Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny Friday and I totally need it.

Hurray! It's Friday and no one died in my house from undercooked chicken! Thanks, all. It was really sweet of everyone to be concerned. We were too. No more bony chicken!

On with Friday goodies!!

HERE you'll read about the worlds most expensive book selling for over $10 million dollars!

Anyone see where Mark Twain's autobiography was published this year as per his request? Who else can say they released a book 100 years after their death? (ignoring the fact that they wouldn't be able to SAY that...) SO COOL! 

Anyone else notice how you could put the Requiem for a Dream theme (by Clint Mansell) behind a Bugs Bunny cartoon and it would make it sound EPIC? That's the music I want behind my book trailer(yea right) Wouldn't matter if I wrote pages of  "My foot itches. Man this is taking forever. Have I gotten to 50k yet? That milk smells funny.", it would still be EPIC.

Now, watch this little diddy.

Did You See That!?! Ninja Motorcyclist! I wanna be that slick! But I trip over my computer cord while I'm still sitting down. So...never gonna happen.

How about a totally random cheese commercial!?...or 5.


Dudes. I was seriously crying.

And finally, L'Aussie presented me with her very lovely, amazingly thoughtful, and cleverly phrased award! Isn't it so pretty? She is good!
Now, as of this moment as I type this out so I don't forget to include it this week, I HAVE NO IDEA what Fair Dinkum means. Like, so much so I can't even try. Okay, maybe, good people? See...No idea. But she will tell us! And I can't wait to know! (cause, I'm not 100% sure I haven't just been called something bad. No... SHE'S good people, so  I doubt she would do that...publicly.)

**IT MEANS True Blue!!! Don't know what that means, sucks for you cause I totally get that phrase! (visit her blog if you wanna know for realsies.)

Anyway! Now that I totally get it, I want to pass it along to some fine women who never disappoint:

Jen Daiker -  Everyone knows Jen. She is super cool, kind, funny, and guess what...That's all real! She is genuinely a kick ass(sorry, but she is) person! Who now runs not one, but several blogs. So. Impressive!! 

Candace - This gal is ALWAYS doing something giving and kind. She is so sweet and caring and really, can't see her not deserving all the awards for all the good she does and being so damned funny while she does it!! SHE is real. 

Erica and Christy - They run an informative, fun, and interesting blog. It's  a new haunt that I am loving to be in on! And what never fails to amuse me, (it really doesn't take much, folks) more than a few times(so often!) I have commented and gotten not ONE but TWO responses. Now, granted, two people run the blog but you think (I do) that they would only bother with one response but these gals are so great, that wouldn't do! So wise. So fun!

Abby - My crit. partner saves my sanity. I feel so lucky to know her. Honestly, I say things I know I will regret when she is deleting me for being so danged forward and mushy, but I really am grateful for her.  Before Abby I would flip out stressing over all the little writery stresses we get. You know, things that you can't talk to regular people about, or can but they tune you out, nod and smile until you walk away. But after Abby, I just shoot her an email and she is there. She has been there, she's going through that, she was wondering about that, etc. And then we chat until I feel better! Ugh. Everyone needs an Abby!(Back off! I didn't say "everyone needs Abby" Grrrrr)

Ugh, okay. That's all. I really do appreciate every one of you guys. I love communicating with you all every day. I love to read up on you all and I love your opinions and stories. And I love that I can come here and post stupid videos and tell nonsensical stories and everyone is just so darn wonderful about it! But, it might be a variation of  "never try and tell the mental person they're mental" but I'm fine with that either way. Yeay!

Happy weekend, all!


  1. That's quite the collection of random things there! I love the HP one.

    Congrats on the award and to those you've passed it on to! Blogger do indeed rock. Have a great Friday!

  2. Love this post, lots of funny, juicy bits, perfect for Friday.

    Holy cow, I forgot how young Harry and Ron used to be...!

  3. I so need some funny in my life. Thanks!

  4. Good times. Amazing the ninja biker didn't hyperflex or dislocate his right leg.

  5. Congrats on the award. I wonder where you find all those clips LOL! :O)

  6. A lot of funny there! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  7. Jennifer, I know right?! So LITTLE!

    Chris, It's crazy he didn't hurt SOMETHING right? No limp or anything. Impressive...

  8. Aw, yay for awards, awesome crit partners and all around mushiness! I may I say, without getting too mushy and teary eyed myself, you are the bees knees yourself. Love your funny fridays!

  9. Wow, I had a bit of a stressful day, and then I came to your blog. Thanks for the quadruple shot of funny!

  10. ha ha I swear you guys are going to make me not need to watch Harry Porter I learn something new abt it everyday on blogosphere.

  11. That Harry Potter redo make me laugh so hard!

  12. You crack me up with your fun vids Coelene! Great that you passed the award along.

  13. Oooh, lots of good stuff here. Thanks!

  14. They were great, Colene. Can't believe the traffic just drove on past the poor ninja dude. The dog cracked me up!!! Congrats on your award.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. The Ninja biker was amazing. I'm almost done with my editing and that means I'll have more time to blog. Sorry I haven't been around much.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  16. Hey, christy, someone called us "wise." HEY CHRISTY, GET OVER HERE!!!

    hehe - love you, Colene! Thanks for the award and for all the fun clips up there! You're wonderful!

  17. okay, okay!!! i'm here already! THANKS SO MUCH, COLENE! (i believe she also said we were "so frikken awesome"!!!) we're honored to be true blue. AND by someone so completely AMAZING herself! (i LOVE the harry potter comedy strip up there. so great!) christy

  18. Please tell me, where do you find these things? They're absolutely hilarious, especially the conversation between Harry and Ron. :D


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