Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth, well thats my excuse.

In light of the holiday weekend i did absolutely nothing by way of my projects. Though i did start a new idea but you would think i would get done the first 2 before that but no...not me.

Sitting down to edit is like sitting down to get my teeth cleaned. Its never the biggest joy in my life. But oh, how it is necessary. As much as i dont want to, i wouldnt trust it to anyone else.

Revisions/editing is not fun, to me, though some enjoy it i am not one. But the thought of giving it to someone to make the changes for me makes my hands sweat. Its mine. My baby. My creation. My vision. I want to be the only one who says what gets changed(in this stage of the books)

Now i realize, as any writer will have to realize, that in the end you can either take the advice of your agent and/or publishers or not. And that decision could be the deciding factor in getting your book published or not. Its a fine line between the two choices. But this early on i want to be the only one deciding.

What sentences i like phrased my way or my editors, what sequences i like or dont like anymore etc. I want to be the only one who gives my work the ax or the love. you know? Later on someone else can say what will and wont work and ill decide then too, but then it will be life or death in the end for my book.

So what is it that i hate about editing? I lack focus to just sit down and pound it out. Which is a flaw, big flaw, i need to work on. When im at work i get distracted by, well, work. When im at home i think of all the things i could/need to be doing rather than sitting on my duff in front of the computer.

But, its ingrained in me that cleaning, errands, etc should be a priority over sitting on the computer. Its hard to make your second nature understand that while i may be ignoring other things working on my book is just as, neh, more important. So, ill work on that.

What also got neglected this holiday weekend was my portrait of Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler. Donno him? look him up. Do know him? isnt he nice looking. ^_^ I love an interesting face. One day ill get my husband to sit still long enough to get a good picture to draw. He has an interesting face too. The most beautiful faces are interesting.

Might post Mr Gubler when he is done. We'll see.
For now i must find some fire to burn out this procrastinating poison. any ideas?

Whats the best way to beat the procrastination bug? How do you get motivated?

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