Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Mania!

Hurray! And *cry* the week is finally here! I have my tickets for midnight Friday. Do you? Two weeks before the release my theaters started selling them. And 2 weeks before the release my theaters were almost sold the eff out!! And I'm talking, 15 rooms in almost everyone one in the surrounding areas and they were all almost gone!

This week is all about HP. I'll be coming back to my old schedule for this week only. Today is just about showing off bits of the events that have already gone on around HP and letting you all know of my fabulous HP Mania companions!

Wednesday is just a fun discussion I want you all to participate in!

And Friday I'll be posting pictures (if by some MIRACLE I remember my camera) of costumes, my costume, and all the festivities at the theater! I donno about you guys, I LOVE the lines and waiting! My movie bud always gets a good spot, because he's fabulous and we always have a great time!

I can't believe this is the last time ever, though! *sigh*

But in honor, this week is being celebrated by some amazing bloggers and everyone else who is obsessed!

I'll tell ya, nothing has ever captivated me the way Harry Potter did. To people that don't get it, don't feel the same, we're very weird. But that's alright. It's hard to imagine people like that that don't get it, to me. So I can understand how they feel...sorta...

Lot's of theaters are doing something very cool. Mine is playing all 7 already released movies back to back all day long on the 14th for just $25.00. UNFORTUNATELY I'll  be at work. But I bet it will be an awesome, butt-numbing experience!


Did you see the farewell? Omg.

I donno about you dudes, but when the crowd started chanting "thank you" to JK Rowling, I lost my cool.

London premier interviews!!

And lastly!

The last days on set! boohoo...

See you all Wednesday! Get pumped! And if you're the HP scrooge, don't ruin this for the rest of us. I'll confringo curse your ass so fast...  ;)

Be sure and stop by my fellow HP lovers this week for all your HP needs! Everyone has something different and fun going on so you don't want to miss any of it!


And, if you hadn't noticed, I have gone Death Eater in my profile pic for this occasion! (bad to normal after this week) This was last years model, which won't be too different from this years DE model. Mask was homemade, painted, and carved by yours truly!

Happy Monday!


  1. Sitting in a theater all day does sound butt-numbing. Oh wait, I do that at work in front of my computer...
    Go ahead and get excited! Next year when the release of the first Hobbit movie approaches, you'll get to watch me geek out with excitement.

  2. Can't believe it's finally here! Our theater did the marathon thing once but I had to work. (Yuck)
    Thanks for the great clips!

  3. I was only five when the first HP film came out, so I haven't followed each release of the movie. I wish someone would have dragged my little five year old butt into a Harry Potter movie, but they didn't. *sigh*

  4. I have a number of friends doing film marathons, but in home theatres on DVD. I guess so that they can pause occasionally to eat and sleep!

  5. omg SO MUCH FUN!!! I can't wait for your Friday post! I didn't get opening night tickets, but I'll definitely be going next week.

  6. OMG I am bawling my eyes out here! Great post. Great clips Very sad and unbeleivably good. :O)

  7. I was that way for The Lord of the Rings, though I've never stood in line for a movie opening. I guess I'm just not that into it.

  8. *sniff* I've got tickets for 5 p.m. on THURSDAY and can't wait.

    I won't spoil.

  9. Um, you already know how it ends, right?? (yeah, I know, I just don't get it...) :)

  10. That movie-thon does sound butt-numbing! (Love the term by the way) Mind numbing too. I can't imagine people NOT being into it, either. I'm not a costume person, but I can't wait to see yours. Can't wait for Friday :-)

  11. I'm going to text you a trillion times on Thursday to be sure you remember your camera. We're going to a 9:55 showing on Friday. Won't do the midnight anymore because last time the jerk behind us came sick, coughed us on the whole movie and we woke up the next morning with fevers and...H1N1 (which, by the way, nowhere near as bad as the seasonal flu that I had two decades ago and actually almost died from). I already have a ton of tissue packets in my purse (and sudafed and advil) to get me through this final movie! :-(

  12. Okay, so now I'm a puddle at my desk. So thanks for that *teehee* I don't get the people who don't get it either. I really will miss all of this and don't think there will be another quite like it, at least not for a very long time. It was the perfect storm of a brilliant series written by an author so skeptical of movies that she held out until someone convinced her he'd do it with integrity. The interactive world of the internet allowing people across the globe to bond and discuss... There are just so many places that could have undone how powerful this was, but it all flowed together. I credit Rowling with teaching me how to write an ending, and with inspiring me to pick up my pen again, and with creating a community that encouraged me as I got my writing legs under me. I wouldn't be a writer without these books.


    Can you tell I'm excited?

    Like you I planned ahead... two weeks in advance I have my tickets in hand! My theater is sold out alone with others in the surrounding area!

    I'm so excited work is hard to get through!!!

  14. Loved that farewell video, I welled up with the "thank you" chant as well. Unfortunately I can't see it this weekend, but I'm planning on next week sometime.

  15. How much fun is this!

    I agree with the sadness though. It's hard to believe Harry Potter is coming to an end.

    Luckily, it's starting all over again for me as my oldest is just now old enough and interested in reading the first installment. Wahoo!

  16. I am sooo going to WEEP when the final credits roll out for the last HP film. Man, I'm already beginning to tear up just thinking about it. Sniff.

  17. I never got infected by the HP fever, have only seen the first movie with the kids. But I hope you're getting a good time with the new movie >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  18. I don't think the theaters are doing anything special around here. That's ok though. I got my tickets for the 615PM showing on Saturday. Can't wait. Can't believe this is it....

  19. AAHHHHH your profile scared me :D:D:D We re-watched 1 and 2 this weekend *sniff*

  20. I can't wait to see this! Harry Potter week? You need to do a Harry Potter year!

  21. Those clips were SO emotional.... Thanks for sharing them with us Colene.

    I'm still choked up.

  22. I'm not gonna lie. When the crowd starts chanting "thank you" at Jo. I started balling.

  23. Thanks for sharing; the clip are amazing! I am behind on the series, just a bit. Hope to get caught up and go! My son started reading these book and it has been a wonderful journey!

  24. I'm so going to do a HP marathon this week! I wish I'd bought tickets in advance... I'll probably have to wait till next week to see the movie! :(

  25. I can't believe it's ending. *sad face*

    Thanks for posting the videos!

  26. OH man, you have me really amped up now. Vids were awesomeness! I can't go see it until Monday (ack!) but I'm so with you all in spirit on opening night.

  27. awe, I wish I could go and see this. Alas- babysitters for three rugrats are hard to come by and my mother in law already does so much for us. So I guess I'm gonna have to wait until it comes out in blue ray and ask for the box set for christmas:(

  28. Omg, I can't watch those videos while at work. I got all teary eye'd just looking at the pictures!! I WISH I was going to the midnight!! Argh! Ah well, I will be seeing it shortly.


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