Friday, March 16, 2012

Talking to Some Fiction Folks

So you guys know by now that Guardian is out this week (By Rachel Morgan)! Hurray!!

But I wanted to sit down with some of the characters and find out more about them. And what better characters to have a chat with than rivals!? If you don't know, Ryn and Vi are not . . . exactly. . . friends. Their rivalry is bitter and . . . fun! (for the readers ;) I love a good rivalry.

Colene: So, thank you for being here, Vi, and . . . Rrr-uh Ryn? 
Ryn: It’s pronounced Rin.

Colene: Oh, right, Gotcha! Anyway, I’d like to start off by asking about the major rivalry that seems to exist between the two of you. What started it all?

Vi: First year. We were using our guardian weapons for the first time. Ryn told everyone he’d be the first to make his appear, but I totally beat him.

Ryn: I’m pretty sure it was the other way around.

Vi: Not only did I beat him, but I got my weapons to appear at least a whole minute before everyone else.

Ryn: Now that part is definitely not true.

Vi: Are you calling me a liar?

Colene: Ehem. . . So, Ryn, you wouldn’t ever admit that Vi is better than you at something?

Ryn: Why would I admit to something that’s not true?

Colene: Uh, right. So I take it you and Vi have never been friends, then?

Ryn: [Pause] That is a lovely curtain, Colene. Are you responsible for the interior design in this room?

Colene: No. . .not really . . .Vi, same question.

Vi: It is quite an attractive curtain.

Colene: Okaaaay. I guess we’ll move on then. Vi, I know Ryn calls you Pixie Sticks (soo insulting!). Do you have a nickname for him?

Ryn: Oh, man, she sucks at name-calling. You should hear her. It’s embarrassing.

Vi: [Irritated] How about ass-face?

Ryn: [Laughs] See what I mean? You’re gonna have to expand on that one, Pixie Sticks, 'cause it’s a little confusing. I mean, ass? Face? Those are two parts of the body that are kinda far away from—

Vi: It means, Oryn, that when people look at your face, all they see is your ass!

Ryn: [Laughing even more] Aside from the fact that that makes no sense, I can’t imagine anyone would mind. After all, I do have an uncommonly good-looking ass.

Vi: Well, I’d be more than happy to stick something—

Colene: RIGHT!  Moving on then. Ryn, I have to ask. Are you actually hiding a secret crush on Vi by being, um, an ass?

Vi: Oh, dear Seelie Queen, please say no.

Ryn: [Ignores Violet] Colene. You strike me as a person of some intelligence. Do I honestly look like someone who would have a crush on that? [Points at Violet]

Vi: ‘That’?

Ryn: [Still ignoring Violet] I mean, sure, some of the guys think she’s hot—

Vi: Okay, I so did not need to know that.

Ryn: —but she’s really not my type of hot.

Colene: And just so we’re all clear, what exactly is your type of hot?

Ryn: Well, blonde, for one thing. And I have to say, Colene, that I find your shade of blonde particularly attractive.

Colene: Ah, holy crap, wow. Is it hot in here to anyone else? You are quite the charmer, aren’t you?

Ryn: I do try.

Vi: [To no one in particular] I think I may throw up.

Ryn: Well, if you’d like to lean that way, I’d appreciate it.

Colene: So I’m guessing you’ve never considered hooking up with Ryn, have you Vi?

Vi: [Stares at Colene]

Colene: Alrighty. I’ll take that as a no. But what do you think would happen if the two of you were put on the same assignment and forced to work together?

Vi: Not happening. 

Ryn: Ever.

Vi: Never ever.

Colene: Well, at least you can agree on something! So, before you kill each other or throw up on my stuff, I think we should end this here.

It's been a great pleasure having Ryn and Vi here with us! Hope everyone will be checking out their first appearances in the Creepy Hollow series, Guardian! ( it's out now, dudes!)

Happy Friday! I'm getting more work done on my tattoo today, so I will be getting around the blogs later!

Have a good weekend!


  1. These are the kinds of interviews that make me want to read a book. I'm definitely adding it to my TBR pile. But I already knew that. :D

  2. Thanks for being brave enough to sit between these two, Colene!

  3. Great interview! Violet and Ryn sound fantastic - I love their character voices! I am so reading Creepy Hollow very soon! :)

    1. Yay :) Ryn might possibly be my favorite character. I'm definitely writing more of him in the future.

  4. Cute interview guys! Ryn and Vi sound pretty awesome together!

    1. Thanks, Abby! It's always fun when characters don't like each other :-)

  5. Great interview! Congratulations to Rachel. She's doing such an amazing job with her blog tour!

    1. Thank you for following the tour, Johanna :-)

  6. This was great! I especially liked the curtain comment. Haha...

    1. The curtain comment was pretty random, hey... Hehe ;-)

  7. Awesome interview! "Ass face" *giggles*

    1. Yeah, Ryn doesn't exactly bring out the best in Vi!

  8. Oh my, quite the interview! At least it didn't come to blows.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Who knows what would have happened if Colene hadn't been there to intervene!

  9. Clever and hilarious! Gives my Circa interview a real run for it's money. Rachel has written an excellent book with fun characters (evil or nice). But this interview proves that Ryn is a charmer. Despite the fact that he is an ass.

    Can't wait for book 2!

    1. Thank you, QueendSheena! Yeah, Ryn is a charming ass ;-)


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