Monday, July 19, 2010

Gettin' Down, Business Style

This gal,, I haven't actually read her book yet, I'm sorry to say, BUT i love her blog. Shes so funny and so real. As I was reading her recent post today what stuck out at me was this: "And it worked. (I mean, not at first. I got rejected at first. A lot. But that was because my book sucked, not because of my query letter.)"

She SUCKED? no way! i couldn't believe that even based on her blogging skills. But then again, I suck a lot myself. I feel I have value in my story telling skills and imagination for a story but my GOSH does my grammar and knowledge of how to construct a good sentence SUCK. I have a bad habit of writing fluffy sentences cause they sound intense in my head and pretty but then someone else reads it and they don't read it the same way I intended it to sound so it makes no sense that way. which makes me laugh more than brings me down when i have to try and make sense of it later when my reader asks "wth mate?" and I have to re-read the whole page just to figure out what i meant. But all that blather to say, its nice to know I'm not to only one out there that has this fluffy problem. and its nice to know someone else out there knew as little as i did when they started out.

my advice for today is to become a ghost, so to speak, of blogs. Writers blogs, editors blogs, agent blogs, etc. any blog that has any legit value to the whole writing deal-y, Haunt them. you don't have to be an invisible ghost like I am most of the time but haunt their every word non-the-less. I spend half my day (that I'm supposed to be editing my book...ehem) on reading up on all the how-to's, advice from people who know, and, my favorite, and have learned so much valuable information off them, I cant even begin to express it.

This weekend was a wash for me with writing. My husband and I took a much needed vacation to a pretty good amusement park. He almost got mugged outside the hotel (that was an interesting and scary few minutes lemme tell ya) We ate some amazing food, laughed and played around like big kids, and had much fun. We wont be going back there again just b/c it wasnt THAT great a park and stuff but we made the best of the whole weekend anyway.

so all that to say, I did NOTHING on any book. Though I did, finally, figure out the proper way to -- in a book. So now I have to go back and fix all the-- (there is a difference. I promise) but i learned that from reading! reading is the best way to learn! I know I have been told before how to -- but, obviously, forgot or didn't properly learn at that time.

Happy Monday! I'm bruised, sunburned, and my shoes smell like cat pee which i didn't notice until 2 hours into work. only 8 more hours in pee smelling flats to go...>_> but I can't even say I'm too upset about it. Can't let little things get ya down. Gonna rub my shoes down with lotion and hope no one gets to close to me to notice.

I recommend adding WritersDigest on your twitter if you want some GREAT updates everyday on good things to read. They have articles and blogs for everything you could ever want!

Who's your daily blog haunt?

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