and the idea of the Tour de ARC for it sounds awesome. Hope your holiday was good.

  25. Neato! And AtU is a fabulous book--glad you got your hands on a copy.

  26. I was lucky enough to win an ARC and O-M-G! You are so right, Colene. It is all kinds of awesome!! What a great idea to pass the ARC around - love it. :-)

  27. You favor the evil laugh as well, do you? Awesome. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading more of your high-energy blog all next year :)

  28. That book is so good. I love Elder. I love Amy. I love almost every bit of this book. It is definitely squee worthy and makes you think. I so love that in a book. Tell me what you think of it when you're done!!! :D

  29. Ha! We're like twins. 10 AM was the time I got hooked on during my 10 day break from the real job, and I've been majorly suffering these last two days. I give the finger to 6 AM.

  30. 1. I didn't know you had a blog.
    2. I'm so jealous that you've read Across the Universe already. Back in September I was at a writing conference and four of us huddled over a laptop and read the first chapter online. Hooked!

  31. *Waves to Jenny* I HAVE A BLOG! Surprise!
    I was SO good! I hope you love it when you read it! I so could have handed it off to you before Abby if I had known you hadn't read it yet! (apparently I assume all published authors read every other published It doesn't make sense.)

  32. I keep hearing such fabulous things about this book! It's great to know you'd recommend it :-)

  33. I'd love to be part of this arc tour! Maybe I'm too late? I can't quite make out what I'm supposed to do??


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