Monday, February 4, 2013

The Shelving Of The Novel with Kitten Pictures!

Hello! It's another Monday. Woo.

~I've been talking a lot about querying lately, which is funny (not ha-ha funny, really) because this past week I made a tough call and decided to shelve CALLING DEATH.

I took my baby by the hand and said, "I'm sorry but it's time . . ." and lifted him onto that imaginary shelf. He looked so sad, guys. But it's like taking your kitty to the vet. They may fuss and cry and not want to go, but tough nuggets. You know what's best.

I wish I felt like I knew this was best. I don't, honestly. I'm just beaten down to the point of no other option. Without knowing exactly why it isn't working for agents, my hands are tied. I'm told the writing is good, even beautiful. Told the voice is great, but then vagueness about a pass. I mean, I know notes from agents are rare and I'm blessed to have gotten as much direct feedback that I have, but I still have no direction to go. So, onto the shelf it goes.

Instead of sulking (we'll pretend I didn't for a couple days after that decision, mk?), I'm throwing myself into the new book. AND, if that isn't enough, I'm setting myself a deadline to have the rough draft done by the end of March. EEP!

It's kinda fun...

~In other news, I can't fit into any of my pants anymore! I've been exercising for, over a year now. Lost 10lb in the beginning, when I went to interval training and weights, gained 5 back. Had to stop watching the scale, though. Muscle weighs a butt-load, dudes! I have abs! And visible arm muscle! I don't mean to brag, but I kinda do too. It's been so enjoyable, getting fitter. The girls I work with in the office and I get together over lunch break every day and knock a one out. I love the workouts we do too, and have even started making up our own.

~I'm DYING for season 3 of Walking Dead to come on Netflix. It's the only show I'd get cable back for. If I wasn't stubborn. I heard so much goodness about it, can't wait! And Downton being back on has been awesome! I make the hubs watch it with me on Sundays. And by make him watch I mean I put it on and at some point during the hour he always falls asleep. But whatevs. He can absorb some good taste in drama while sleeping, right?

~And lastly in news probably no one gives a crap about: Last year we had a surprise in our backyard. A feral had kittens under hub's half pipe in the backyard. SO CUTE. If you know me, this is not shocking stuff. Strays in need FIND ME. And I'm not even joking. Maybe I'll tell you about all the strays and kittens before this litter some day...

Anyway, of course, I had to take them in. Got momma caught in a live trap one night and took her in to get fixed. She lived in the guestroom for 5 days while she recuperated from her operation. You couldn't touch her, you couldn't even see her most of the time w her hidey spot she had under the bed, inside the box springs stuffing.

After that, it took a while to get the kittens. Only 3 were tame enough for me to just snatch bare handed, since we had to wait so long for them to get weened and everything from mom. And then the last 3 got wise to the trap and that was drama. But eventually they found a new home in my bathroom until my cats could get adjusted enough to them. (Are you counting? That just went from 5 cats in my house to 11)

Please ignore the mess. They were LOVED to drag out all the toys at once.

Take that cuteness and add 4 other kittens. Awesome.
And months after that, we had gone through MORE drama and tears and gotten 5 of the 6 homes. All this to say, my house has gone from 5 to 8 to 12 to 11 to 9 to 8 to 6.

Missy Catelyn is our newest member. (she's such a prim lil lady) I just couldn't go through putting her in Petsmart and Petco anymore, it stressed her out and me out so badly. Hubs has proven his love for me yet again by not saying anything about it. He's so patient. He must love me. What man would put up with ALL THOSE cats in his house if he didn't love his lady?

She is an expert fetch player, too. Must get a video of this one day. She's good. 

Happy Monday, guys!


  1. Ugh, I hate putting a project on the shelf, but sometimes it's for the best. Good for you for starting a new one. Good luck with it! And thank you so much for the kitten cuteness. :)

  2. Put it on the shelf for a while and dust it off later. Can't hurt, right? Maybe the market's just not ready for it yet. Last year a friend of mine read a suspense I'd shelved and told me to get it back out there. Long story short, it got a full request last week and the agent seems really excited about it. Ya never know.

    And those furbabies are awesome. You're such a good person for taking them in and finding them homes. And kudos to you both for keeping Catelyn. =o)

  3. That is the best thing you can do: throw yourself into another project. And shelving this particular project doesn't mean that's forever; just for now. The opportunity to see what's not working will surely arise in the future. So don't look at it as giving up but taking a break and rejuvenating yourself. :)

  4. OMG, I recently discovered the greatness that is The Walking Dead. Actually, I discovered it last weekend, and proceeded to watch both seasons on netflix, AND got completely caught up on season 3 (luckily I have AMC on demand! Phew!) and am so ready for it to start back next weekend! Love that show!!

    Congrats on not being able to fit in your pants! That's always an awesome thing. :)

  5. You have a kitten infestation! Good thing they are cute.
    Yeah, sorry - muscle does weigh more than fat. But if you're in good shape, that's better than weighing less and being flabby.

  6. SQUEE!!!! OMG, those kitties are TOO CUTE! :D And wow. I'm like in awe of your hotness! A long time ago I worked out w/weights... :D

    No, I mean, I still run, and the good part is you'll always keep that muscle definition, but I'm a little girly person now. I'm not strong at all. You kick A**, girl! :D <3

  7. Sometimes shelving a novel is necessary. It's never easy though! Keep it up with your new project and have fun with it!

    Your kittens are so so cute!! I'm glad they found such a good home with you!

  8. After recently pulling out my first book after shelving it for a couple years, I see a lot more things that don't work that I didn't see before. I knew initially the voice wasn't right... but now I see that the pacing was bad, a lot of my descriptions are cliche, and my characters need deepening. Plus my climax was all wrong. So, maybe after a bit of time you'll have deeper insight on yours.

    Yay exercise! I'm working on a little over half a year now on my fitness revolution, but it's kind of two steps forward, one step back. Just trying to build lasting habits.

    And what cute kitties those are!! I love them :)

  9. Sweet kittens! :) Great analogy of putting a book to sleep, a project you've been working on. Been there, done that. Best wishes--the wisest thing to do is write another book. No matter WHAT happens with the first one. Just keep writing. Maybe someday years later you'll come back to that first book and see EXACTLY what it needs to jump back off the retired shelf!

  10. You know, if you're sure you have something good, and honestly don't know why agents kept turning it down when they're so positive, maybe you should look at self/indie publishing the story?

    I love the kitties. They're adorable.

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  13. I'm sorry you had to shelve your novel, but throwing yourself into the next project sounds like the perfect distraction. And if it doesn't work, Missy Catelyn looks like she could keep you occupied. Adorable. Hooray for working out. Congratulations on your success!

  14. What a cutie! :)

    And I feel your pain. I shelved four of mine - eep! I'm a slow learner.

  15. Hey Coelene, sorry you've shelved your ms. I hope it gets picked up eventually. Such a long ride at times. The kitten pics are adorable!

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  23. Sometimes shelving a novel is necessary. It's never easy though! Keep it up with your new project and have fun with it!

    Your kittens are so so cute!! I'm glad they found such a good home with you!

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