Friday, January 20, 2012

Something Free! CONTEST CLOSED

Happy Friday everyone!

So...I meant to give away my extra copy of a book I accidentally ordered 2 copies of a few weeks ago in that other giveaway! Whoops.

BUT, all that means for you fine folks is someone else can win something! A book to be exact. It's by Andrew Smith called The Marbury Lens.

I have not read it myself, yet. But it sounds positively awesome! And I just got so excited to find it on sale I accidentally ordered 2 instead of 1. (And for you people like my husband who's first question was "didn't you review the order first?" YES, I did! I swear! But they only show a list of the books you ordered and since I ordered ONE TWICE it only showed up on the list once.) Anyway, it's all too much hassle to send it back and bother with refunds and all, so how about one of you guys claim it?

This isn't going to be a long contest, just because...I don't want to drag it out. SO, sometime next week, probably after Monday, I'll pick a random winner. (You like how I nail down times and dates for you guys? I'm just nice like that, I suppose.)

No hoops, just tell me you want it in the comments to be entered.

AND FINALLY, one of my all time favorite things about blogging is looking at my stats. And more specifically, looking at Googled phrases that got people here. 

So this week I have:

"sweet boobs" - I thank you. I think they're okay, myself. But I don't recall ever showing YOU...but thanks anyway.

"do I like cats or do I just like to talk about cats" - well, I think if you have to ask you must just like to talk about them. But me? I love cats AND talking about cats!

"sam winchester hot" - I have to agree. Sam Winchester is indeed smokin' hot. My mind thanks you for the reminder...mmmmm...

"artillery jokes" - got me, I'm stumped. Okay... so this bullet walks into a bar and everybody ducks. Like that, only funny? I aim to please. HA! ZING!

"cats does this piss you off" - are you asking a cat what pisses it off, or are you wondering what pisses people off about cats? I can do both. Baby talk pisses cats off. But we still do it. ^_^ And I get particularly perterbed when my cat pisses on me. (he's done it a total of 3x in the past 2 years...while I'm asleep. In bed. Thinking of sewing that hole shut if he does it again...)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I want Marbury Lens!!! I really do. I just haven't had the money to order it.

    Love your search terms, and BOY HOWDY is Sam Winchester hot! In fact in the book I am editing, I use him as an example of just how faithful my character is (her best friend points out she wouldn't be tempted by Sam Winchester and that's crazy)

  2. Sweet Boobs! Hahaha! Now wait...I'm confused. You're calling me! I won the book?

  3. Must be a male cat thing. (And I'd be in favor of sewing that hole shut, too, if he did it to me.) What pisses my cat off? When I won't get off the couch, no matter how much she pushes. Yes, I love cats and I love talking about them, too.

    Never heard of The Marbury Lens, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. =o)

    Have an awesome weekend yourself, Colene.

  4. I've heard great things about The Marbury Lens! Thanks for the giveaway.

    And artillery jokes? Seriously? That one made me laugh out loud. You have to love the random Google searches people do. :)

  5. You must talk about cats a lot. And I must've missed the boobs post! Damn. (Oh, and don't enter me in the contest - I'm a hundred percent ebooks now.)

  6. Andrew Smith is my all time favorite author. Do you follow his blog, Cole?

    You've got to read that book. Your mind will be blown. Like literally, your head will explode.

    I'm sharing your giveaway.

  7. Haha... I love that first one!! (Where do we find those? Is that in our dash?)

    Yup! Would love a copy of Marbury Lens!

  8. I love giveaways, and a book giveaway is even better!!! BOOKS RULE!! okay well that sounded a bit nerdy but hey I don't care they do.

    artillery joke! Okay so this bullet and this arrow walk into a bar..or was it an ice cream shop....oh never mind

  9. Matt brought me here. I second his comments on Andrew! I would love to win TML because I need a copy to give to my nephew.

  10. Don't enter me- I feel like it'd be like one of those where family members aren't allowed to enter. Crit partners are like family, right? And you don't remember your post about your sweet boobs? We all do. Maybe you were drunk.

  11. The cover of The Marbury Lens is cool and makes me want to read it. I would love to be entered to win a copy!

  12. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway.. just wanted to know if it was international? If yes, I'd love to be entered!

    Really want to read The Marbury Lens-- I recently finished Smith's second book Stick, and it blew me away. Like, WOW. And LOL at the things people searched and came to your blog! I never get cool things!

  13. I would love a copy of The Marbury Lens. I am always looking for new authors to read.

  14. FYI, @<3Iffath, technically Marbury is Andrew's third book, and Stick his fourth. The first was called Ghost Medicine, and the second In The Path of Falling Objects. They are all very different from each other, but all phenomenal.

  15. Ha, those Google searches amuse me greatly! Happy weekend.

  16. I love your google search segments. So fun. Here I am mourning the fact that Supernatural is once again a rerun, when you have to go and remind Sam Winchester is hot. I switched over to watch the rerun. Old Sam is better than no Sam!

  17. Okay, wow. TMI about the cat wetting on you. ;) Gross!

    But I've heard great things about marbury lens, so I'm in! Thanks for sharing. :)

  18. I haven't actually heard of The Marbury Lens, so perhaps you should give it to someone who already wants it! And I cannot BELIEVE some of the things people search for on Google! It certainly makes for an entertaining blog post ;-)

  19. Ha, I love the google searches. Hey, and what does tick off a cat?

  20. We all know of course that you're a decent blogger and writer who would never flash your boobs here. Anyway, I'm quite confident they're OK >;)

    Cold As Heaven

  21. Hey there, SWEET BOOBS (*snort*) !!! This book has been on my list FOREVER!!!!!!! So nice of you to do this!


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