Thursday, July 8, 2010

The sweet spot

Going to make this short today.

So, with my weekend about to start in an hour and twenty three minutes i have been psyching myself up to get ready to do some hard core editing. I plan to do it every weekend but somehow i never manage to. And then on Monday i beat myself up about it.

I want to get done. I want to have it read by a writer friend, and read it for my writers group SOON. My deadline for the whole thing is to have it finished and be querying before i turn 25 (January) so i need to get moving. Before i know it, time will be up.

Time FLIES when youre going through this whole process. I swear, I have never experienced anything like it. It seems like only a few months ago I decided to really give writing a shot, and now its almost two years later!

Anyway, with the impending weekend, and my impending disappointment in myself, I decided to try and so a search on Google to see where the best places to really focus on writing are. And I got the most obvious, duh, answer.

ANYWHERE. Anywhere is a great place to write. Coffee shops, on the couch, at the kitchen table, in the library, on a sidewalk bench, in a restaurant, ANYWHERE. And when I thought about it I wanted to smack myself. Derp. Of course.

MY problem isn't where it's the how. When im at home on a pretty day i want to be out in it. Sitting on the porch with my cats and the rain was lovely last weekend but i kept getting distracted by the kitties antics. When my husbands home and the TV is on and its almost dinner time you can bet i cant write a word.

So wherever you are you have got to be able to focus, to lose yourself in your writing and you have got to find your sweet spot.

For me, as an artist, i have known my rhythm and sweet spot for 13 years. I just never took my best drawing/painting mode time and transferred it into writing.

Midnight to four AM i have always done my best, nose to the grindstone, art, so this weekend I intend to apply that to writing. Stay up late, and really bust out some word magic!

Right now, however, I'm going to get my work done and count down the last hour of the work week. Huzzah!

When and where do you do your best work?

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