Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things You Look Forward To

Today I wanna discuss with you dudes! Granted, I will be out for the afternoon with work, but I will be back in the evening so don't use that as an excuse to slack off...

Firstly! The first "episode" last year was so cute/funny. So glad they did another!


Pick one question, pick all questions I don't care! But I do urge you to join in and answer something! I wanna know! 

What scene are you looking forward to most in the new Harry Potter movie?

Me, there is so much I look forward to, but the stand out scene I want is Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix. "Not my daughter, you bitch!" CRAP! I got chills. I remember reading that line the first time and my heart nearly exploded! I was SO nervous for Mrs. Weasley! So much sadness by that point, and I just NEEDED her to be alright but at the same time I NEEDED HER TO KICK BELLATRIX'S ASS! Ya know? It was a very powerful mother to the rescue moment. And I loved it. And I can't wait to see it.

What has been your favorite book?

I loved 3. It has been hard to keep 3 as a favorite after 4-7, which were all good competition but it has always been my favorite. It's the first time you get a really good glimpse of how much deeper Voldemorts evil grip has tainted. How it isn't just Harry that has suffered and been struck by loss. I mean, you hear about everyone before then, but you never have seen it yet. And the introduction of Sirius into the novel just opens a new can of crap that has happened to people. Besides the fact that I have adored Sirius Black even before you found out he was on the good team. That helps ;)

Where were you/ how old were you when you picked up the first book?

I was around 15 when I started the first novel in 2001 after the 4th book was released. I was at my dads for the weekend and my sister had gone out on a date with a boyfriend. I was bored. My dad was upstairs, probably asleep, and there was nothing on tv. My friends were all an hour away cellphones weren't THE thing yet. So, as I sat there on the couch debating just giving up and going to bed like a loser at 7pm on a friday night, I noticed my sister left her stupid kid book on the table.

I had heard of Harry Potter but it wasn't something I was interested in because I was 15 and that might make me seem less cool. Cause. That's important and all...But rather than go to bed, I flipped it open to her marked page and started reading in the beginning middle without even reading the back flap to know what it was about. It only took one page for me to NEED to know wtf was going on! I loved Harry and I was concerned about how he got where he was and what was happening. And that was the beginning of my obsessive love 10 years ago. My sister took me to see the movie the very next night, the weekend it was released as a matter of fact. 

Are you going to see the movie this weekend? If no, why not?! Are you insane?! 

I AM! And yes. A bit.

If you could be anyone from the books, who would it be?

I would be Tonks. I love Tonks. She's bitchin!

Let's not forget that even though this is a major HP mania week in honor of the movie, it's the books that built everything. And it's the woman who built the books. And let me tell you, while this is sad, the last book was truly a depressing, exciting emotional trip when it was released! BUT then, you could at least console yourself with still having movies to look forward to! *sob*

If you haven't read the is wrong with you!? ^_^ But seriously, you're missing out on SO much magic and awesomeness if you haven't and I urge you to do it already! The books, they are incredible. JK weaved such a realistic, wonderful, in depth world you just can't miss out on!

I'll be back Friday with pictures of the release night!

And don't forget to check out the other HP Maniacs this week!



  1. My favorite book was 7, honestly. It was also my least favorite because of some of the things that happen in it that made me cry. Seriously, I already tear up thinking about the movie. (Which I'm not seeing until next week, sigh.)

  2. Book 6. I'm a sucker for going deep into why a villain is a villain and what happened to make that happen. Executed most excellently. We'll see it eventually. I mean, who won't? :)

  3. "I open at the close"

    The scene I look forward to is the one where Harry, with the death stone and surrounded by his loved ones James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus, heads into the forest to sacrifice himself to Voldemort to save his friends. *sniff*

  4. That scene between Bellatrix and Mrs. Weasley was awesome. Personally I've tried to forget what happens so I can enjoy the movie more.

    My favourite book is number 3 as well. The movie didn't do justice to all the twists and turns that the book had.

  5. Scene: I think King's Cross or Snape's Memories... I love the pieces that answer some of the big mysteries. I am a little worried, as these are also scenes easy to muck up, but they were my favorite pieces of the book, so they are the ones I most look forward to.

    Book: Order of the Phoenix (PoA is my #2). I KNOW OoP is dark and Harry is all angsty and secretive and it's frustrating and all. But this is where Harry's role in the ADULT battle begins... where he starts to take control (and stumbles and goofs, as would really happen to a 15 year old in an adult conflict)
    Place and Age: Home. My daughter was 6 and brought it home from the library at school. I guess that makes me 34. Also in 2001... 10 years ago. And I was hooked from page 1--Jo's HUMOR hooked me for the read, but my tears at the end of the first chapter... Harry Potter was the Boy Who Lived... Man... if you can make me laugh and cry in the same chapter.

    Movie? Darned tootin! With daughter, son and daughter's boyfriend. At 12:20.

    I always identify most with Dumbledore, Lupin and Luna. But the question of who I WOULD be--pretty good call on Tonks... Maybe still on Luna... I also really love McGonagall. I think we see her strict facade most of the time, but she has moments I believe are the real her (telling Peeves the chandelier screws the other direction...) I'm pretty darned sure when she's not with the students, she is a hoot.

  6. I want to answer all of these questions! I'm with you on Mrs. Weasley vs. Bellatrix. There's a .5 sec. clip of that in the preview and I can't wait.

    I was 20 years old in London when I picked up the first book (2001 as well!) That means I'm 5 years older than you. Waaah.

