Friday, January 13, 2012

Come Play The Triple F Game

Okay, it sounds like it's going to involve curse words. But. It doesn't.

Anyway, some of you may remember my Triple F game from last year. It's easy, there is no prize (but don't forget the enter the contest to actually get a chance or two to win something! The last call is on Sunday, so be sure and get yourself entered with me or Abby before then!)

For now, just take a break in your day to play a little mind fantasy game with us. Day dream all you like, I don't mind. That's the point, after all! Thing is, first round was pretty easy. Like would you rather be super strong or super fast and things like that. This round . . . not so easy.

(slightly offensive at times)

Now, I would have gone farther, more questions and all, but the longer I sat here and thought of possibilities, the more offensive they became. So in an effort to be sensitive...ish...we'll stop there with this round!

Oh but wait.

Plans for this weekend include a crit meeting on Google chat and then a whole crap load of sitting on my bum. There may be reading or T.V., query fiddling or something too. But mostly the bum sitting. Well, and working out.

Lots of people have asked me what I've been doing to get in shape, and the short answer is which has become part of my every day life! It's wonderful, free, effective, motivational, helpful, and full of ways to make intelligent choices for yourself and your body. So, that's the short answer. I still have pizza (Pizzahut is my biotch) about once a week, fast food from time to time, and one soda a day but I've changed how I eat (moderation!) and cut down on all that junk food. Mixed with Bodyrock workouts, and that's it! And it's made a HUGE impact on my body and life.Trust me, my ass has never jiggled less. Matter of fact *pokes*, almost no jiggle at all anymore! Whoohoo!

Yeah, so . . . Happy Friday! Tootles.


  1. Fun! I'm glad you found a workout that works for you. I do 60 min cardio followed by one of Jillian Michaels' videos. LOVE her. And I have muscle tone now!

  2. Your choices are always so impossible. Thank God I don't have to face them in real life. :D

  3. Aww, yeeeah, Colene. Forget sensitive - this is my kind of crazy.

    I loved these questions and ended up as a smart, three-armed, poor douche who was going to live forever smelling nothing but poop.

    A quality thought for the weekend!

  4. I'll have to look at that, I could use a lot less ass jiggling.

  5. Haha, I love this! I'd definitely rather live for five months than forever--immortality has always freaked me out, for some reason. I guess I won't be becoming a vampire anytime soon. :) Congrats on no more jiggle! :)

  6. Those were so hard to answer, lol!

    I need to check out that Bodyrock workout. The jiggles have got to go!

  7. Fun! Always fun.

    So, I changed my name and now I changed my blog. Just to mess with you a little. :)

  8. I'll definitely have to check out the bodyrock thing after I spit this baby out. I'll need it! Great choices!

  9. That was fun. Thanks for the smile. And Triple F made me think of bra sizes. lol

  10. What a quirky quiz! And what choices . . .

    Congrats on the body change. Keeping it up can be the challenge. When I'm done with this vacation, hubby and I are going to really focus. He'd better because it's hard when he's sugar binging all over the place while I'm trying to be good.l

  11. Hey again. Haven't been around in a while. Was a lot of fun to see how my answers compare to other people's.

    Well done on getting fitter!

  12. You're mean! Those questions are tough! But I answered them anyway :-) And it's very interesting to see where the majority vote lies.
    Never heard of Just checked it out... Wow, but that woman is like MADE of muscle!!

  13. Wow, hard game! But 3 arms? Think of what I could get done! :) is internet or tv? Never heard of it, but it sounds way cool. Congrats on getting healthier!


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