Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Call!

Today is your last day to get in on the gift card giveaway bonanza-thon! Click the frightened, concerned, quizzical, skeptical kitty head on the sidebar to get yourself in it to win it! Do it. Now. Please. Wait,  why am I begging you to take my money? Oh yeah, it's cause you guys totally deserve it! Win Win!

Go now.

Like, right now.

Why are you still here?

You should have clicked that cat face the minute I said "gift card"

It's because you are a kind person, huh?

You don't care about monetary things as  much as SOME PEOPLE.


Fine. Go. Already. I'll just sit here by myself...

Winners will be announced tomorrow morning right along with your Funny Friday post. So keep an eye out!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Aw, so nice of you to hold this!

  2. Great cartoon Colene!!!

    I am stoked on your contest. I think I entered already but now I'm paranoid and need to check again!

  3. LMAO!! I have a little weiner dog, so I sooo get that! :) I'm entered! But, only cause it was fun. Money? Who needs it... :)

  4. LOL, love the little cartoon. I better take a look at the contest now!

  5. I took our little MINIATURE dachshund out in 12 inches of snow ... ummm ... yeah, I'm sure your imagination can fill in for the fact that I can't post a picture here!
    Now where's that bemused cat?!

  6. Oh! Oh-oh! Pick me! Pick me! You know you love the one about the pig farmers! LOL. :-)

  7. Love the cartoon! Short-legged guys everywhere are cringing as we speak!

  8. Great cartoon. Thanks' for giving me a good laugh. I don't need more than that >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  9. Yay, contests! Can't wait to see who wins!

  10. Love the pic. I saw a news item with a real dog covered in snow as if it were growing on his legs. LOL! :O)

  11. I'm slow today! It took me a second to the joke. And then....hahahahaha


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