    I'm going to see it but I haven't got tickets yet (I better get on that)

    I think I'm going to go with Luna Lovegood for who I'd like to be. Mostly because I love her hair. I've always wanted to be a natural blonde. And I like that she just does her thing and doesn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

  7. Oh, I forgot to answer about my favorite book. 4. I really love the tri-wizard tournament.

  8. I liked all the books, but my favourite was 3 and 7.

  9. I wish I had time to chime in on all these questions, but alas, not today. I also loved book 3 best--I think because it gave me a sense that Harry would connect to some caring adults at last. I <3 LUPIN so, so much!!

    I first picked up the books when book 2 was released in the US (1999) and I was a newlywed. My husband read the entire series aloud to me. (Yeah, I'm old enough to be, um, your really cool aunt. Yeah. LOL.)

  10. I've never read any of the books but I've seen all of the movies. I'm just looking forward to some awesome action scenes.

  11. I really think Order of the Phoenix was my favorite book (same as the movie). I loved meeting Tonks and all the order, and the end with Neville and Luna and everyone fighting the Death Eaters was awesome. I also LOVED 7 of course. Bittersweet, and I think I sobbed for like, a week.

    Scene I'm looking forward to is the Mrs Weaslye Belatrix one as well! I think I jumped up and down and screamed when I read that part ;p I am NOT looking forward to the Lupin/Tonks/Twin scene...sniff sniff.

    I was in college when I picked up the first book. (I always read YA fantasy but not much with male protagonists and that is probably why I hesitated at first. I think my mom was the one who told me to read it) I think the third one was out by then. I gobbled them up and made Hubs (who was boyfriend at the time) read it. Then once we were done we had to WAIT forever for each book! I remember one of them came out just after Little Monster was born and Jason ran out and bought it for me while I was home with her. SO sweet. I also remember at another release we saw a girl in a wedding dress and her new husband run into walmart to get it at midnight! I loved her right then and there!

    I think I'd be Luna or Tonks. Love them both. Maybe Hermione. I was all studious and prim in school but at the same time sorta day-dreamer air-head like Luna, and a joker sometimes like Tonks.

  12. I love them all so it's hard to choose, but #5 is my favorite! My favorite part is when Harry spills his guts to Rita Skeeter and his story is published in The Quibbler. Major props to Hermione for thinking of that one! Love her!

    I read the first book in 1999, at the end of 7th grade. I checked it out of my school library, read it that night, and excitedly passed it on to my parents and three siblings. We were hooked!

  13. I liked all the books the same. When the last book came out, I had a HP book marathon and read them all one right after the other. I won't see the last movie until it comes out on DVD. When it does I'll have a HP movie week and watch them all.

  14. Well, young 'un I was 33 when I started---right before the fourth book was released. My niece and nephew were SO excited, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. For the first half of book 1 I was like, "I can see why the kids like this." By 1/2 way through, I was HOOKED.

    Book 4 & 6 are my favourites, which is ironic cuz they're my two least favourite movies.

    I'll go for a trifecta on the answers---I'm NOT seeing the movie this weekend! And there's not anything even wrong w/ me. I just prefer my first time experience to be a little less chaotic, and a little more intimate, you know?

    Thanks for participating in HP week! I'm having fun reading through your posts.

  15. I only read the last one because my son wanted to read it (he LOVES the movies) and I wanted to make sure we could talk about any questions he had (he was 8 at the time).

    Did I mention my son was born in 2011? And that I was, um, NOT 15?? *sigh*

    We don't see new movies - too packed for us. We'll go in a couple weeks.

  16. My mouth dropped open with your answers to these questions.

    Per batem, my first two answers were EXACTLY the same and for the same reasons.

    I came to HP later in life. But my first introduction to this amazing world was through the first movie. I read my first HP book after the second movie debuted and I found out that these movies were based on a children's book writer from Scotland.

  17. I think I was 25 when I first read HP - I borrowed my nephew's copy to see what all the fuss was about. :)

    I'm going to try and see it this weekend, but am not very hopeful!

  18. I can't wait to see Neville kick ass!
    We have seen all the films with our friends and neighbours. It has become a tradition, but they can't spare the time for weeks so I may have to sneak off to watch it on my own and then pretend I haven't seen it when we all go together LOL!

    There's an award for you on my blog :O)

  19. I'm with you on the scene with Molly and Bella. My favorite book was book seven. (Only by a little!)

    And heck yes we are seeing the movie this weekend. I had to promise to behave or my son is never going out in public with me again though.

  20. I read the first book, loud for the kids, and saw the first movie. That's all. Older boy got the HP DVD collection (movies 1-6) some time ago. Maybe I'll watch the movies next winter, in the cabin, after a day on the slopes >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  21. I'm gonna answer them all simply cos I can't help it!
    And I already saw the movie1 The first show at that. Are you jealous? :P

    Harry looking into Snape's memories, that's what I was so looking forward to. Also, the Mrs. Weasley and the Bellatrix confrontation. Loved that on the big screen, btw.

    I love them all but my favourites would have to be Goblet of Fire and Half-blood Prince. And the fact that I was totally in love with Cedric Diggory had nothing to do with pushing book 4 so high up my list.

    Read my first Potter back in 1999, when I was 9. I read Chamber of Secrets first. Yeah, I was a bit unconventional.


    I'd be either of the Weasley twins. Or Luna. Like I said, unconventional. Heh.

    Love this post. So much fun. Also, I shall be going back to the plex to catch a show everyday. I'm not ready to say goodbye.


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